Super Junior: Second Chances

Hey everybody. This is your self-proclaimed resident Super Junior correspondent, Choi Min Jung.  Oh, I’ll definitely be writing about other K-Pop groups I love and gorgeous Korean actors (maybe some handsome Japanese and Chinese actors too) that I admire but with the release of their new album last month, Super Junior has been occupying my thoughts quite a bit

Kim Heechul

"In the Army Now"


First of all, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news.  I’ll give you the bad news first.  For all of you Super Junior fans who are fans of Kim Heechul, he reported for boot camp last week…..September 1st….in order to prepare for his official mandatory military service a month from now.  If there’s any silver lining to this situation is the fact that in 2006, Heechul was involved in a car accident. He was actually coming back from the funeral for Lee Donghae’s father, which I touched on in last week’s “Super Junior: Super Men” article.  No, obviously that wasn’t a good thing but as a result of steel rods being placed in one of his legs after the accident, Heechul will not be placed on regular combat duty once in the military.  Instead, he will be allowed to perform alternative civilian service.  I consider that a silver lining.

The good news is, sometimes people get second chances.  My favorite member of Super Junior, Cho Kyuhun, is one of those fortunate people.

"The maknae"

Cho Kyuhyun

He is also one of the hardest working men in K-Pop being a member of the groups: Super Junior, Super Junior-M, Super Junior K R Y, and SM Town the Ballad.  You really never know the hardships or physical and emotional pain that some people have gone through in their lives and the smile that they use to cover that up with but Kyuhyun is beyond adorable and when he opens his mouth to sing….. it can take your breath away.

I was finally able to upload the video of him speaking on the accident in 2007 that nearly took his life. 

I hope this YouTube video link will work this time.  If you’ve already seen this video then nevermind but if you haven’t, I hope you can find some time to view this.  If you’re a sensitive person, keep some tissues handy…….you might need them.

With the number of members it has left, Super Junior continues to keep pushing ahead as a group because they plan to kick off their “Super Show 4 Tour”…. their 4th Asian tour….this November.  I guess that puts an end to all of the break-up rumors.  Yeah, that’s another silver lining too.     🙂
By Choi Min Jung   최 민 정!/JacksonThePoet

26 thoughts on “Super Junior: Second Chances

  1. Heechul looks better with longer hair. I dig his eccentric personality! 🙂

    Thank you for posting the video. 😦 I cried when he told this. I’m happy that God gave him another chance. Kyuhyun is cute!

  2. I realize your very busy, yet out of all of the picture you submit for Black Women Love, how many of the Japanese, chinese, and Korean men truly want a black woman. I admit although my skin tone changes depending how much I’m in the sun, some black people try to say I’m white. I’m not I was raised as black and I didn’t know until this year after taking an Ancestry DNA test that I have asian, arab, egyptian ancestors. Yes, I’m single and 44 with children I’ve haven’t seen sense I was in the army of which is a different story. Nevertheless, sense I’m told old for Kim Hyun Joong and not his type which is shame. When I do start dating again, I don’t want to be thinking about kim Hyun Joong while I’m kissing him. I haven’t been in a relationship sense 2009 because I haven’t wanted to, yet I want to start seeing someone in the future;yet, I don’t want to get married. So many fans may also say the love Kim Hyun Joong, but I truly do.
    Djinn within your Djinn

    • @serippy “yet out of the entire picture you submit for Black Women Love, how many of the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean men truly want a black woman” That is thought provoking question isn’t it? Perhaps there are more than one may think. Maybe they may not know how to approach a woman of color or fear rejection outright. So many stupid stereotypes on both sides are still floating around that it is hard to discern guys seeking someone of value or just experimenting lust.

      Type in AM/BW in Google and you come up with just as many “against” these relationships as are “for” these relationships. Surprisingly, a lot of the negativity is coming from other black women. Maybe some would like for us to approach them/show interest first? But wouldn’t that be deemed too aggressive or unacceptable in their culture? I don’t know.

      Call me traditional, but I like when a man initiates interest in me first, instead of the other way around. I rather be considered “the type you can bring home” than the “type you can screw and leave.”

      Have you seen this?

      Recently, Chinasmack had a hailstorm of comments in the blogosphere concerning Chinese men and African women. These beautiful sistas are various complexions, so I don’t think it is an issue of skin color

      @Choi I’m slowly starting to like these youngins…. too cute. 🙂

  3. Serippy,

    I’m with Lady on this one. Like other races of men..some of them may not know that Black women like them or vice versa. There have been some Black women and Asian men who express their shock at knowing this. Some didn’t know that the races would find each other as attractive and now that they do, slowly it’s beginning to come out. I remembered looking at LINK TV and there was a man in China who said he liked Black women but was scared that they wouldn’t be interested in him.When I was in college, There was a AMBW couple there at my school( Japanese/African-American) who had been dating each other for four years.Even if some Asian men aren’t into Black women, that is to be expected. I wouldn’t worry about those them,but focus on people that matter, people who see you for you instead of your race.


