G-Dragon: The Bad Boy of K-Pop

Where do I even start? There’s just so much going on here! Look usually I’m nice about all this, but this time seriously if you don’t know who G Dragon is then I’m sorry but you need to be locked in a tiny room covered from floor to ceiling in pictures of KPOP Idols while Big Bang and a boat load of other groups play nonstop until you wake up every morning with a foreign song in your head! (Breathes)

Now look here BWB minions,G Dragon affectionately known as “GD” is the perfect mix of “pretty boy im as pure as cotton Idol and I’m so fly I can’t even handle my own swagger uber goodness!” Hes the leader of Big Bang, a model,a fashion trend setter and most importantly a rapper with a seriously niiiiice flow. The first time I saw him I was like Ooooo who is that!? What is that?! Why does he have so much swagger?! and whyyyyyyy is he not my man?! (just saying).

Most of the time you can catch GD pimpin in colorful outfits, fur, Indian head dresses; you know the usual daytime attire (har har har). He lets curse words fly here and there during interviews, hes sweet but sarcastic and his English is real cute! He’s got the most amazing slanty exotic looking eyes ever;they can either be really sexy or ‘Death Stare’ status.

Lets see what else hmmm ummm oh yeah there was that little misunderstanding of plagiarizing Flo Rida’s “Right Round” for his 2009 hit single ‘Heartbreaker’ where on a side note he looked like freakin Lee Hong Ki from FT Island (That band is realllly good you all should check out their music). No biggie though, Flo Rida was cool about it and appeared on GD’s live album ‘Shine a Light’.Oh there was one more thing I wanted to mention. THAT’S RIGHT! He was just caught smoking marijuana like literally yesterday and he gave the MOST AMAZZAZING B.S EXCUSE EVER!!!


G DRAGON: “I smoked a cigarette that someone had given me at a club.The smell was some what different from that of a regular cigarette so I was slightly suspicious that it was marijuana, but it is true that I smoked it,”

Don’t fret, he got off with a warning, but seriously I can’t believe they bought that!! He’s probably still laughing about how he got away with it. Now I’m all about being drug free, blah, blah,blah public service announcement and all that jazz, but I find it so refreshing to have found that out. It makes me like him that much more because he has flaws and it adds to that whole “The G in Imma G stands for G Dragon” persona he’s got going on.

I was going to add a video of GD dancing because he’s so good but this video just cracked me up. Its him and Taeyang posing at a fashion show and there’s this lame 80s porno sounding track in the background. HILARIOUS!

K-Kisses! KrisE

57 thoughts on “G-Dragon: The Bad Boy of K-Pop

    • Michelle,

      I like his style too. But when he started wearing those skirts, I was like this is too much even by GD standards : ).

      • I like GD and his skirts lol soo funny this Asian dude was in my schools cafe the other day and I was sitting at a table staring because he had this gray skirt on over his pants. Not a good look on him I have to say.

  1. I read about this on allkpop. But this was supposed to be back in March be did this and had drug test. Allwell it waa a mistake and hell learn from it, i kniw ths hirtsbhis japanese promotions. YG had a statement saying that his statement was true when the authorites looked into it ,that he took it from a fan. I dont even know why its up nowww. Lol this will definatly hurt his image.

  2. Ima little confused about how the law works in Korea. The incident apparently happened in Japan in May, but he was drug tested in Korea in June and when that came negative they tested his hair and found a small amount. Its odd, the whole situation is odd and fishy. It was never stated why he was tested to begin with a month after it happened. And then the information is released to the press in October, huh? Fishy, indeed.

    I like GD as an artist. Fashion wise not so much. One of my favorite songs of his is Butterfly. He comes off having a really angelic persona.

    SN: Did anyone read about the Senator snapping on KBS about JYJ? Epic.

    • hahah! I volunteer helping Internationals master English and I use alot of articles etc as a teaching tool. My current student is from South Korea and I actually had her read that article about KBS and JYJ lol

  3. *Hides from Kris immediately because I don’t wanna get locked in the K-Pop room* 😛

    I had only heard the name, but I don’t know anything about him, and until your post, I never knew what he looked like. But he’s gorgeous, I’ll give you that one! I like the longer hair, and he’s one of the few K-Pop people that looks good in that white-blonde color (I think that’s a bad trend over there. I really do. >..> and still didn’t know who he was), but didn’t like it enough to iPod it. However, that was just 2 songs someone rec’d. I’ll listen to more over the weekend and see what catches my ear.


