Bi’s Cool In a Minnie Mouse Bow

Check out Bi’s latest tweeted photo. He’s cool and he’s keeping cool with the help of his staff/dancers! LOVE his sense of humor, and the face expression to match! Haha, you never cease to amaze Jihoon! ^^

16 thoughts on “Bi’s Cool In a Minnie Mouse Bow

    • Exactly,
      unlike some male Korean pop idols,
      I can honestly say that
      I have never questioned
      this man’s sexuality.

      Now, I don’t have a problem
      with anyone’s sexuality.
      We are all wired differently;
      the heart wants what the heart wants.
      “The heart of the tree
      knows which way it needs to grow…”
      Not that wearing a Minnie Mouse bow
      on your head implies anything, right…

      Whether wearing a bow in his head,
      or sitting on the lap of Kim Tae Woo,
      he just comes across
      as every bit the
      heterosexual man;
      and to a heterosexual woman…
      it helps to keep the dream alive,
      you know what I mean?

      Hey, for you men out there
      with your own Rain fantasies…
      don’t mind me —
      go ahead and
      keep hope alive!

  1. He is such a character. I just want to massage those toes….

    @BiAlamode… Bi’s harem, ha,ha I want that job.

    @Lei, I know what you mean. I feel the sadness creeping in too, just know that Bi will tweet pics whenever he can.

    Two years???? That’s a long time. I hope we do not cheat on him too badly. We have been doing that already with the steady flow of gorgeous men posted here. But Bi is still number one!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I love Bi so much.

    Offtopic, but here is this Yellow Face article
    it’s a white model who had her eyes tapped to look almond shaped. She’s going to appear in Japan Vogue. Also if you read that article there’s a link where it says Yellowface is the new Blackface. So I’m sure ASIA will learn really soon and will stop black face after seeing yellow face a lot I KNOW Asia won’t like seeing black or white models having their eyes pulled back to look tighter, that would be offensive.

    • Blackface, yellowface, whatever- color- of- the- rainbow face, its still wrong and hurtful to the people being mocked. In this situation, Vogue Japan thought it was for art’s sake to tape the models eyes. I find it distasteful. And just today Germany’s Martin Sonneborn thought it was funny to post a billboard depicting himself as President Obama. When will this madness end?

      Getting back to Bi, I wish we could have experienced at least one American concert before his deployment. He has enough fans here to sell out Madison Square Garden.

      • I meant enlistment. Living here in a military town, I am used to our guys leaving for combat. 😦

    • LadyOrchid,

      The past could stay the past as some people love to keep saying these days, that would be AWESOME except for one thing…..people KEEP Bringing the past into the present. The madness will end, when people quit bringing past racial humiliations into the present consciousness of the people. It shouldn’t be used for fashion editorials, it shouldn’t be used for comedy routines and variety shows. These things will NEVER be ok, no matter who’s doing the joking or whose ethnicity is being made fun of or trivialized. Those who aren’t bothered by it, nine times out of ten, are the ones who were never affected by racial humiliations in the first place, but the ones perpetrating the actual offenses. It’s just like a child being bullied in school. It’s easy to say….aww forget that person, you’re better than him/her, don’t let it bother you, just ignore it…..but when you’re getting your butt kicked everyday, those words don’t mean a damned thing. Yes, that will eventually make a person angry and yes that anger will manifest itself in some way….not good. For this very reason, parents, teachers, scholars, historians and citizens in general need to keep teaching about the ills of the past because it is still Very Much alive in our present and don’t ever lull yourself into thinking past ills can’t happen again. The day I can go a week WITHOUT (in at least some small way) being reminded I’m Black, will be the day I’ll say there’s no more racisim.

      Anyway, Love the sexy feet Bi baby…..Mmm, Hmmmm!! (SMILES)

  3. Tmesis,

    One of the points that was brought up by the contributor in the article was while the model wouldn’t do Blackface, she felt that doing Yellowface will be of little..if any consequence. Let her keep thinking that.Blackface may be funny to some of the netizens because it’s Korean and more than likely don’t know Black history of what is offensive/not offensive and you have a few of them who want to play expert and/or are in denial of the pain behind it,but sometimes we cannot understand what happens to other people until it happens to us. In Korea, the natives are the majority so they only learn more about their country,but in multiracial/cultural countries like the states,Canada or Europe, they will not be the majority and some of them learn that what is considered to be ok in Korea isn’t always ok elsewhere and that is what some of them have to grasp. Even if you have never stepped foot off your countries soil, racism/hate is never cool. I don’t care where a person is from, people should never hate someone because of their race, color, national origin ,religion, sexual orientation or disability.

    I will miss Bi. He’s always exciting and you always wonder what he’ll be up to next? I was hoping that he’ll snag something big in the states before going into the military,but I’m happy that he’ll have a job one he get out of it. I wish that Korean men had choices of when they can go to there,but they don’t and I respect that and wish Bi well. Speaking of Bi and K-pop..I was looking MTV EMA ( from allKpop)Belfast is having an award show and Asian performers are being included in this. Unfortunately Bi is not in this,but I had my picks and have already voted. In case you may want to their website is

  4. Owww.. He’s being cute. Still sexy though. I would live to be one of those girls fanning him.
    Don’t wanna think about his MS. I know it’ll be here soon =(

  5. @ Surkura,

    Bi announced today or probably yesterday Korean time through his website that his enlistment date is October 11th. Literally just around the corner. I already left my two cents at The Cloud and at Cloud USA.

    I had to go it. The “heaviness” started to weigh on me……………………….

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