A Touching Group Serenade from Paris

I wanted to share this video with everyone. Junsu of 2PM, Kevin of U-KISS, SHINee’s Taemin and B2ST/BEAST’s Hyunseung perfomed “More than Words” on Music Bank in Paris.

It was like a beautiful group serenade and I think its one of those songs to listen to when you’re not feeling so great. Big thanks to Suzieuda, a BWLB reader and Twitter follower for sending this my way. ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE

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8 thoughts on “A Touching Group Serenade from Paris

  1. They all sang this song so beautifully, but I was captured by Taemin’s voice the most here. It was really soothing. I don’t know if his eyes were just glossy or whatever, but it seemed like Junsu was about to cry at one point.

  2. Oh, that was sweet. Im was alittle surprise by the group member mix up. Everybody’s voice really suited the song and was soothing. Good job boys.

  3. Aww, Taeminnie’s singing voice has become so lovely especially since SHINee debuted and his English has improved as well. I’m glad that he has been able to sing more than just dance all the time because he always said that he wanted to sing more in their songs. I can’t comment on the other singers because the only other one I know other than Taemin is Junsu from 2PM.

      • He truly amazes me. He is a force to be reckoned with. Maknae is a firecracker and people better not underestimate him or his voice. He got it in the BAG. He blew me away . *in awe* So soft, gentle and calm. But so powerful * sighs*

  4. Ughh this has me fangirling so hard right now!
    They sounded awesome and it seemed no one went of pitch ( everything went pretty smoothly it seemed!).
    Was def a nice treat to hear this ^.^

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