  4. Awww, WordPress ate half of my post!

    The missing part was that I’m not into Asian rap. I’m not big on rap in general, but I find theirs pretty corny. I especially don’t like that overused trend of busting out with it in the middle of a song (Hate it in America, too). For me, it disrupts the flow completely. I deal with it if the song is really great otherwise, but it’s a big turn off.

    I also said that I heard a couple of Big Bang songs (and still didn’t know who GD was), but I didn’t really like them. However, that was just two recs someone gave me, so I’ll listen to more to see if they catch my ear. ^^

    • Ehh Big Bang, its kinda like you have to get the know members first before you can appreciate their sound. Although if you havent heard of it yet direct yourself to the Youtube video of “Tonight” You’ll like that song.

      • KrisE,

        I definitely agree with you. After I started listening to them individually, I appreciated the group Big Bang that much more. I still prefer them solo (Taeyang and GD) than as a group but since my daughter has been playing Stupid Liar (everyday, a million x’s a day), I have started to like them even more.

        Have you listened to any of GD’s solo songs? I love Heartbreaker, Butterfly, This Love and my favorite song by him, But I Love you : ).

      • I really like ‘Breathe’ and I have a remixed version of ‘Heartbreaker’ on my Ipod lol I think one of my favorite moments though, is GD’s part in Taeyangs ‘I Need a Girl’ mv. He looks soooooo good and its a good hair moment.

    • What kind of music style do you like? Maybe you will like “Haru Haru”. I think it’s probably Big Bang’s best song. “Cafe” , “Love Song” from their last album promos might be something you’ll like. From their Japanese promos you might like “Tell Me goodbye” and “Koe-o Kikasete” (Let Me Hear Your Voice). “Foolish Love” is another song I like from them. I was just picked songs that weren’t so electropop as some of their recent stuff has been.

      • @Dani

        I tend to like a mix of things when it comes to K-Pop.
        Right now I’m listening to:

        Teen Top
        DBSK/TVXQ (Their R&B, Dru Hill type sound is pretty damn good!)
        Kim Hyun Joong
        2PM (The Jay Park days)
        and a bit of Beast and SS501.

        I can usually listen to something and know if I’ll love it 20 seconds into it, but that hasn’t been the case with Big Bang thus far. Kris rec’d a song to me earlier that I tried. I enjoyed the chorus, but I didn’t like the song overall. They may end up being one of those groups that won’t really catch my ear. But I still haven’t heard many of their songs, so i don’t want to cancel them out yet.

    • go onto MySpace and type in BigBang and you will get a whole lot of songs you can listen to for free. You might find some you like. I didn’t get into BigBang until after I already was into Taeyang’s solo stuf, but I really like their stuff. They switch up there style which I like and each one of them is talented. They are coming out with a greatest hits (so far) of their Korean and Japanese stuff.

      • @Lei

        Thanks for the tip! I listened to some of Tae’s stuff last night on YT (The Wedding Dress MV is so sad >.<). I'm going to grab some of their CDs tonight and get a good listen. I know so many people that like them, yet they're not grabbing me thus far. Makes me sad!

  5. Goes to show ya that not as innocent as some of their fangirls would like for them to be.

    He should have let it alone while he had the chance and maybe he wouldn’t be in the mess that he’s in now. Some of his fans feel that he may have screwed up his career..at least his homeland. If he were in the states, yes he would get in trouble by the cops,but depending on what part of entertainment field would be in(like Disney..Nick shows), it would be of very little consequence.

    No, G-Dragon should not have smoked marijuana and/or do any other kinds of narcotics but, he should be given a second chance. As long as he’s not a repeat offender( if you get what I’m saying), he should be done that way. Though I’m not a Big Bang fan..they have should understand,along with their fans and execs..that they will have some trying times..in this case,now. They can weigh it out or let it break them down..hopefully they will do the latter. Right now, they need a long rest and to regroup. If their music label will let them,they should come back at a time that they feel is good for all of them. Hopefully , they’ll be bigger than ever.