    What a bummer,but at the same time he will be representing South Korea very well. Thankfully, he won’t have to be in combat. That is one of the first things I always wonder about when some of these K-pop singers enlist in the military. I’ve also rad that Leetuk will be joining hear next year.

  4. Maybe this has been mentioned before in the other post and I just missed it and I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But is no one going to mentioned the multiple blackface incidents with super junior? At the idol athletics championship: Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk performed with Boom, a comedian who just finished up his military stint, in which he wore blackface in, potentially, some messed up homage to Stevie Wonder. ( )

    This is also not the first time suju has been involved with blackface. In another part of that strongheart episode you posted, Shindong unveils his “Dongprah Winfrey” while the rest of the guests yuk it up. ( ) Suprisingly this video excludes the worst of it, when he originally came out he was wearing huge, bright red, fake lips. The poster said this about the previous part “yes i had upload it but i delete
    it since there’ re many bad comment TT___TT srry ” because being upset at blatant racism is ‘bad comment’.

    Obviously kpop is far from perfect and I’m not coming for who people stan. Everyone has to make concessions between their beliefs and the media they consume because it will never be perfect. I personal didn’t like suju before based on some members problematic comments but I really can’t support them now, but ymmv. But i think a lot of ELFS disgusted me with their refusal to admit those members wrongdoing. You can like them/support them whatever but that was a shitty thing to do; but when people brought that up they were accused of being antis.

    excuse the typos it’s late.

    • @Gaia: oh yes I’ve heard about this, and while it doesn’t make me happy, I have mixed feelings. My first and foremost thought was (for that fact that Boom was impersonating Stevie, the man) Stevie was probably asked by them to perform at the event, and his very reply was a question, “Super Junior what? Boom who??” lol. No, all jokes aside, it wasn’t/isn’t right. I do believe I will be posting a separate article on my views on this (goodness help me)….

    • @Gaia “Suprisingly this video excludes the worst of it, when he originally came out he was wearing huge, bright red, fake lips.” This was the first thing I thought about when I saw Khunnie’s baby tweet. That gorilla…..ugh!!!! Thanks for bringing this up for discussion Gaia.

      • Yeah, I didn’t post a comment, but the Gorilla tweet made me wince. I hope I don’t have to start re-thinking how I view Asian culture. I think more discussion about this topic needs to come to fore. Also, I wish more people of Asian descent would join in this discussion on this blog. I would genuinely like to hear from an Asian perspective.

  5. I’m a person that’s new to the whole K-Pop scene and a Noona to most if not all of these stars, Bi included. I don’t know them all and will probably never know them all, but I will say this. If K-Pop singers want to cross over into Western markets then, they had better learn REAL QUICK where the sensitivities and boundaries of other cultures may be. This to me is huge problem for those who come from homogeneous countries. They just don’t Get It. I also won’t accept that as an excuse for their ignorance either. The same way I can explore Asian culure through books and social media, they can do likewise with respect to African-American and other cultures as well. Don’t just take what is hip and cool from my people and keep yourself ignorant to the culture (our culture) in it’s entirety. People in Western countries are doing flash mobs to entice officials to get K-Pop to perform in their countries, which is great, but this also means K-Pop celebs will be performing for people unlike themselves in countries unlike their own. So if they want to rely on the old “I’m sorry I didn’t know I was being offensive” defense……try again. They sure as hell know that the music they perform is ROOTED in Black culture, then I say don’t insult the very people who’s talents and gifts You emulate when you perform. They know what the hell they’re doing when they make these jokes. Question is do you/we support people, who insult our people? (*just asking*)

    • @LadyO,

      Exactly, I don’t know about you but as an AA, sometimes you just get damned tired of ALWAYS having to fight ignorant BS not only in this country, but apparently the rest of the world, as well. When will this racist, ignorant Bull___t end….goodness! I don’t know of any other ethnic group that the world seems to have this love/hate relationship with more than ours. One minute we are loved, people emulating Everything we do from clothing styles, hair styles, dance moves and our vernacular, then the next minute every racial slur ever invented is “hurled” our way. That Ebay situation…..I have no words….just really, what is going on in the world? What the hell IS IT about Black people??? My goodness!

