Lee Min Ho: “Because I’m Stupid” for You

I’m not even sure where to start here. You know when you’re watching a drama or mv and all of a sudden a guy shocks the hell out of your vision and causes you to gasp because he’s so hot!? That’s what happened to me when I first saw Lee Min Ho. He’s like this delicious classic looking Asian. You know what I mean right? Like not overly made up or plastic or western looking as many other Asian Idols and actors are?? Sorta what you envision when you think of an Asian guy. Anywayz! The first time I saw him he was portraying the spoiled, privileged, rude, arrogant, in need of some serious anger management classes, F4 leader ‘ Goo Joon Pyo” in ‘Boys Before/Over Flowers’.

Now I know alot of you are 100% haters of the pimp curl he rocked in Boys and that’s ok.I happened to like it; that hair had volume and went well with those collars with the fluffy fur trim and all his other dramatic fashion forward clothing.Now to be honest when I first watched boys I was involved in my own Kdrama love triangle. Its true, at first I was torn between Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong. I seriously couldnt take all the on screen hotness. I kept thinking “do I choose the classic Asian? or the beautiful, delicate one?” Of course we all know who I latched onto for life but this isnt a post about him soo moving along!

 Currently you can catch Lee Min Ho in ‘City Hunter’ which he filmed this past summer (I have yet to make it past the first 20 minutes of the first episode…I was sooo bored O.M.G!) and ‘Personal Taste’ which was hilarious.

Oh funny story! Last year for Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in NYC, Lee Min Ho was invited to the Lacoste fashion show. Well they couldnt wrap their minds around his hotness either and actually thought he was one of the male models. Backstage at the show he was led to a makeup chair where they dolled him all up and ordered him to “line up and hurry”.   YOU BETTER WORK IT OPPA!!!

K-Kisses! KrisE

(Personal KPOP radio: ‘She is’ by Clazziquai OST ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon/My Lovely Sam Soon’)

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37 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho: “Because I’m Stupid” for You

  1. haha yes he is a sexy slice of oppa, isn’t he?? well, he isn’t my oppa..I’m his noona though! I like the curl…looks good on him. I wish he would bulk up a little. He’s a tad on the thin side for my liking…

  2. Omg girl, you should finish City Hunter. The whole first episode is nothing but backstory, but it is completely pertinent and needed. The end of the last episode has him morph from young to 20-something and it’s a lollercoaster from there. He’s like Macgyver and Batman (but with a much better wardrobe) all rolled up into one.

      • It was really a drag, I know, but so worth it to stick it out. It really lets you know where he comes from and why he is the person he is and why he’s doing it. It was worth it just to see him go from some almost feral jungle boy sitting on a elephant, to a man(a man, baby!) sitting on an elephant.

        And I too loved Domyouji/Jun Pyo hair. Everyone starts off hating on the perm and then grows strangely attached to it.

      • I’ve been here. I tend to lurk a lot, regardless of the community I’m in and sometimes I’m not sure how welcome my opinion will be since I don’t have first hand experience of many of the things you guys talk about. I DID read through your fan encounter and was so excited for you. I don’t know if any of them will ever come close enough to Chicago for me to see them. I may be moving to Utah(about 2.5 hours from Vegas) in the next few years and it’s horrible of me, but the first thing I thought was, OMO, so close to The LA. And now they all seem to wanting to hit Vegas too, so things would be easier.

    • GRRRRRL TELL ABOUT IT!. I’m tryna tell Ms KrisE. lol she just needs to get to the 40 minute mark and she will be fine from then on out. She needs to see when little Yoon Sung is all grown up to the fineness that is Lee Min Ho in a tank top, firing a shot gun. Or soaked in water and mud in combat. *melts* GAH he’s so …yum.