    • ATLSis,

      I don’t think GD has ever been thought of as “innocent” in K-pop land. LOL! He’s had some issues in the past and this really doesn’t surprise me. YG has put him on hiatus for the rest of the year, so who knows what will happen. Probably nothing. This kid has alot of SWAGGER and has been to the States many times. I highly doubt that he did not know what he was smoking :). He’s been around enough rappers. Kinda funny when the story broke, my daughter Mika ran up to us and started laughing. She always said that GD would be the 1st K-Pop Idol to either get caught with drugs or a sex tape. LOL! He may lose some fans but Big Bang is not your average “sweet and innocent” boyband so it won’t kill his career.

  6. ATLSis says:
    “Goes to show ya that not as innocent as some of their fangirls would like for them to be.”

    Exactly! I don’t think any of them are “innocent”, especially the ones that look the most innocent. I bet THEY get away with Murder. (SMILES)

  7. “KrisE says:
    I really like ‘Breathe’ and I have a remixed version of ‘Heartbreaker’ on my Ipod lol I think one of my favorite moments though, is GD’s part in Taeyangs ‘I Need a Girl’ mv. He looks soooooo good and its a good hair moment.”


    Honestly, I do not like it when Asians dye their haire blonde but GD looks YUMMY with blonde hair :). And yes, he did look very good in I Need a Girl.

    • His hair in I Need a Girl was like a chestnut brown it was very flattering on him. When I first saw Asians with blonde hair I was really confused. But I dunno I think some of them look hot with that color.

      • KrisE,

        I think it definitelydepends on the skin complexion. When GD has a little ‘color’ to his skin, he looks unbelievable with blond hair. I just think most Asians with blond hair look like Albinos, when they have blond hair against really pale skin. He’s cute regardless of what hair color he has. Just a little too tiny for my taste in men.LOL! Would love to meet him since I’ve heard that on a good day, he’s a doll to his fans.

      • “Albinos” you are hilarious lolol He was really skinny in Heartbreaker wasnt he? I was like “ok little boy with a hot look” lolol But now he looks good since he put some weight on. I’de match well beside him and thats all that matters hahaha

  8. This is my 1st comment here, but I don’t think anyone who is a fan of Big Bang or YG thinks GD is innocent. It’s not a shock really. GD smokes cigs and there have been pix of him in clubs before. I mean they have Kush and Teddy as producers there. Those guys aren’t innocent at all. YG actually owns clubs in Korea so I mean it isn’t shocking that he parties.

    It seems now that people are posting old photos of the YG fam in clubs to try to make them look even worse since the GD incident. I mean allkpop posted pix and was like oh look at their wild side. However, the pix weren’t wild at all. It’s just them sitting in a club and 2NE1 (minus Minji) was their for an ADIDAS event. To make it look worse, they have a pic of Dara sitting with Kush, the producer, and they censored his cigarette smoke.

    GD is lucky tho. I mean they are other Korean stars who have been blacklisted, but the Korean stations said they weren’t going to do that with GD.

    The only thing that I find to be really suspect about this whole this is that it took 5 months for this to come out. What took so long?

    • Yeah i saw those pics too. They are really spinning this, but then again over reaction is the norm. Every little thing is a huge deal over there.

    • Dani,

      It’s all about the money in Korea and GD is a money-maker so he will not be blacklisted. But Korea is soooo conservative and every little thing gets blown out of proportion. Not that I think this is a “little thing” but let’s face it, if Justin Bieber was caught smoking pot over here, it would be news but not “invesitgative news” like they are making it out over there.

      He just needs to lay low and I’m sure he will write a song about this on his comeback CD next year :).

    • @Dani

      I don’t know much about GD, but wow. Today I did some looking into the whole weed thing, and I guess it’s because I’m in America, but it’s just not a big deal to me. It really isn’t. They act like they caught that kid with a crack pipe and a prostitute. >.>

      I had no idea Korea was that uptight, and that isn’t an endorsement to be a user, but weed is so not a hard drug… It just looks like they’re going overboard. And many BB fans are upset with allkpop, but they shouldn’t get twisted about it. They’re looking for shock value and web traffic. Ignore those stories and they’ll stop printing them.

