[M/V] Big Bang – Blue

Ok, let’s hear it! What do you ladies really think of Big Bang’s latest release from their new album? I’m not a big fan of it–yet. What do you think of their new look? I’m a bit…..befuddled, to be honest. G-Dragon’s hair weave/track disturbs me, Taeyang’s and TOP’s oxygen masks unsettle me, Daesung’s new blonde do covering half of his face perturbs me, and Seungri being the cutest/most put-together-looking member for once confuses me. Do you guys think YG Entertainment is on to something or is Big Bang just throwing us an already gnawed, saliva-drenched bone to keep us occupied for a while?

But hey! What do I know?? I am probably too out of touch to “get it”. Perhaps you guys have deciphered what Big Bang is trying to tell us. I know some of you ladies probably feel it’s the best thing since sliced bread and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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31 thoughts on “[M/V] Big Bang – Blue

  1. The song isn’t bad. But yeah the dark haired guy and kinda the blonde guy are the only ones that look good. And I am sure the blonde would look better with black hair. Pretty smooth sound though. I guess they can’t all be Rain. 🙂

  2. I ove the song and they released their teaser fortheir 2nd song their promoting all ready it sounds nice too. I love their transformations and I can understand how some people don’t like it, but I’m sure yg isn’t throwing us some bone to hold us off. Lol because they are promoting 6 title songs so I’m sure he’s putting lots of effort and preperation into them.

  3. Being a fan of theirs since the beginning you learn that their look always having a meaning to it. You may like or not but when that song starts to play you don’t really care anymore. I love the song the look will grow on me. One the I know is that I can’t want until the kick off for the World Tour this year. The concert promoters say they will treat this tour on a large scale like Lady Gaga’s tour. So I’m reall excited. Big Bang Fighting!!!

  4. Love the song Blue, very beautiful and calm I think, it’s a song that draws you inward and provokes thought and self -reflection. I LOVE the looks, if you also view their VOGUE shoot, they stand out amongst their kpop male counterparts. In the shoot Seungri and Daseung are in a boxing ring, and it is a very testosterone fueled, dripping with bruises and sweat type of photoshoot. The look and feel is very manly, edgy and rebellious. I love that they take risks and seem to be sporting a concept that has not been done, because I googled photoshoots of other groups and I don’t think the kpop world has seen this type of concept before.I could be wrong though, so please correct me if I am, lol!! Not trying to discount or discredit anybody. Anyways, looking forward to more songs, videos and an finally an AMAZING world tour and best believe I will be at that concert!

  5. While I like the song, some of the guys’ looks will have some time to get used to. I love Seung-ri’s, TOP, and Dae’s. Tae always looks the same so no biggie lol. GD however… I’m not really liking the long scoop bang. I don’t think it suits his face. BUT! I do love the video and the song so that’s all that matters. I also like how *gasps* they don’t look like girls! Yay! They actually look like masculine grown ass men and Mama always likes to see that. Papa YG is just doing his thang, he does work hard and deliver. :-3 ❤

  6. I wouldn’t say Blue is the best song Big Bang has ever released. I think it’s catchy but it lacks punch. But it suits the whole mellow, “I’m singing my blues” feel that the group was going for.

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the Love Dust teaser either. But I’m not worried. Big Bang is like King Midas; whatever they touch turn to gold. They can’t make a song bad even if they tried 🙂

    I hope they come to Malaysia (my country) for their world tour. I missed GD, TOP and Seungri when they came for the K Wave concert last year because silly me wasn’t a fan of them yet at the time *babo* 😦

    • @suzieuda: you make a really good point. Everything Big Bang does is nearly successful by default. I guess that is why they are pushing the envelope a bit more with the alternative musical and fashion styles…

      • @suzieuda, and bitofabelly81. So true! BB is one of my fave Korean groups and here’s the kicker, I didn’t like them at first! (I liked Taeyang’s wedding dress but that’s diff, I didn’t care 4 the group as a whole). Fool’s only tears was the BB song that captured my ♥….Now I’m 4ever n luv lol!

