Random K-Drama Moment of Awesomeness!

So for the last I dunno 3 nights I’ve been watching the K-Drama ‘Baby Faced Beauty’ and I’ll cover it in one of my actual K-Drama posts but I thought this was really cool. Check out that main photo. What do you see? Exactly! A HUGE wall mural of a super cute Chocolate chick looking majorly chic with her diva pony tail, know it all smirk and over sized red frames drawing attention to fabulous cat eyes!

I loved how they actually used that as the backdrop for a scene with the main actress (pictured in the apron). Is this a sign of diversity or what? By the way, the story takes place mainly at a Fashion company soooo could this be a way of saying that yes Black is beautiful?

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: Teen Top ‘Crazy’ )

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11 thoughts on “Random K-Drama Moment of Awesomeness!

  1. What excites me is the mural is beautiful young lady. Very cool to see in a Kdrama. I hope to see more like this, including actual black women, in Kdramas!

  2. Um, no shade but she looks Asian to me. Lol. Are we sure she is black? And a serious question though, why is so important for black people to be included in Korean culture? I’m all for diversity but if I don’t see black in Kpop or Kdramas, I am fine with that. I don’t need validation from Koreans. Why all the excitement at the thought of Koreans accepting black people? I’m actually really curious.

    • Missy,

      Wow! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I agree with you. I mean, if I saw a black people in a K-drama or video…great…but looking for diversity wouldn’t be why I would watch it. I would be watching these things in order to be entertained.

      • Missy,

        Ummmm shes not Asian at all o_0

        Second why are we directing this conversation down a negative path? I pointed out a moment of cute diversity and now its being taken out of context.

        If you really want to get this conversation going AGAIN you can comment here https://blackwomenlovebi.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/when-will-we-start-seeing-black-chicks-in-k-pop-culture/

        That post and its comments will probably even answer your question.

        I’ll be totally honest like I always am and just throw out the fact I can care less about who I see in a drama or mv. I’m not sitting around on the look out for diversity but when its HUUUUUGEEEEEE and right in a main scene I notice it and uhh I dunno considering I’m a blogger on a site that explores topics which include the interaction between Black and Asian people I tossed it up here.

        Lets not take a postive cute moment and turn it into something more serious and negative than it actually is.

    • I agree with you to a point..

      You so right in saying that Black women not needing validation. I certainly would want for anyone to think that I need their approval to accept me. I’m not Korean and I’m Black. I have no problems being who I’am.

      However, in many instances, I don’t always think that a Black persons excitement over stuff like this is always about being accepted into ones culture. It could be a fact that they want to be respected for who they are. If I went to another country, I would respect their cultural norms,but at the same time, I would want for people to respect me ..in this instance since were talking about Korean people..as a Black woman.

      Sometimes I look at various interntional TV and SK is no exception. On several occasions, I look at Spanish stations like Telemundo or Univision,but the more I would look at it, the more it bugged me. I would rarely see a Black and/or darker-skinned person on their station and when I would , they were always casted as maids and butlers. Coming to find out, I wasn’t the only one to complain about it. There was a famous Black Puerto Rican singer who expressed his dismay over the exclusion of Black Puerto Ricans on it. Even darker skinned Indians had the same complaint about it as well. A couple of years back, history was made when a Black Colombian was put on the news. I also seen a Black man doing sports news on there. As an African-American, I was impressed about it.Still, Blacks/darker skinned people aren’t shown too much on those stations and that is not good for Black Latinos /INdians Latinos who want to see people and/or shows about them.

      Former Tennis great Andre Agassi would say in his CANON commercials that image was everything. In some instances ,it is. I have this belief that if a place always appears uninviting, I don’t go to it and most times my instincts have been correct. It’s almost the same with TV.I didn’t see a lot of Blacks on world TV, yet that told me something.. that Blacks in those countries aren’t really respected in real life and unfortunately that has been the case for centuries.

      I also see this as an identity thing. If I had a mixed raced Korean child, I would want for my child to be proud of both races/nationalities. My parents and other folks parents buy dolls by their race toys for their children as a form of understanding of who they are. It’s the same with TV. There are some mixed race Koreans in Korea. What if their non-Korean parent want to see a non-Korean person for that kid to identify with? Yoon Mi Rae. To me ,she is as Korean as the next Korean, yet her and even her son are reminded that they are not Koreans in an ugly way because she is half African American. I wonder how many times she want to see herself on TV or felt left out because of it.?

      Nobody is trying to dictate Korean culture I wouldn’t want that..,but just because a person isn’t non-Korean doesn’t mean that they are unworthy. That is the problem I think many people on here and abroad have problems with..being respected as human beings. Yes we all know that Korea is a homogeneous country and I’m not expecting to be like the states,but it doesn’t gives others the right to exclude you because you aren’t one of them.

      LIke you said, you shouldn’t look for approval from others, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to be too passive of possible racism that I could experience there. I love and respect anybody’s culture,but there is a difference between respecting cultures and prejudice. I refuse to be treated like a second class citizen from anybody’s homeland.

      • ..also the woman in the mural doesn’t look Asian either. She looks black or Blasian…looks a little like Naomi Campbell in the mural.I like it.

  3. Lol that’s cool to see but I agree with what Missy said I don’t need a validation and to me its nothing new or surprising to see things like that in kdramas. To me its just nothing that great really.

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