      • HAHA “crack pipe and a prostitute” seriously I almost spit my water out reading that. So im thinking I know why you arent really feeling Big Bang. Its Taeyang and I’m telling you it really is. Heres the thing about him, hes cute but hes actually not. Hes got a good voice but in a way its annoying. In other words theres something about him that throws everything off to me. Like in Tonight the begining is awesome with GD lookin all hot walking down the hotel hallway and then T.O.P in the limo and it sounds really good until Taeyang…then the other 2 sing and it sounds better..then it drops off again right?!

      • @KrisE

        LOL. But that’s how they’re acting! I mean, damn. Even Bill Clinton took a puff -it’s not that serious!

        I don’t know anyone’s names/likenesses yet, but in Tonight, I liked the chorus (that soft voice). That was nice. (Was that him?) I’m going to hit my k-pop spot and get a good listen to their all of songs. I pretty much do that with everyone just to see if there’s anything -old or new- that will catch on for me. Then, I’ll google them so I can match names to faces. (Yes, girl, it’s a process!)

        I had to do that with SHINee, so imagine my shock when I realized that Key was the one I thought was cute -right after one of the ladies here posted about his fruity “fanservice”. At the time, I was like, “But who’s Key?” That was a “duh” moment. >.>

      • Hmm if u liked TaeYang’s voice in the chorus of Tonight, maybe u will like his solo stuff better than Big Bang stuff. I pretty much like all of the YG songs that I’ve listened to so I’m probably a little biased. Anyway, in terms of Taeyang’s solo songs I’d recommend “Look only at me”, “Just A feeling”, “Take it slow”, “After You Fall Asleep” and “Wedding Dress”. He did some songs in English. I didn’t like the english versions of Wedding Dress and I’ll be there as much as the originals. However, “Connection” (Feat. Big Tone) wasn’t so bad. It probably had to do with the fact there was no Korean version to compare it to.

      • @Dani

        I heard Wedding Dress! There was a mash up on YT between that song and one of NeYo’s songs. It was SO good, like they’d actually done a duet together and their voices really complimented each other. Loved it.

        And thanks for the recs. I’m going to go look these up now. ^^

      • The thing about Korea, its a very conservative yet contradicting society. For example guys being very femme is acceptable however actually being gay is not. Once you understand that basic concept all the over dramatic moments begin to not phase you lol
        Taeyang’s I need a Girl and def Where you at are my favs. Seriously Where you at should be an American release.

      • “For example guys being very femme is acceptable however actually being gay is not.”

        I’ve noticed that and it’s just >.> “…….” to me.

        I read a lot of Japanese and Korean manga. Most of it yaoi/shounen ai. I also grew up in a heavily gay area. So, I don’t have an issue with boy love -I enjoy it- but I do have an issue with some fanservice. Not because they’re kissing or whatever, but I feel like a lot of that is forced and it makes me wonder if they’d ever do that kind of thing if dopey fangirls didn’t pressure them into it (along with ent. companies). I mean, it’s all about “give these girls what they want so they’ll spend their money” and it makes me sad to think that they may be engaging in behavior that they may not even like for the sake of “work”.

        Totally off-topic, but that’s been bugging me for a while (fanservice, that is). No way would that stuff fly here in boy bands. It just wouldn’t.

      • Its really not fanservice, for the most part thats just how they are. They dont have issues with displaying their femme side; in fact a friend of mine who is Korean American is gay. Now its obvious that he is because hes femme and what not but his parents dont know. His parents were born and raised in Korea. They dont recognize the tell tale signs that hes gay because in Korea acting that way is normal.
        At first its confusing, I remember when I started watching Kim Hyun Joongs interviews and reality based shows with SS501 I was alittle taken aback at how femme he was acting and I questioned his sexuality. It wasnt till Jae my native Korean friend explained how acting that way was the norm there among many of the guys. Now I’m not saying every single Korean guy acts that way but I am saying its very common and nothing to be alarmed about. Besides like you I enjoy it so its not a big deal.

      • @Kris

        That explains a lot. See, I called it fanservice because some of them called it that. I forget the group, it was a bit early in my k-pop days (about 3 months ago, haha) and before I knew names and faces. But they were having a fan meet (found it on Youtube) and it came up. They, themselves, called it fanservice and declared that they were not gay in any way, but did those things because the fans liked it. That’s what got me thinking; if they only get touchy for fans, then it should stop if it’s not a normal, comfortable thing for them. So I’m torn between explanations and thinking that maybe for some it’s natural, and for others, it’s just part of the job.

