Donnie Yen Kicks Some Serious Bootay In “Ip Man”

Well, actually, Donnie always kicks serious bootay in all his films. But “Ip Man”, for some reason, was exceptionally enjoyable for me to watch.

“Ip Man” is the half fiction, half true story of Ip Man, a grandmaster of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and most notably known as being Bruce Lee’s teacher. The movie is set in Foshan, China, a hub of martial arts, circa the Second Sino-Japanese War. Ip Man proves the Chinese superiority of having mastered Wing Chun Kung Fu over the oppressing Japanese. What I liked about this movie is that it told a great story (even if were half fiction), without all of the unneccessary blood and gore. Don’t get me wrong, there was blood, but minimal in comparison to other kung fu or action films. I also appreciated the historical setting, and was able to get a deeper understanding of the long-standing strife between the Chinese and Japanese. Definitely worth a watch!

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4 thoughts on “Donnie Yen Kicks Some Serious Bootay In “Ip Man”

  1. If there is one thing I miss about Saturdays are Music/dance shows like Solid Gold, Midnight Special and good Kung Fu flicks. Those were the days when watching television made sense.

  2. These are on my Amazon Wish List,
    that and the Ong Bak trilogy,
    the third of which is currently On Demand.
    I have been wanting to have an
    old-fashioned martial arts festival at my house.
    Love them!
    For me, lazing around and watching them
    on dark, overcast, rainy weekend days is the best.

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