      • Right? I was so sucked from the start, but I’m used to back-story first and was just relieved that we didn’t have to wait through, like, six episodes of him young. Some of the period dramas like Iljimae and Kim Soo Ro tease you and drag you along forever before you get to see a full-grown man in action. They also usually have 26+ episodes to work with, and can spend more time on story development. I was so in love with his character. So smart, so good looking, so sensitive, so not like real life 😦 Makes me want to bust out into some Bonnie Tyler.

      • I love Clazziquai and ALEX:) Not to take away from Lee Min Hot (as I like to call him) but I saw Pasta before I saw My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. The very first time I heard She Is, I had to Youtube it and make it mine. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was the guy from Pasta. It is currently my ringtone. 🙂 You should hear his solo work.

      • I love Clazziquai’s She Is!! I’ve listened to it so much that I know how to sing the entire song in Korean lol. Alex has a really pretty voice and I was surprised to find out that he sang that song even though I saw My Lovely Sam Soon (the most hilarious KDrama I’ve seen, Kim Sun Ah is awesome) before Pasta (my first introduction to the multi-talented No Min Woo) it still didn’t register.

      • Fleurdelis,

        My Lovely Sam Soon is my favorite I can watch it over and over. It really is hilarious though. I love how Hyun Bin gets hit in practically every episode sooo funny lol

      • KrisE,

        I noticed that he got hit all of the time by his mother and Sam Soon. My favorite of his beating scenes was when he went to the mountain to find Sam Soon and in the hotel she started to beat him up after he ripped her form to get her name changed LOL, one of the funniest things I’ve seen! Then I said, “Oh my poor Binnie” LOL, loved it.

  3. Clazziquai is awesome,
    and so is that Lacoste Fashion Week story!
    ‘… wrapping one’s mind about the hotness… ‘
    it can be so very difficult sometimes,
    can it not…

  4. “Now I know alot of you are 100% haters of the pimp curl”


    Now I just know you are referring to me and a few others on board who hated Lee Min ho’s perm. LOL! He is so cute but man that perm just did not work for me in Boys Over Flowers : ).

    Also, I tried so much to like City Hunter and I did make it to the 2nd episode but the show just lost me. Maybe I was expecting ‘Gu Jun Pyo–Part 2’ or something, but I just couldn’t get into it. I’m going to try again because I heard it was really good. I think I just have to be a different mood for City Hunter : )

    • Was it that obvious who I was referring to? *grinz* lol Theres actually a picture of him sitting with a mirror watching the stylist use the flat iron to make the curls its so funny.

      Yeah its hard for me because 20 minutes in and still no Min Ho plus I really like those girl friendly dramas lolol

      • Waay too obvious but that’s cool ; ). I am going to give City Hunter another try. At least the perm is gone so I can focus on his beautiful face. LOL!

    • You’re totally supposed to hate that hair 🙂 I noticed in both the Japanese and Korean versions that they made him as repulsive as possible, from the start. If you pay attention his hair becomes less boufy and curly as the drama moves along and it kind of helps change your attitude about him a little. It never really straightens out since he has curly hair in the manga and is teased for it by everyone, but it does tame as time goes by and by the end is almost bearable. He wouldn’t be Domyouji without the Domyouji hair and outlandish clothes. My drama buddy and I will see a guy in the street with some horrible get-up(bad, but obviously thought out and maybe expensive)and one of us will say, “gah, he’s all Domyouji’d up.”

  5. OMG I LOVE LEE MIN HO!! When I started watching Boys Before Flowers I thought he was an idiot but yet a very good looking idiot with awesome clothes and hair (I loved all of the F4’s clothes and hair, they looked like walking statues). Then as the show progressed, I fell in love with him and Kim Hyun Joong oppa and by the end I was so torn between who I thought should be with Jan Di. Ji Hoo: who was always super adorable with her and sweet to her or Joon Pyo: who loved her so much it hurt. Oh those two were amazing in that show, I was definitely jealous of Jan Di, she had a soulmate and future husband that would do ANYTHING for her. Not to mention, I started having dreams about both of them lol.