      • I’m sure of them do but also have you noticed that Idols seriously love their fans are very good to them? I think its part of the reason I love them so much; like SS501 seriously adores and cares about their fans. I remember one time when it was really really cold out and their fans were waiting outside for them they actually bought them all tea to keep warm. At times they even demanded their fans be let inside concert buildings because they didnt want them out in the cold or getting sick. They always break down crying at their concerts and stuff over their fans. I seriously love them they need to hurry and make a new album. SS501 FIGHTING!!! ^_^

      • @Kris

        It’s nice to know that they care, but there should be limits if they’re not truly comfy with hugging and kissing each other in a way that looks intimate. And SHINee needs a new manager! I saw a clip of their manager pretty much slamming a fan on the back of the head, and though it cuts off, you can tell she was falling. And the members just stood there watching and not saying/doing anything. o.O

        Fangirls say they think the fan kissed JongHyun (no proof of that) and that’s why the mgr hit her, but I don’t know if I buy that. She looked like she was walking along side them and talking excitedly (probably “I love you-ing them to death). But he hit her so hard I gasped; the impact looked horrible. I heard it became a big thing once the video surfaced (because SM denied it all. Gee, what’s new?) and the company was forced to apologize. But it goes back to the strangeness of the pop industry over there. Here, that’s a lawsuit. There, they blame the fan. Here, the guys have lives and don’t live in “dorms” like college students where they’re pretty much told when to do everything from eat to crap. Here, the lamest artist has a great house to himself and can pretty much do what he wants. And I won’t even get into the frightening way the fandom operates…

        The Korean/Asian pop scene is really interesting. And strange.

      • I dont know about that situation but I will say that yes things seem strange and maybe even wrong over there but alot of it has to do with the societys culture. You have to have an understanding of how the culture operates in order to “see” what is actually going on. For instance being told what to do is nothing strange. Koreans treat each other based on status, age and familiarity. They use two types of speech, formal and informal depending on who they are speaking to. They also embrace purity and innocence, although many are not they are suppose to at least act as if they are especially in public. If the girl kissed him then she was acting socially unacceptable, and to actually touch a Korean without “permission” is offensive. So in that situation ALOT im sure was going on that you didnt “see” because it was all cultural. I’m not an expert by any means but this was one of the first things I was taught about their culture. So you need to really try to stay objective and not get offended or really weirded out. Although note somethings are crazy and people have their moments where they speak up and fight back especially now because Korea is going through a slow change where the younger generation is begining to become more open and are questioning things.

      • @Kris

        I agree -it’s definitely a cultural thing because in our society, we don’t control every aspect of our entertainers’ lives. I watched an Mtv special about how k-pop groups are “manufactured” (In fact, it was on Teen Top. I found it after I started liking them), and they just had no kind of freedom. I know they basically “sign up” for this because it’s a way out of a lot of the poverty they’re still experiencing there (plus, who doesn’t want girls screaming over them? :P), but I felt sorry for those kids. And it can’t be all roses, look at DBSK/JYJ. 13 year contracts and hardly any money in the bank, changing the contract around when they wanted to without even telling them… Now they can’t even perform their music in their own country. I just read an interview with JYJ and it’s heartbreaking to read JaeJoong say, “Please help us.”

        That was my main complaint when I mentioned college dorms. I understand the rank and file aspect; that goes on everywhere, to an extent. But the greed, corruption, and obvious using of these kids there is pretty wretched. I bet a lot of those guys are suffering while we’re squeeing over their latest song or dance. =/

        And I don’t know if that girl kissed him, but she certainly got hit. She was this small girl and he was much taller/heavier than the SHINee members. So, I guess the American in me looks at this big guy clobbering this teenage girl and I get disgusted, even if people over there wasn’t bothered by it or felt she had it coming because she got close to “their” idols. (Why “idol”? Why not singer/pop star/etc?)

        Anywho, that’s why I’m happier just listening to other people’s accounts of visits to Korea and Japan. I don’t think I’d blend too well. lol.

      • Good point and bringing the conversation full circle back to G Dragon. He was signed when he was 12 so he literally spent YEARS training before he even debuted as a group member. I think he was 17 when Big Bang finally came out.

      • @Kris

        OMG! That’s such a long time! >.< I can't imagine letting a son of mine go with these companies for so long. I know Jay Park was a fish out of water, growing up here and being so far from family, so they're all probably dealing with something similar. These are all really tough kids.

