Beautiful AM/BW Couple Alert!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I trust you all had a great weekend and spent time to rest and enjoy your family and friends’ company. Here we are back at a new work week. I’ve got a real treat for you all, and can’t wait to share it with you!

I’ve gotten many comments from readers that love the blog but just don’t feel that it is realistic. Some readers feel that Asian men as a whole really don’t like Black women or vice versa. Well, BlackWomenLoveBi is here to tell you that it’s not true! True, mass media and entertainment may have done their best to poison us against each other but it’s only done so much. But yes, loving AM/BW couples are out there, and I’ve got a stellar example below.

Ilia Calderon Chamat is a black Columbian journalist and newscaster, and Eugene Jang is her Korean boyfriend. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Thanks to Laurnea for the tip!

36 thoughts on “Beautiful AM/BW Couple Alert!!

  1. HELLO of course they exist…..what a gorgeous couple! Here’s another gorgeous couple to add to that beauty as well. This is Arthelle Neville (her father and uncles are famous Neville Brothers of New Orleans) and her husband Taku Hirano (jazz musician). I don’t know what people are emailing you, but PEOPLE you “Ain’t” looking hard enough!!

    • I’m SO GLAD you brought them up!! I need to share with you all an article (from Essence) on their story :

      The part about how Taku’s family received Arthel :
      “Arthel met with the enthusiastic approval of Taku’s immediate family. “They’re lovely. They treat me so well,” she says of his parents and his brother. But she also impressed his more traditional grandmother. Arthel laughs at the memory. “The first thing Grandma Kiyoko said to Taku–in Japanese of course and not in my presence–she said, ‘You’ve done well.’ And then she asked, ‘So, how is she with chopsticks?’ “

      There are really beautiful stories.

      • Wow, I LOVE their story and you know, the WAY they came together is just like how ANY couple would come together in mutual attraction, respect and love. Thank you Laurnea for sharing their story! This is the sort of love story that FASCINATES me and I love the beauty in it.

        How did I miss this story? I read Essence all the time……….(SMILES)

      • Thanks for sharing Luarnea. I remember that Essence article and thought they were such a beautiful couple. Meeting the new/future in-laws can be hell, especially the mother. But she was received with opened arms. I do wonder if coming from such a well known family had any influenced. For some reason I thought it was Aisha Tyler.

      • @BiAlamode@Laurnea: thanks so much for sharing that! I had no idea Arthel was married to a Japanese man! I wish more older generation Japanese people were like Taku’s grandmother…

  2. Hey BOAB81, maybe that’s what you should do. When you post the Hotties of the week, post as many beautiful AM/BW couples you can find that week or month. I agree with Lei, people love to live in DENIAL!

    LOVE this post! (SMILES)

    • Ooh that is a great idea. I would love to be part of the scavenger hunt. Should we looking for celebrity couples or regular couples? *sigh* maybe one day I will posting my pic.

    • @Lei,

      I guess you made me want to look some more. Now I did remember this picture of fashion model Stephanie Cavalli and her boyfriend Steven Cho, honestly I don’t know if they are still together (hope so) cause they are another example of Blasian (AM/BW) beauty. People who say these couples don’t exist just don’t know what they have started.

      • BiAlamode, all I can say is AWWWWW 🙂 So cute!!! I have a thing for black and white photography. I hope they are still together.

  3. I’m still trying to get over that post 4th of July feeling..

    Anyways,..I don’t know how some people can come to such a conclusion? I know that I’ve seen I knew dated( for all I knew they could have been married ) for the 4 years that I attended college. Also at my same school ,there was South Asian guy who only dated darker skinned Black women,seen another at a restaurant that her Asian Boyfriend parents owned ( the woman was Black) and the last at a local mall.

    If they don’t believe it, perhaps they should read history. They can easily find out about this stuff through World history or the Web.What some of the skeptics don’t get is that both groups have been marrying each other for centuries and it was predominately with Asian men/ Black women,not the other way around. My great grandfather was South Asian , he married my African American grandmother .That was the mid 1900’s This, along with world history, is why I’m convinced that they exist and will continue to do so..