    Now, City Hunter is another story entirely, I thought I would enjoy it since I am a HUGE action buff but for some reason most of the story was boring to me. However, I LOVED Min Ho oppa’s action scenes. I wasn’t to fond of the lead girl either (although I liked her Sungkyunkwan Scandal), it was hard to believe that she was a bodyguard for the Korean President since she seemed to only know one defensive move throughout the show, but I digress. Anyway, LOVE LEE MIN HO! 🙂

    • You!? O.M.G! while I was watching Boys I’de wake up thinking of Joon Pyo, Jan Di and Jihoo haha that was some seriously intense triangle. But yeah it would be nice to have 2 guys love me so bad it hurts them lol

      You know the lead girl Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho are supposedly really dating? In August at first their agency confirmed it, then they themselves denied it, then they said they were so who knows.

      • Yeah I read about their “relationship” on AllKPop.com but its hard for me to see him with anyone but Ko Hye Sun and they were supposedly “dating” too after BBF, I don’t know if that was true either.

        About JP/JD/JH, I totally agree with you their love triangle was seriously intense, you could probably cut the tension with a knife when the three of them were in a room together, it even had me nervous like I was there lol. And yes, I would kill to have two guys love me that much too :).

  6. I love Clazziquai to the core! To me, “She is” the best song to come from of the K-pop music world. It’s so beautiful. I can( and have ) listened to this over and over again.

    • I really love My Lovely/My Name is Kim Sam Soon its one of my favorite dramas and everytime I hear that song it reminds me of the drama and Hyun Bin oppa ^_^ I seriously adore that man lol

    • Chocolate Truffles is one of the most ridiculous, glorious, wonderful songs I’ve ever heard. The first time I listened to it I was thinking it was just horrible but I was compelled by the magic of the song to listen to it again and now it never fails to calm me down or boost my mood.

  7. Lee Min Ho is so tall and very classically good looking. When he was on “Boys Before Flowers”, he was this rich, snobby, good looking guy. I thought he was a jerk. 🙂

    • You need to watch more kdrama and jdrama. The more you watch, the more attached you get to rich, snotty jerks who just need someone to love, because they are omgsoalone. That and they all drive tool-cars and wear horrendous clothes. It all becomes ok in the long run.

      • @Plinkin: ain’t it the truth?? You just wanna be the one that sets ’em straight and brings ’em down to earth and gives them someone to love and care about ^^

  8. This post came before I truly “discovered” the hotness that is Lee Min Ho. OMfrickinG!!! Now THIS is a twentysomething that has got my attention Baby! I saw Boys Over Flowers first and no I wasn’t crazy about the pimp curl either (at first), but it grew on me throughout the series and it Totally fit the character. But KrisE, after I finished City Hunter, Lee Min Ho has zoomed into my #2 spot, after Bi. He just oozes sexy too and his City Hunter wardrobe….goodness! He’s a true Beauty. Yes, I do think he could add a few more pounds, but over all he’s just…….(*SIGH*). You may want to go back to City Hunter, cause he has a kiss scene that keeps your eyes locked to his lips…….imagining!HA! I watched Personal Taste from the middle episodes to the end and all in all he’s a good actor. I notice these actors go from one K-drama to the next….anyway. In the end, looks make me notice but talent is what wins me over. I’m officially a Lee Min Ho fan now too. (SMILES)

    • Girrrrrl this is why you need to follow me on twitter! This is why you all do because if you did you would know I have been gushing about CITY HUNTER ALL WEEKEND! I’m gonna be watching episode 15 tonight and YES I will be reviewing it this weekend. So save your comments because I have ALOT to say so much so I’m literally exploding!!! lolol

    • @BiAlamode: I’m soooo relieved!! I was worrying that the site was getting a little too “youngblood” for you!! ^^ I’m glad you’ve found a youngin’ you can appreciate more than just looks…*it has been accomplished* 🙂

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