[M/V] 2PM – I’ll Be Back

This video just makes me smile. Is it the costumes, the choreography, the cuties or Chansung’s shuffling? All of the above! Honestly, I’m not *crazy* about the song perse (dance pop has run its course with me a loooooong time ago). But the video is quite inspiring. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “[M/V] 2PM – I’ll Be Back

  1. The first time I saw this video I was like WTF are they doing. It was almost like a reverse running man or something. I can’t dance what so ever, so I tasked my dancing gifted cousins with trying to attempt it. Even they couldn’t get it. Now I like watching Taec and Chansung doing it. It’s so cute 😛

  2. I liked the concept, during the video I visualized Kim Hyun Joong songing that song. Fate is so unfair, I’m too old for Kim Hyun Joong yet, if in a past life if there is such a thing as an after life, I wish we both would come back in a manner of which my age was suitable and he and I were together forever truly in the physical plane not just in the spiritual one. I truly think of him all the time, it still hurts that we’re millions of miles apart as well in our ages, however the pain at time is better the others; I will truly love him forever. I wish him complete happiness, Djinn within your Djinn Sherelle

  3. Watching them on these shows is my favorite, because you get to see their true selves. Costume and make-up free. IMO, I think all of the guys are good looking. I know they usually put Taeycon at the top, but I think they are all very handsome, cute, etc.

    • @lei: I think Taecyeon is drop-dead model gorgeous (when he’s not all goofy), but my favourite members (because of sexy appeal) are Junho and Chansung. Sometimes I can’t pick between the two, but I’d probably end up picking Junho since he’s older (if even just by a year or so)…

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