  4. These two are gorgeous together. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Okay so what the hell does that mean, “don’t feel that it’s realistic”? Among the millions and billions and trillions of people who have walked this earth for thousands of years since the beginning of time, no one can tell me that every type of man there is hasn’t been attracted to and mated with every type of woman there is and vice versa, somewhere. I mean come on.

    I’ll never forget walking into my local Dairy Queen one afternoon some 20 years ago and seeing a plump, cute, dark-skinned, short-haired Sista at the counter with her Japanese husband and their beautiful little boy. The husband was looking at her as if she was Halle Berry. I was startled, I was pleased, and I thought, “Well that’s something you don’t see every day. All right!” What I didn’t think was that, out of all the billions of people walking the planet that day, that couple had to be the ONLY one. Of course they couldn’t have been the only Blasian couple in existence–what a ridiculous thought.

    • @DynasticQueen: yeah, some people have the nerve to email me with such negative and defeatist comments…it’s depressing. But when I see things like this, its really a slap in the face to those naysayers..

  5. You’re welcome BOAB81!!!

    And I totally agree with ATLsis. People need to do their research, in the States alone AMBW have been marrying each other since the 19th century. I read that it was the same in the Caribbeans. And do people really think Asian Men aren’t marrying Black Women in African countries? Come on, folks! The media only shows the exact same IR combinations they feel like showing and seem to purposely “boycott” others. I mean, There are AM who actually prefer BW.

  6. I remember going to a Cracker Barrel last year and seeing a black woman and her Asian husband with their 3 kids. They looked to be in their late 20s early 30s. It took all my might not to keep staring. Watching him carry their youngest (about 1yrs old) warmed my heart.

    • @Lei: oh yes, she’s VERY naive, and I think she openly admitted it in her post. I don’t know how old she is, but I went through a similar “awakening” but it was much earlier in my 20s. Just part of growing up I guess. I laugh at myself sometimes. I used to put up with such nonsense and obvious “non-interested” behavior from men, yet I would find myself pursuing them. So long ago. Never again! ^^

    • @Lei,

      Oh Yeah…..she was SO naive, but she seemed to get it by the end of article. Honey, it doesn’t matter what race he is…..a man will try you if he feels an opportunity is presenting itself. Like BOAB81 (and also to an extent like the lady in the article, in my twenties this was my experience too). I had to fly to Dallas for job training. This was my first time being alone in another city. Long story short… there, met all the office personnel responsible for training me and one of those people was a young man, very good looking, smart/articulate, funny/witty made me laugh, African-American (not that it matters). He was very charming and easy to talk to/get along with… was a breeze. He was also married, which he told me from the beginning and showed me pictures of his lovely family. About mid week he says to me I know you’re bored at that hotel, why don’t I come by after work pick you up and show you around town….what’s your room number.” He already knew the hotel, as their office always puts new trainees in that hotel when they come to train. For a split second I thought about it, but my insides “knawed” at me like ‘girl you better not….don’t do it.’ I politely said no, the rest of the week he kept trying and kept trying to make me laugh and get my hotel room number. No, he never got it, I finished training, said goodbye to everyone (him included), never heard from or saw him again. We didn’t part in a mean or nasty way, I just listened to my gut and he GOT IT and realized…..not This girl. We all go through that growing process of trying to figure out when a man is being sincere or when he’s trying to get some, but if a hotel room is involved in the equation ALWAYS tell yourself it’s about the panties (No matter his race/ethnicity).

  7. I think we have all went thru a similiar “is he/or isn’t he” it was never a race thing with me. I have always been into all men since I was 5. The not knowing when the signs are obvious, I think we have all been there. I am especially ignorant to them if my sights are on someone else. Her ignorance seemed to be racially based, but hopefully her eyes have been opened. Like she summized “men are men are men”.