  7. i havent like bb since they went to japan. Music wise turn into an electronic waste land. Desperate to recapture “lies” and ” &”haru haru.” new song “blue” is a step forward. Has multi meanings of lost in self &/or in another but other than that eh. Mv i feel like nyc stole the show & bb are jaded travlers & that model lacks so much emotion. Should hiried an actress not a high fashion model. I like the hue staturation of blue as the color scheme. I feel this album will truly show of bb colors but still very confine. I disagree with promoting 6 songs. In the past yg had full albums but their producer fail to cohesivly create an album. Maybe with this mini bb w/ yg producers like teddy park;choice 37;etc can bring in substance with such little material.

  8. Hi everyone,
    So I just had to put on my two cents in since I’m a VIP ( Big Bang fangirl) and ive had some people ask me about the video, song, new look, etc.
    From watching and reading about the concept of the song, it’s basically a song about hurting, healing and redemption( dang now thats a bit deep). It about the journey that they as a group went thru this past year and how it nearly destroyed them not only as a group but as individuals( we all know how KRAY-Z the media/ netizens get about their Kstars when they mess up in the public eye, talk about Scary). It’s about letting go of the past to move onto the future( so proud of my Boys ^.^)
    The video helps tie in with the theme of the song ( well I think it does the job mostly). Running from the past because at one point everyone is running, being afraid to face the past but then finally letting it go and moving on the future. Idk about the random MV model :/ I’m not sure who she is suppose to represent but I digress.
    About the new look. I mean, why not? New album, new year, new look, works for me^.^ ( I know I’m biased hehe). I do like G-Dragon’s swoop bang, he is giving sistahs a run for their money bc that hair is layed, lol. But I think that they just wanted to shock people a little like they always do and I think that it works for them.

    I love Big Bang because no matter what mood I’m in, I can always find a song from them to match. Hope all can support them by buying their album or seeing them in concert when they hit up the States.
    Big Bang Ajaja!!!

    PS I can’t wait to get my Ninja Assasin DvD YAY!!! Rain Oppa is doing it, in that movie even tho I’ve seen it like five times, now it’s time to own it.

    Happy Weekend Everyone 🙂

  9. Well I have to say, the song is not half bad I actually like it. I agree with you that Daesung’s blonde hair is just not working, I prefer his hair dark and Seungri has always been a cutie in my opinion but yeah this video makes him cute too (I love his jacket too). But my favorite songs by Big Bang will forever be Haru Haru and La La La 🙂 I get really giddy whenever those songs come on the radio LOL.

  10. Am I the only one that is loving Seungri’s piercing? lol. I like the song Blue. It’s very catchy and I think Papa YG did a great job with promoting the song and the album in general. They’re releasing a teaser every few days and having the album out at the end of the month is the proper way to do a teaser (cough, cough, Exo, cough). The transformation…as I said I love Seungri’s and Taeyang doesn’t seem to change his mohawk that much. I rather have Daesung with dark hair but I’m getting used to the blonde. I love him regardless. TOP, what can I say? He always does something drastic with his hair so its ok. I’ll get used to it as well I guess. GD needs to tell me who does his hair because I cannot have this man-child have better hair then me, lol.
    I am uber excited for these tour dates that I hope will be out soon. Last night YG released a photo with the Global Alive Tour coming soon. Hopefully the 29th. I will be going to the one in NYC (if they are going there) and lately I was thinking about going to the LA one as well. Crazy I know but I’ll consider it my 30th bday present,lol.

  11. The song isn’t too bad. Very somber and so different. The video is nice. Their hairstyles are so so: I prefer Daesung with dark hair, Taeyang is still loving the mohawk, Seungri took a big risk with the Dr. Spock look and it’s cute, TOP with the blue hair is interesting, and GDragon is such a hair chameleon. I can’t wait to hear other songs. 🙂

  12. The song is okay… I think it may have the ability to grow on me. There looks are not that shocking, they change from album to album… (not so much for Taeyang) The MV does nothing for me… just blan. I don’t care for the look of the leading lady… and that’s my stand on this song and mv. For me the best song from Big Bang is Love Song… Gosh I love that song… All and all I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer… They are talented guys…

