Kim Junsu: The 2PM Voice

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25 thoughts on “Kim Junsu: The 2PM Voice

  1. Like you I didn’t really pay to much attention to Junsu, but then I started watching the 2PM and I realized how funny he was. Plus he’s become one of those “real idols”, a little bit anyway. He doesn’t fake the funk as far as his way of speaking goes or expressing his displeasure with something. I love it when him and Wooyoung go into a satoori rant/argument. Cracks me up!

  2. Man, again I have to say they are a really good looking bunch of guys. They all have something attractive about them. I still look at Nickhun as an adorable baby, but any of the others they are so stinkin’ handsome. They have such great features

    • I love
      the way Chansung’s face
      scrunches up when he sings..
      Like so many of these guys,
      so cute, so fine, so handsome
      and so bloody adorable too…

      • PS: 2PM was definitely a better fit than Big Bang…
        in my personal opinion.
        I appreciate groups where one or more members
        do not overshadow the rest,
        not taking anything away from GD’s
        well-respected talents —
        which is probably why
        he has his own room apparently;
        his writing/producing ability
        and his Japanese girlfriend.
        Maybe that’s a JYP-thing,
        which is cool.
        I still liked Jay Park in 2PM,
        but I know I really need to move past that don’t I.
        He’s doin’ his own thing and doin’ it well, as are they.
        I like the remix of “Put Your Hands Up”
        with the “I’ll Be Back” vibe better than the original.

  3. His voice is amazing. When I heard him sing R. Kelly’s “Bump and Grind” on some show, I was like “Dang! You go, boy!” 🙂 And his fashion sense is impecciable.

  4. Would his method of trying to win back an angry girlfriend work on me….umm…no. HA! I’d be like dude quit blowing your HOT breath in my ear! When I’m angry just go away and let me…let you know when I want you to come back. (SMILES) That’s funny! (*Kekekekeke*)

  5. As far as the 70s classic he sung, I’m old school (in this regard) and I think he did a good job. In my book, he’s got Serious confidence to jump on a classic R&B song. You’re talking about CROONING from Waaay back. I would really like to know how they go about introducing these K-Pop singers to classic R&B. Somehow I don’t see too many Korean parents whipping out the old 70s LPs, slow dancing to classic R&B while their little sons and daughters looked on.

  6. I am a big fan of 2PM
    (for some reason I prefer to lower case the “pm” it hurts me to capitalize it —
    I am such a freak!)
    The only person I am not feelin’
    like everyone else seems to is Nickhun (no offense).
    As for “Junsu ssi”
    I think I get what you mean about him being a “round-the-way” guy.
    Also, I think he’s the oldest,
    and he kind of carries himself that way —
    that “confidence and charm” that you spoke of…

  7. whatthefrell-“The only person I am not feelin’
    like everyone else seems to is Nickhun (no offense).”

    No offense taken. I feel the same way. Not to say he isn’t cute, but I don’t get the hotness factor from him. Maybe in a few years, he will get more of a man look to him. His body is bangin’ though, but he still come across as a baby to me.

    • I am glad I am not alone.
      I know, it’s not that he’s unattractive,
      that’s for sure.
      Although; that ash-colored platinum blond
      straight cut he had for the Without U promotions
      made him look cold and mean, not hot.

  8. Speaking of which,

    Now they can all sing,
    they all got somethin’ different goin’ on.
    But, it’s Wooyoung that gets me everytime I hear Without U live.
    I swear it gives me chills sometimes:

    after your post,
    Junsu sort of pops out extra-special like now,
    and during a little K-pop retrospective of mine,
    I could not get enough of him
    in one of my other favourite live performances.
    There’s just so many:

    Okay, vocal quality maybe not so great…
    but Damn!

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