  9. Why release this news right and it was a few months ago?! It was a mistake. It’s marijuana, not cocaine. GDragon is one talented guy and very stylish. He’s too skinny for my taste, too.

    • Nicole,

      Any man where 1 of my legs is bigger than both of his legs, is too tiny for me : ). I love his music and think he has Swagger coming out his pores but I need a little more meat on a man.

  10. “KrisE says:

    “Albinos” you are hilarious lolol He was really skinny in Heartbreaker wasnt he? I was like “ok little boy with a hot look” lolol But now he looks good since he put some weight on. I’de match well beside him and thats all that matters hahaha”.


    Well, I heard he was ‘obsessed’ over Janet Jackson so I’m sure he has a thing for women of color. Go for it!. I’m not a big woman by any stretch (only 5’4″ and 110 lbs) but even with a little more weight, I feel like I could break GD in half. He’s so tiny : ).

    And yes, I totally believe that they look like Albinos with blond hair. My daughter Mika got blond streaks in her hair last year and man after the summer glow wore off her skin, I rushed her right back to the salon to get those blond streaks changed to a different color. Just was not a cute look against her pale skin!

    • Speaking of Janet, they have that Rolling Stone cover with her topless w/ her boobs covered by her ex Rene in one of the YG recording studios. They brought it over from their old YG building.

    • oh snap mS. Jackson if you’re nasty! But come on you know they all like us “darker girls” especially the ones in the hip hop r&b mix..they need to stop and just liberate themselves….I give GD permission to liberate himself with me lmao

  11. “KrisE says:

    I like GD and his skirts lol soo funny this Asian dude was in my schools cafe the other day and I was sitting at a table staring because he had this gray skirt on over his pants. Not a good look on him I have to say”.


    There are some styles that are just better left to the celebrities to pull off such as skirts on men. The look may be fashionable on GD but….um, it’s just a no, with the average Joe :).

    • If you only knew the school I went to…no one thinks they’re “average” lol and that guy seriously thought he was working it. It was so strange kinda like the mullet business in the front party in the back. He was all clean cut on top with glasses, a nice shirt and then he stood up and from the waist down I was just like hmmmmm why sir? whyy? lol

      • Yikes! I don’t even want a visual of that in my head : ). I got my son a pair of skinnies for school one day and he was like “um, Mom no…just noooo”. I thought all boys loved skinnies but the look on his face told me, how wrong I was. LOL!

      • haha skinny jeans! its always the guys with the smallest legs in the world that rock skinny jeans lolol

      • “haha skinny jeans! its always the guys with the smallest legs in the world that rock skinny jeans lolol”

        LMAO. When I saw Lil Wayne rocking them I knew we had an issue on our hands. Please, guys, bring back the baggies!

  12. DAG!!! 40 comments already. I always thought if anyone was a freak in the band it was him. He is soo tiny, but does have some definite swagger to him. Funny when I first started getting into BigBang I thought he was the baby of the group and come to find out he and TOP are the oldest. He is adorable though. He looks like he definitely has a little devil in him and might shock some females

  13. “DaGrrrl says:
    “haha skinny jeans! its always the guys with the smallest legs in the world that rock skinny jeans lolol”

    LMAO. When I saw Lil Wayne rocking them I knew we had an issue on our hands. Please, guys, bring back the baggies!”


    Well, no matter what Lil Wayne rocks, it’s just NOOOOOOO!!! Yikes :). I’ll take a happy medium between the skinnies and the baggies. Not so skinny that I can see the shape of the thighs and not so baggy that I know you love to were Calvin Klein boxers.

    Take care 🙂

      • @ AngelFace

        I don’t mind seeing the Calvins, so long as the pockets aren’t at the knees. >.> I just don’t get how they’re able to walk like that, and using the bathroom must really be an adventure since the zipper is somewhere down the thigh. lol.

  14. DaGrrrl,

    I’ve wondered about the bathroom issue too with the baggy jeans. LOL! I saw a boy the other day whose jeans were so baggy, that they fell to the top of his thigh. I was like, what is the point of wearing pants at all. He looked CR-CR-CRAZY!!! As long as my sons never follow this trend (which I know that won’t as long as I am their Mommy) it’s okay by me : ).

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