English and Cultural Interaction Class with Super Junior!

I don’t know about you all, but there are times when I forget that for the most part my beloved Asian Idols and actors don’t actually speak English and don’t realllllly understand my culture. It’s strange isn’t it? I spend hours watching dramas, listening to music and watching their reality based moments on Youtube. I’ve gotten so use to subtitles and hearing the Korean language being spoken that my brain isn’t working properly! In my eyes they are just like “us” and through technology our communication is on point. But leave it to Super Junior to put me in check! While I was stalking Heechul on Youtube (he’s recently made it to my Hot Asian “hes gonna be my bf” list) I came across this video of him and a few other members learning how to communicate in English. ^_^ They were being taught how the same words or phrases spoken, could carry different meaning and how us foreigners like personal space so don’t just run up on us. It was so cute! They all took turns acting out scenarios and Heechul couldn’t understand why a girl got so mad after he said she looked like a “poodle” because poodles were cute.

Ahhh the perfect job would def be teaching Idols English for shizzle!

K-Kisses! KrisE   (Personal KPOP Radio: Kim Hyun Joong ‘Lucky Guy’)

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13 thoughts on “English and Cultural Interaction Class with Super Junior!

  1. I love this video, it was really good and informative, and the instructor seems like he actually lived in the States for a while because he was very familiar with things. We in the US also, act differently depending on which part of the US u are in. Like if you go downsouth, the East Coast , the west Coast, or in the midwest… To me, The best part was just the greeting of a stranger, I guess we are so used to doing it, it’s like second nature.

  2. This was cute. I always like seeing the Idols speaking English. I saw recently on youtube some videos of a variety show that had foreigners that spoke Korean. I don’t speak Korean fluently but I would love to be on that show. Then I would be that much closer to the Idols I’d like to stalk…I mean meet 🙂

  3. KrisE, you posted one of my favorite YouTube videos of Super Junior! You should actually watch the whole reality show (the vid is a clip from Super Junior Full House), where half of the SuJu members were the homestay for two western girls who were able to speak Korean pretty well though (God, I wish that could have been me so I could meet Siwon, Heechul and Donghae). It was hilarious when they were trying to learn English and their accents are so cute (I love how whenever Heechul speaks English he sounds like a black rapper LOL, ahh… I miss him). One of my fave parts: when they took a trip to English Village and talked to a black guy who happened to be a dancer… SOO FUNNY, I can’t explain it, you really have to see it for yourself. Keep posting about my SuJu boys :).

    • Oh thank you Fleurdelis!!! I am def watching it. I was wondering where it was from. That black rapper part was funny I just looked at the subtitile and shook my head because seriously WTF a black rapper REALLLLLY they used that description?! hahaha Koreans are out of control at times ❤

      • LOL no problem. I had the same reaction to that description about the “black rapper” when I watched the show. If you really like Heechul that much you should watch Idol World with Super Junior-T, I swear I have never seen him look better (or funnier but he’s always funny), I fell more in love with him than I already was :).

      • Fleurdelis!!! I started watching Full House last night and O.M.G! Heechul is amazing. His personality is so out of control I love it! He’s my pet of the week Heechul Oppa ❤ ❤

      • Hahaha!! Yeah, Heenim’s personality is definitely weird, erotic, and outrageous but that’s why I love him (Oh, that girl, Anya, I really wanted her to back up off of Heechul LOL, I cracked up when Donghae said she looked like Nicholas Cage… he he… too funny). Enjoy the rest of the show :).

    • Ok Fleurdelis! I got to the black dude in the English Village and I was just like 0_0 it was funny and disturbing at the same time lolol Heechul needed to get pushed off the bench acting like a “black rapper” hahaha

  4. that is so funny. My brain has been working the same way. I have gotten so used to hearing them speak and reading English, I also forget that they don’t all speak perfect English. It is so cute when they try. I will have to check out this video on my lunch.

    • I was watching a video of Jae Joong learning English song lyrics in a music studio…His English is soooooo bad but sooo cute; he looked all stressed out and what not lolol

  5. i love this clip! it’s interesting how cultures are different. it’s not mandatory to greet people here in the usa when you pass them or get on an elevator together, but it seems a little rude or weird if you don’t or if you do and they don’t respond. but in SK, i would be the weird one greeting random strangers, lol. good to know! and great lesson about personal space…very important, lol!

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