Doongie Entertains Us With His Boredom

Just a selection of Mblaq rapper Cheondung’s latest tweeted photos.  He is becoming quite the handsome young man, looking well beyond his 21 years.

8 thoughts on “Doongie Entertains Us With His Boredom

  1. Am I the only one who noticed the kitty in that one pic!? Soo cute haha he looks more like a ‘Boyfriend’ member than a sexy MBLAQ member in these lol

  2. AAwwww he is really growing into a very nice young man. Lol
    I sound like I’m old…I’m only 22. So he’s just the age for me lol.
    When mblaq came out, he wasn’t my fav at all. I liked the older ones…mostly Lee Joon.
    But now I see thunder really looking great and in the reality shows/variety shows, I see his maturity. It was the same way with Joon, he was a dork alot of the times, but he’s very serious about his career and focus, one of the mature ones as well. Thunder, Joon, and Sueng Ho are my favs now.

  3. Thanks BoaB!
    You know how I feel about MBLAQ!
    The blond hair doesn’t do him any favors,
    but he is definitely maturing into
    a very handsome young man;
    and as is important in the
    all around positive qualities
    of our favourite Korean idols,
    whether he is just simply smiling,
    or when he turns on the aegyo,
    he is absolutely adorable.
    Thankfully no one in MBLAQ is big on aegyo,
    although Joonie can turn it on big time when he wants/needs to.
    Thunder has consistently expressed a desire
    to be a successful solo artist like Rain,
    and if you pay attention there is an
    intensity about him during performances
    that says he means business.
    There are no good clips of his solo performances
    that I can find, be glad for that.
    He is full of surprises.
    MBLAQ are a pretty serious and intense bunch of guys,
    it kind of surprised me early on just how serious and intense he can be,
    with his rather mischievous and dry sense of humour;
    unexpected in one so young,
    it rivaled, if not surpassed GO’s at times.
    In the end, you know GO is joking,
    with Doongie, you’re just not quite sure.

    Okay, this is the last one.
    He seemed to almost grow up before our eyes
    during promotions for “Again.”
    It also seemed to take him awhile to own
    the rap part that belonged to Mir,
    and I totally respect that.
    This was one of their last performances for this song.
    I know I am not the only one who was just beside herself
    when he winked at the camera…

    Thank you for tolerating my foolishness,
    but you started it!

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