Watch Akira’s Hip Hop Shop Online

For those of you who haven’t seen “Akira’s Hip Hop Shop”, it is a love story of a Japanese man and African-American woman that bond over their mutual love of hip hop music.  This film was written and directed by James Doughrity (and reportedly co-written and produced by a black woman).   I wonder if its from personal experience? Oh, those make the best kinds of stories. You can watch Akira’s Hip Hop Shop online here. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Watch Akira’s Hip Hop Shop Online

  1. I didn’t realize that I could have watched Akira’s Hip Hop shop a couple of years ago during the National Black Arts Festival. I was too busy looking at the art. I’ve been seeing the movie postings on the net,but i was never able to watch the actual movie. Thanks for the link. I will be watching it ASAP.

  2. I’m not able to watch online because I live in germany…Do you know where i could watch this outside of the United States!?

  3. Thanks for the post! I have indeed seen Akira’ Hip Hop Shop (more than once) and I loved it!! It made me want to see more and just where they could/would take their relationship. I saw a mini interview with the director on YT, I believe and he said he wanted to do this movie to dispel many of the misconceptions different races have about each other. Also, he picked the AM/BW story line as he himself had had an interracial relationship with an Asian woman when he lived in Japan, I think it was, so he wanted to explore that dynamic from the AM/BW perspective. I loved the fact that he “Went There” in his film, where Hollywood was too afraid to go in Ninja Assassin with Bi and Naomie Harris (still pisses me off!)………(SMILES)

  4. I’ve seen the movie and its great I love the messege. I think the main character is very attreactive btw (he plays Ando in heros) I loved that show. I’m glad that movies like these show that If one of the other will create more couples. (Since I’m someone who mostly thinks of of worst case sceniro in alost of suituations) lol hopefully, one of the other doesn’t force themselves on the other just because they find the other attractive, they should be able the read the signs that they’re not intrested haha. Like I’ve seen a lot of times

  5. I hate that HEROES is no longer showing. I remembered when James played on there. I had to look at the movie 2 or 3 times before I knew that was him on Akira.

    I liked Akira’s Hip Hop Shop,but there were only two minor things that disappointed me about the movie 1) Those intermissions that BET had with Sanaa Lathan and 2) the movie wasn’t long enough.I don’t know why BET likes to just barge in on their programs. I mean, those guys always do the same thing with their videos. They’ll play it for a little while then stop it when the video haven’t quite played out.That was part of the problem I had with seeing Akira.Secondly, I’m hoping that I didn’t make any mistakes in trying to watch the movie. If that is the case, I wished that the movie could have had some more airtime. I was enjoying it.

    Although Jet Li and Bi didn’t go there, I hope that some Asian male actor will do it.
    I like to see more AM/BW pairings in Hollywood. Whether it’s the movies, TV series or soap operas(hmmm..I would definately like to see them in that) in non-stereotypical roles–preferably romantic ones.

    • Personally, I think Bi had no problem with the idea of “going there”, but the powers that be probably advised against it for his first leading role in a Hollywood film. However even if he does eventually “go there” in a Hollywood production, it will probably be per usual (with a Caucasian actress). I just hope someday, someone in a power position will be “brave enough” to film a AM/BW love scene. Then maybe if that happens, Hollywood will quit holding that shower scene between Bi and Naomie Harris “hostage!”

  6. BiAlamode “Then maybe if that happens, Hollywood will quit holding that shower scene between Bi and Naomie Harris “hostage!”
    I almost spit my crackers out trying not to laugh out loud.

    I just can’t picture Rain doing a love scene on screen. Outside of the movie, I can totally see it. *wink wink*

    Even though he is very open when it comes to talking about things and he turns into a sexy beast on stage, for some reason I can’t see him being like that in a movie. To be honest, I don’t think I would want to see it. I already feel the Green Monster creeping up on me.

  7. I just watched Akira’s hip hop shop. I enjoyed it, but It felt a little choppy as if it parts were missing. For those Bi fans out there, he has done a few love scence in Korean dramas. However not as graphic as american movies I have only seen him give a few intense kissing scenes.

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