MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 5 [ENG]

Hey everyone! Ready for round 5?! Below is the 5th full episode of Hello Baby. Make sure you click the little “cc” icon in order to see the eng subs. Enjoy! ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE

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8 thoughts on “MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 5 [ENG]

  1. I am completely hooked on Hello Baby S5. Of course it is slowly turning me into a fan of MBLAQ. But I am more interested in the members’ personalities (not just looks, honest!) than their music at the moment so I’m not going to call myself an A+ just yet.

    It is unfortunate that Joon had accidentally hit Dayoung. Although it is painful to watch, I’m glad that the producers decided to include that bit in because that is reality. Parents will accidentally hurt their children and it’s good to show young fans the right way to react to such situations. I would have kissed Dayoung’s booboo to make it all better but I’m sure Joon hugging Dayoung tightly is comforting enough for her. I think he handled it very well, not just Dayoung’s crisis but also the whole single-handedly babysitting three children under age 4 gig. Good job, Joon!

    It cracked me up that the other members seemed to distrust Joon’s parental skills and got jealous when the kids responded so well to him. I think each of them need alone time with the kids, starting with Mir. That would be interesting!

    Speaking of Mir, I felt bad when Dayoung didn’t choose him as her second favourite dad. I think Joon deserves to be picked more but it was hard to watch the disappointment that was written all over Mir’s face. I think he needs to tone down the “creepy oppa mode” down a notch or two, especially towards Lauren. Only then will the girls will flock to him, I think.

  2. It was so nice to see Joon interacting with the kids like he did. He fit so well with them and did a great job. One of my favorite parts was when they were all playing and Leo grabbed Joon’s head to help him in the tent…boys against girls lol. I too hate he part where Mir didn’t get picked by Dayoung.. It’s almost like rubbing salt into the wound. At least Leo chose him.

    The do-re-mi exercise was too funny, esp when Mir pinched his nipples to hit that note! Lol at GO and SH skit with Thunder and Joon running away.

    They’re too funny!

  3. I really liked this episode of Hello Baby. I was happy to see Joon back in action. Imo, he did a good job with the kids. Lol, at the other members jealousy (They tried to set up my boy) . Mir made me laugh when he thought that Joon lied about having a schedule and going a parenting class. The look on his face was hilarious. I think that those tents saved him big time, if he had no props IDK what wouldve happened. The kids are just adorable. Im really happy Dayoung is talking. Even though, I felt bad for Mir after seeing his facial expression I was happy Joon won. DY reason for picking him was too cute. It seems to me that Mir can be just as sensitive as Joon. My favorite part is the singing part. Mir pinching his nipples, LOL. He had me gasping for air. Um, did G.O flip the bird, because it seems to me that he did. Lol. Im curious to see how this play with the kids will be like. The next episode is going to interesting. I wonder who will agree to be their baby mommas.

  4. I love MBLAQ’s Hello Baby, I was just waiting for them to have a boyband on another season of the show and I’m glad they chose MBLAQ. Anyway, Joon oppa was too funny when he had to take care of the kids by himself he looked so lost and overwhelmed. I knew that Joon would win over Mir especially with Lauren because I think she gets that creepy vibe from him too. But I felt bad Mir wasn’t chosen since he was trying so hard to bond with all of the kids but it backfired. I loved seeing them all practicing for the play, but my favorite was Seungho and GO’s part, hilarious. I bet that the Blaqies play will be as silly as SHINee’s was.

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