  6. @Nicole Yeah, I cried too and I hardly ever cry for anything. I couldn’t stop thinking about it…….

    Hmmm….. wow! I was just trying to write something to focus on Cho Kyuhyun’s will to survive and Kim Heechul’s impending military enlistment but somehow this has all gone over to the “blackface controversy”. I have mixed feelings about this too because I’ve researched the history of this practice and a lot of different ethnic groups worldwide, including African-Americans in the late 1800’s, have participated in this but for different reasons. I guess because it’s obviously offensive to many people, it shouldn’t be done at all by any ethnic group ever.

    It doesn’t make sense though…..Super Junior has toured all over the world, including countries where there are lots of people of color so why would they risk offending anyone??

    I guess if there’s a “silver lining” in this situation, the three Super Junior members who participated in this fiasco at the athletics championships were Leeteuk, Shindong, and Eunhyuk……not exactly the most talented or intelligent guys out of the group so I’m not too bothered what they did. The talented members of Super Junior, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Ryeowook, & Yesung come from religious families and apparently have home training. I’ve never seen them participate in stuff like this …….and I hope I won’t.

  7. @Choi Min Jung said,

    “It doesn’t make sense though…..Super Junior has toured all over the world, including countries where there are lots of people of color so why would they risk offending anyone??”

    I agree, being racially offensive never will make sense, no matter who is perpetrating the offense. I liken it to this. As much as I have come to admire Asian culture, there is A LOT that is still Very Much unknown to me. I have never traveled to an Asian country and would not consider myself versed in all things Asian. The day-to-day nuances of the Asian culture, I have absolutely No Clue about. So before I tried to be cool and “cutesy” and make jokes at the expense of a culture I Don’t FULLY Understand, it would behoove me to just be as respectful as possible and keep myself open to new knowledge of that culture rather than risk being offensive for the sake of a few laughs.

  8. @BiAlamode Well, I can understand everyone’s disappointment with these events but , again, my intent was to only write an article focusing on Kyuhyun and Heechul and trying to keep it positive. I try to steer away from controversies. Life is stressful enough…..

    Hopefully if I write another article, no one will feel the need to bring things up that will take the fun and enjoyment out of what we discuss. It’s good to be informed about what’s going on but let’s stay calm… 🙂

    • @Choi Min Jung,

      I appreciate your point of view. I am over 40 so this IS calm for me. I have yet to “blow a fuse” here. However, if I feel “passionate” about certain subject matter, it’s hard for me to sit on those feelings and not voice them. That’s just who I am and will continue to be. However, don’t let me disrupt the “warm and fuzzies”…….please carry on……………(SMILES)

  9. @choi Min Jung I’m sorry to steer attention away from your original intent. However, as black women/women of color who enjoy asian entertainment I think it’s important to be aware of groups histories, controversies and all. I think it’s unfair to write an article, saying “I love this band here is some information about them” and then defer when people bring up information that may be less palatable. I’m not trying to attack you, and as I mentioned in my original comment I’m not trying to judge fans who react to the blackface incidents in their own way (except those who claim people who are hurt are overreacting or antis but another story) I just think it’s problematic to ask people to only look at the happy things, for fear of people not staying calm. I think all who have commented on the blackface (myself included) have been exceptionally calm.

    Also I agree that the idol athletic group, ie teuk academy, are less popular with international fans based on some past comments. (Though it should be known they’re pretty popular in Korea) but the ones who are laughing at Shindong’s other incident of blackface (which I find worse, honestly, for it’s sheer resemblance to straight minstrelsy.) were Kyuhyun and Siwon. It was a part of the Strong heart episode you linked to in your main article.

  10. @Gaia Since performing in “blackface” seems to be so offending to some people, I agree that doing it is in poor taste. I really do understand your disappointment about this but I was under the impression that this was a blog to discuss supportive aspects and ideas and show “love” for the Asian men we care about. I guess I was badly mistaken on this. I didn’t realize that “warm and fuzzies” weren’t allowed. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. If I had known that things such as “race” would come up and the tone of this discussion would change into something like a FOX News blog, I would’ve never bothered to write about Super Junior in the first place. Instead, I would’ve wrote about someone who was perfect and never made any insensitive mistakes at all. Oh, wait….there isn’t anyone like that.

    I wonder if the African-Americans who used to perform shows in “blackface” during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were considered traitors by other blacks. I wonder if the people in Japan who put on blackface for events completely unrelated to being racially offensive are considered bigots anyway for doing this.

