BKM Hotties of the Week 1-14-12: Special 2PM Junsu Edition

It’s our favourite round-the-way-boy Junsu aka JunK aka Jun2daKay!

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13 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 1-14-12: Special 2PM Junsu Edition

  1. Junsuuuuuuuuu!! Did you all hear that he had knee surgery like yesterday or the day before? He’s chillin in a hospital bed right now but hes ok ^_^

      • Likewise about his knee surgery,

        I was looking at pictures of him being from what appeared to be in a hospital or ambulance. I don’t know. He looked so pitifully sad,but at the same time, cute. I’m hoping that he will recover and put that smile back on his face.

      • He did look pretty damn pitiful in that picture.
        It looked less planned, and more like now or never.
        … and yes, he was still really cute.

  2. Yes I saw it on allkpop. I think the article or maybe a comment said it was from an injury from the past year and he just decided to have surgery on it now. Hope his fine self gets better soon!

  3. love junsu…he’s got some serious swag, pretty hands aside, lol…thanks for the pics! for some reason, i feel this is the first time i really got a good look at his face.

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