DBSK/TVXQ: Keep Your Head Down

I’m not a huge DSBK fan (Bi occupies much of my “fanism”), but I can understand if you are! As you know, DBSK used to have 5 members, but has been reduced to 2 (the other 3 formed the pop group JYJ). That merits a whole other post. Apparently, this is the new DBSK’s comeback in late 2010…and yes this is “old” and they have released a few more songs since then. But I thought I’d start covering them since their comeback. I must say…this is highly enjoyable! I am looking forward to hearing much more from them.

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10 thoughts on “DBSK/TVXQ: Keep Your Head Down

  1. I enjoyed it a lot when I first saw it. There was a bit of controversy surrounding the lyrics of it but it has a great beat. For me it was a bit of an adjustment just seeing the two of them; I kept expecting the other three to appear.

  2. @BOAB81,

    I really like the song too. Like you my fandom is relegated to mainly Bi, but I do like this song. I think the controversy came about when some of Bi’s fans said the song sounded like “Up In Da Club” by Bi, if I’m not mistaken. Really, artists sample songs all the time now. Some sampling is only a small portion of a song, but as long as the proper permission, credit and compensation is given I don’t think there would be a problem.

  3. Wow! Keep Your Head Down is an awesome song! Those beats and the DSBK’s singing( st least with this song) kind of remind me a little of Adam Lambert.

  4. This song blew me away from the first moment I heard it.
    The beginning beats, that yes sound like Rain’s In the Club,
    and their opening moves, hook you from the very beginning.
    I swear I could have watched that video (or the introduction alone)
    all day long, and must admit, at times I pretty much did, watch it,
    and the live performances of it, all night long.

    I love me some Junho/U-Know, the man is fine and can dance like a…
    His can sing, and his rap style is so much fun and culturally unique;
    and, Max can sing (but when he holds those notes
    during a live performance,
    he has to take a bit of break from the dancin’ — it’s kinda cute).

    About the controversy, Junho pretty much said that
    it wouldn’t matter which song, or what lyrics,
    people would find and make a connection.
    Under the circumstances,
    it would only be naturally for them
    to make references to their unexpected circumstance,
    something about the relationship between art and life…
    The video, like a short film, is in my opinion a masterpiece.
    I like almost every song on the “album.”
    What a way to come up and out from under all that controversy.

    I am so happy for them, and find it difficult not to feel a bit for JYJ.
    JYJ’s being blacklisted, and TVXQ’s album seems more primed for the US
    (check out Rumour), although I don’t think US radio
    or video television would know what to do with them.
    We shouldn’t feel too bad for JYJ though.
    I read they were the second top grossing group of 2010, Rain was third.
    I can’t watch the video now, or I’ll be sitting here at my computer
    for at least another two hours.

    TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki, whatever name you call them by
    deserve some serious recognition and respect for this one.
    In my opinion, both TVXQ and MBLAQ,
    broke the K-pop mold this time around.

    Next up… Maximum.
    I’d say they need to hurry up and make an official video for that,
    but the live performances are so damn good,
    and there are enough versions
    to keep me busy for quite some time.

    Love it, love them!

    Thanks BoaB!

  5. I love this song. Whenever it comes on when I am listening to the KPop radio station at work I am greatly tempted to turn it up

  6. i like this…the beat reminds me of a southern marching band…and i’m diggin’ the drum major-esque capes…

  7. Damn, Changmin grew up nice! I could listen to him all day. His dance at the beginning too…nosebleed. Anyone else see the end and think, Double Dragon! No? Probably just me.

    Some of Yunho’s parts have an Indian flavor to me. Their dances when they’re wearing those brown spotted suits too.

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