    Is this going to make me stop listening to Super Junior? Nope. Is this going to make me stop listening to K-pop music? Nope. Am I going to let the insensitive actions of a few knuckleheads color my whole view of the group itself? No. Does this make me think Koreans are Nazis? Hmmm…..nope. Do I now think Kyuhyun and Siwon are racists and Fascists for laughing at what Shindong did? Naw, not really. I’d have to see video of them with shaved heads marching at a KKK rally before I conclude that.

    Seriously Gaia, I truly do appreciate your feedback on this and you have every right to bring up whatever negative or less palatable information you might find out about whoever is being featured in any particular article on this blog that bothers you.

    This has definitely been a lesson learned for me. If I ever write about Super Junior again which……..I ………doubt, I’ll make sure it highlights the negative aspects instead of the positive ones so it can be more realistic and informative.

  11. @Choi Min Jung,

    We DO appreciate the Asian male here. This is why we come here to Oooo and Aaah over them. However, sometimes when social commentary regarding racial improprieties come up, it would be (IMO) irresponsible to just “sweep them under the rug” as if they didn’t exist. There are people out there who feel that AM/BW don’t belong together or won’t ever come together and BOAB81 has so Bravely said NO that is not the case and my blog is here to prove that. However, you can’t always get upset when others take issue with what you have written. We are a pretty well-rounded, down to earth group of ladies who have definite opinions about the world and our place in it. I would hope you would CONTINUE to write and put your voice to your views about Super Junior and others, but when people voice differing opinions don’t look at it as an attack, but an opportunity rather, to show your readers why you are passionate about the subject/group at hand and why they should be as well. If they, read your words and decide they don’t want to “buy what you are selling” then your job was done regardless.

    My great-grandmother was an English Literature teacher from the late 50s to the 70s (and in the 70s among a group of Black teachers, the first to integrate an all Caucasian high school in an all Caucasian school district). I know all about AA participation with regard to “blackface”……it has always been controversial among our people and always will be. It was never meant to be “uplifting” it was ALWAYS degrading. There were many things AAs did in centuries past that we would “bristle” at today, but they did Mostly just to survive….not always, but mostly. Choi Min Jung you take care.

    Choi Min Jung, I for one hope you will continue to share your stories. It’s all good and it’s all about love here, but we Will/Do challenge thoughts and ideas here as well. Hopefully we do that as respectfully and openly as possible.
    My parents were among a small group of AAs who were among the first to integrate an all Caucasian University back in the 60s (the era of my birth). I have been privileged to receive first hand accountings of the Black experience in this country from my own family (as I’m sure many of the other ladies have, as well), so when I see things like a pop group full of 20 somethings mocking a people, they Clearly do not know fully get…..I will take issue, but from my perspective.

  12. “LadyOrchid says:

    @serippy “yet out of the entire picture you submit for Black Women Love, how many of the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean men truly want a black woman” That is thought provoking question isn’t it? Perhaps there are more than one may think. Maybe they may not know how to approach a woman of color or fear rejection outright. So many stupid stereotypes on both sides are still floating around that it is hard to discern guys seeking someone of value or just experimenting lust”.

    Wow, I totally missed this topic. First off, great story and I love Kyuhyun’s voice. Next to Wookie and Yesung, he is definitely my favorite singer in Suju.

    I honestly don’t know how many Asian men really “want” a black woman but I can tell you from my own personal experience, my husband admitted that he was “scared to death” to approach me. Took him like 6 months to get up the nerve to ask me out because he assumed that I would not be attracted to him. And if I am totally honest, I can admit that while I knew him from some of my friends, he never was on my “boyfriend radar”. While he definitely doesn’t have your typical look of a Japanese man (he’s 6’0″), he was obviously Asian, and I just was not feeling that as a 19 year old girl :). Just to give everyone a visual, my husband looks very, very similar to a Japanese actor named Oguri Shun (if you follow Japanese dramas). I think that he is extremely handsome and sexy now but man as a college student, again, I was just not feeling him :). I remember on our 1st date feeling so self-consious and wondering what people must think about us. After a few dates, he was like seriously Angel, you have to “get over it”. People are going to look at us because we are different. It it bugs you that much, then let’s end it. I never let it get to me again and we’ve never been away from one another in 17 years.

    I know that most of his Asian friends are either married to other Asian women or Caucasians. Two of his Asian friends are married to Hispanics and one is married to an African American woman. So, is it common, no but it does happen more often than you’d think.

    Take care 🙂

  13. @Jessica: after watching the video of Kyuhun relating his near-death experience, I had tears in my eyes. Very touching…and his voice is beautiful…I will keep an eye out for him from now on. Thanks so much for writing this article about him…:)

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