  13. “Seungri being the cutest/most put-together-looking member for once confuses me”. I thought the same thing. It has always been TOP for me, but Seungri was looking kind of hot. When they showed the promo pics I was more drawn to his picture than any of the others. TOP has done so many differant things to his hair the only change he could do now is shave it off, but no matter what he is beautiful. GD looks the same to me no matter what. I don’t mind the video hair, but the long weave hanging I can’t get behind. And Taeyang..uhh I am tired of the mowhawk and making it wider doesn’t mean change. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMYTn91_iBY&ob=av2e check him at :38-:52 that was his best look and girls would be picking there tongues off the ground if he came to the US like that. I miss Daesung with the dark hair. I like the vibe of the new song and I know there other songs will come out hard, so I they probably wanted to break it to us soft. I will be at there concert whichever is the closest to me.

    • about taeyang’s hair, i totally agree…i think i mentioned this somewhere else… the first time i saw bb, i was like, who is that dude with the mohawk, eww? then i saw some older vids with him and braids, and some reality tv that made me start to like his personality…then the mohawk didn’t look so terrible all of a sudden, lol… but yeah, it’s time for him to try something new…i would love if he went back to the hairstyle in the vid link you posted…

      if wish he’d lose the shades too, while i’m thinking about it….

  14. I actually love the song and video, but these types of songs always appeal to me. It’s always cool when I see this playing on the radio or in restaurants/stores and I get like this feeling of pride lol I can’t wait until the album drops! And yeah I actually like GD’s hairstyle, strangely enough . . . Taeyang’s slightly altered ‘hawk in the video with the do-rag is awesome! I do wish he would really change it up though. I know he says he thinks it’s the only style that suits him, but how does he really know if he hasn’t tried a wide array of styles yet lol. I do have one quibble with this video but I’mma leave that alone lol.

  15. Ugh you guys I cant even focus on this song! Its not bad but its not like I’m trying to listen to it 50x in a row either. Besides the mention of this drives me crazy because those who follow me on twitter know I have literally been losing my mind over the fact a part of Blue sounds EXACTLY like this other song by a band I CANT THINK OF FOR THE LIFE OF ME!!!!!

    So listen to seconds 15- 28 and PLEASE if you know what I’m talking about help me out!

  16. Yeah, my first post! How fitting that it is on the first k-pop group I ever overdosed on.

    My first impression on this song was just OK. But then my sister came over and I had to play it for her and it grew on me fast, go figure. It didn’t have the immediate effect on me that Love Song did but I am starting to love it. I just hope there are some happy tracks on this album because it seems like someone is always dying, leaving, deceiving or some other tragic event (or maybe those are just the songs I like).

    As for their look, Taeyang is always hot to me but I have to agree with Afromorena that it would be nice if he switched it up a bit. I actually loved the old braids or maybe he could try on some Eddie Shin hair (I have a bit of a long hair bias on my Asian men).

    GDragon always looks like a little kid playing dress up to me, and yet he is somehow still sexy (nothing has changed here). I am actually digging the long swoop in the promos more than the yellow bangs from the video, so hopefully we’ll see more of that.

    I miss TOPs white hair so much, that’s what put him on my radar. But I can get with the blue too. If I had a complaint about the video it would be that there was not enough of him giving that piercing gaze into the camera.

  17. i like “bad boy” b/c i love bb’s r&b songs like “always” “ma girl” “i don’t understand” “beautiful” etc.. So its like an upgrade but totally disappointed. Once again it was flooded with white female models except one asian girl. I don’t like the stylist. I mean bb looks great but girls look so plan iin contrast. What i’m disappointed by the fact bb flat out will not have a black or brown sexy diva in their vid. I’m so confuse b/c they shot both “blue” & “bad boy” in NYC. They couldn’t find ONE black female model? Jay park has bigger balls than these 5 dudes will have in their kpop life time. When in rome do like the romans & show some diversity. Kpop just isn’t for white kids only trolling on youtube neither are vips. Sorry if i offend vips but gotta let out some steam.

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