  8. She was beyond naiveté. I mean, letting a strange guy into your room? All I can think of is Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson!!!!

  9. oh, haven’t visited here in a while, but happy for this topic. just yesterday, somehow while watching youtube vids, “Blasain Love” popped up on my screen. college couples, married couples, middle aged couples, weddings pictures, family pictures and Blasain babies, kekekeke

    do a youtube seach, it just had me smiling…whole lot of kissing going on, grinning, sharing love. it’s not a phenoma it’s for real and why shouldn’t it be? and you can see the love and happiness watching. (Black Women and Asian Men) may take you right to the vids.

  10. You know it seems that Hollywood (to some degree) “recognizes” AM/BW as an attractive combination to put on screen, however they never “take it there” on screen. I just realized that even in the recent Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith, they “allude to” a possible budding Blasian romance between the Jackie Chan character and Taraji P. Henson’s character, very subtlely, but it’s there. This is why I believe some in Hollywood recognize Blasianism but won’t let the romance blossom visually on screen (i.e. – Aaliyah/Jet Li, Bi/Naomie, Jackie/Taraji). Like I said before at least Paolo and Brandy got to share a kiss and embrace on screen over a decade ago. This at a time when you Certainly didn’t see Blasian couples hardly at all. Why not now? Obivously, there is insurmoutable evidence as to the existence of Blasian (AM/BW specifically) couples if one is truly looking.

    I know what I think the real problem is. Some “suit” in a Hollywood office just can’t stand the thought of his little “Ken/Barbie” teeny bop kid looking at all that Honey Dip/Chocolate Drop loving on screen and getting “curious”…….(SMILES). Can’t have that sh__t…….oh Hell no! (SMILES)

    • I don’t think it is Hollywood so much as it is the “perceived” image of black women among Asian countries and their precious celebrities. Gabriel Union and John Cho (characters) shared an intimate romance. But BI, Jet Li and everyone else can’t??? We wouldn’t have even know about the shower scene if Naomi hadn’t let it slip out.

      It just burns me up that our culture can be copied from dance moves, singing styles and everything in-between. And Asian celebrities have done quite well I must say, in doing so. But, some people get so offended when “Honey” & “chocolate” combine……Ok, I’m off of my tangent now. 😦
      I have been haboring this thought for a while now. sorry. Just my little opionion.

      • @LadyOrchid,

        Hey, I’m right there with you… irks me too. You would think the Asian culture would be more accepting of Black culture, after all fangirls are sitting in an audience clapping and chanting to their idols performing STRAIGHT UP Black culture inspired music and dance. How do they “mentally separate” Black people from the music/dance that comes from Black culture? They just chant their little @sses off, like this style of music just miraculously “popped up” out of nowhere in Korea. No my friends, Somebody in Asia turned on a radio and heard a soulful voice and said WOW and then another person turned on a TV and saw the chocolate face that soulful sound came from and decided…..”Hey that’s cool, I wanna do that too, but let’s do it with Asian faces and market it to Asian people.” It’s the same thing the mainstream entertainment industry did to Black music back in the 50s and 60s only back then it was much deeper racial BS. The bottom line is and I’ll say it til I’m blue in the face…….how can you LOVE something created by Black people, yet take offense to the very people who created that which you love so much. Makes NO DAMN SENSE!

        Black culture has inspired THE WORLD yet we are the ones that get sh__t on the most throughout the world. However, I think things are shifting, slowly, but I see progress.

  11. BOAB81,

    I am posting this here because I don’t know where else to put it, but I think it ties in with this post. All I can say is if the naysayers who email you still continue to doubt that Blasian couples should not be together or they aren’t together, well the following video is proof that our cultures have COLLIDED at the “root” of who we (Black people) are (in a good way). All this racist backlash that comes out of netizens/fangirls needs to be just Shut On Down, cause obviously some Asians are loving up on some Blackness……truly. I have no idea who these people are but I am sitting with my mouth wide open. Asian people still manage to surprise the heck out of me sometimes!…..(SMILES).

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