K-Drama: ‘You’re Beautiful’

What’s with all these Asian chicks transforming into hot guys?! It’s a question I asked myself when I started watching this drama. ‘You’re Beautiful’ has to be one of the funniest Kdrama’s I’ve seen. Some of the situations are just down right ridiculous. If you enjoyed ‘Coffee Prince’ then I’m pretty sure you’re going to dig this. So here’s what its all about!

Ok, Go Mi Nyeo (Park Shin Hye) is a young girl with dreams of becoming a full-fledged nun (she grew up in a convent). One day out of nowhere the manager of the huge KPOP band A.N.JELL shows up and tells Go Mi Nyeo that her TWIN BROTHER Go Mi Nam was just chosen as their newest member but is in a bit of trouble and really needs her help.
Basically what happened to Go Mi Nam is he went for the double eyelid surgery and was left unable to close his eyes; Sooooo he had to fly to America to get it corrected.They need Go Mi Nyeo to pretend to be her brother just to sign his contract and attend a short press conference introducing him. The catch is none of the other members of A.N.JELL know about ANY OF THIS and Go Mi Nyeo winds up pretending to be Go Mi Nam longer than expected!

Be on the look out for eye candy cast member introductions this week and enjoy the show! ^_^

Cast List

Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung

Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyeo (Female)

Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo

Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy

Enjoy the drama preview below and my viewing site of choice is always viki.com

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10 thoughts on “K-Drama: ‘You’re Beautiful’

  1. The aunts little daydream about Jeremy was hilarious. Shinwoon hyung…. I heard that phrase for a while after the show ended. I liked it enough to actually buy it. It’s funny how much better this stuff looks on a tv 😛

    This was when Jang Guen Suk was still hot, before he went all David Bowie androgynous on me. Now he looks like an market ajumma. I was watching some BTS thing where he said he needed to loose weight and he grabbed a section on his belly and I’m like…. uhhhh, that’s not fat. That’s skin and you need to gain some weight. He’s a great actor tho.. Beethoven Virus was his best I think. He was really hot there. I’m kinda on the fence about My Pet, he was still rocking the ajumma hair in it and that’s a big turn off for me.

    I don’t think Jung Yong Hwa’s acting was as bad as everyone said it was. His character was mellow and he was that. The best scene was with him and Go Mi Nam in the practice studio. I actually cried.

    Lee Hong Ki……CHOCOBALL IN DA HOUSE! I love his personality in RL and I loved his character Jeremy. He was sooooo…. dense and protective.

  2. You’re Beautiful was awesome… I haven’t seen it in a while… but from what I remember I loved it, so I think that I’ll rewatch it eventually (maybe after I finish “Manny”, and I have to say in the end of the 4th ep, girliest fight I have ever seen between two men LOL, makes me want to watch Chuno again, man Jang Hyuk was kicking butt and taking names 🙂 ).

    Anyway, I thought that Tae Kyung was really cute (I liked his singing voice too, when he and Mi Nam sang that English song while he played the piano) especially the way he tried to dislike Mi Nam all the time but after he found out she was a girl he did everything to prevent her from being found out… Awww LOL!! I started saying, “See, I knew he liked her” (I tend to talk a lot to myself while watching KDramas *hides from embarassment* he he). Needless to say, I was happy when they got together. Oh and his mother… that woman was dispicable… I definitely cried when Tae Kyung was talking to her and she pretty much said that she regretted giving birth to him, Oh God, I was so through with her… she was a monster.

    I kinda had a problem with Mi Nam’s constant naivity to everything and it was so obvious that she grew up in a convent. But what made me really angry was when she allowed Uee’s character (I can’t remember her name) to dress her up in that old fashioned dress for Shin Woo then brought Tae Kyung just to insult her in front of them… ugh (by the way, I loved that Tae Kyung seemed to be completely disgusted by Uee’s character and would call her “Scary Fairy”). For the most part I liked Mi Nam/Mi Nyeo’s character.

    Now for Mr. Shin Woo, I thought he was so sweet to Mi Nam and in the beginning I wanted him to be with her because he was the only other one who knew she was a woman (besides Tae Kyung and the manager) and his mellow, understanding personality. I got really sad when he planned to meet her at one of the stores (where he planned out this whole thing showing her his favorite places while talking to her on the phone) but Tae Kyung interupted… I felt bad for him. Rhetorical question: Why do all of the sensitive, sweet guys in KDramas never end up with someone? LOL

    JEREMY!!! (I Loved loved loved Lee Hong Ki in this show) He was so funny in this show and my fave scene was when he and the other A.N.Gell members took her to the grocery store and they all showed her what products they did commercials for (Tae Kyung and Shin Woo arguing over what way they moved their arms in one of them… priceless 🙂 ). Another scene that I just lost it and cried was on the bus when Jeremy sang on the radio that he loved her and wanted her to love him too while crying (great acting by Hong Ki in that scene), he was such a sweetie pie.

    One major problem I had was the passionless kisses between her and Tae Kyung (worst kisses I’ve ever seen on a KDrama), althought the one at the movie theater was pretty good. Wow, I took up A LOT of space with my comment, sorry :).

  3. Cute movie, a lot of funny (especially the part with the pig, i rewound that part like 10 times and laughed sooo hard) and romantic scenes. But me personally, I just dont think Koreans know how to do romance.. I know people will disagree, but when you have tension filled scenes leading up to a big kiss or a big hug, and then they throw some half a**ed hug scene, it totally deflates everything that just happened.. But if you are a Kdrama fan, i will definately reccommend this movie. I’m in the middle of Beethoven Virus and Jang is really hot in this movie if you like him…

    • I keep hearing about B. Virus! I’m def gonna have to check it out. I just finished like literally 5 minutes ago with Coffee Prince. I’m starting My Fair lady now; I’m on a serious Yoon Eun Hye kick I ❤ her. I really like Jangs look though hes really cute to me so I'm def gonna watch B. Virus.

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