What I Love About Bi, VIII: His Body

Bi: Dat Sexy Body

Is there really anything to say?? Not really! But I’ll say it. Bi’s got one of the best bods in the business. Even before he pumped himself up for Ninja Assassin, his body was lean and sexy, just oozing with potential to be improved and sculpted. He reportedly stands at 6′ tall, and seems to loom over most of the people he’s seen taking pictures with. This adds to his physical appeal. Naturally, women gravitate toward men who, well, look more like men. So on top of Bi’s charm, sincerity and talent, he’s got a killer bod to enhance his appeal. I guess he just refuses to take it easy on us women. Mercy Bi!!!

12 thoughts on “What I Love About Bi, VIII: His Body

  1. um um um! bi baby, you killin’ me!! seriously, he works very hard and it has paid off. but after all those interviews he did saying he never wants to see chicken breasts again, i won’t be upset if tones down the buffness. with his confidence, he always looks good no matter what.

  2. Um, Um, Um…., is right. There are so many things that I’d like to say, but I will stop short for now and just that, He makes we want to take him home….

  3. @Chisun, Oh Yeah on the taking him home. However, my husband might have a little something to say about it though…..(SMILES)

    This man right “huur” will put a hurtin’ on a girl!!!!!

  4. i love rain!
    i love all of his movies and dramas.
    i love the way he gives life and depth to all the characters he portrayed.
    i would love so much to see him next in a Korean historical drama. i wonder how he’d bring a historical figure to life.
    this guy definitely has it all.

  5. I am myself a Black woman. I think that Bi Rain is the sexiest man in movies and music that I’ve seen in a long time. I totally agree that Asian men are underrepresented as well as misrepresented in Hollywood today. Rain is so beautiful,I actually had to get online and do some research after I watched Ninja Assassin. He can dance too! He makes me smile and sigh!

    • Welcome Heavenly Dreads! Yes, indeed, Bi is the man of the hour/the day/the month/the year! 🙂 He’s so delicious and talented and appealing…Ninja Assassin left a big impression on me too, so I feel ya!

  6. I love Bi for his personality! Okay, no one is buying that are they? This man’s body makes me lose all sanity (not that I had much to start with)! I don’t need him “Ninja ripped” because I thought he looked extremely unhealthy that way! He makes me squeal when he is “thicker” in all the right places….I need a bib…anyone have a bib?

    What I would do to that body…

  7. new to this blog, but happy i found it. after researching for over a year about Bi, i simply fell for his character first. i’m not big of stardom here in the US, but the honesty in this man is what caught my attention(afrer reading interview after inview and his thoughts on different aspects of life and living). i saw him in full house before i found him on yahoo and learned he was also a singer/dancer/model/actor/son/brother/friend, etc. etc. his facial features/body/style are all icing on the cake to me. a rare entertainer that is blessed with everything he needs to be successful.

  8. Good gawd! Bi is just beyond description. A picture is indeed worth 1,000 words, which is funny because my cerebral cortex blows a fuse when Rain’s sexy body is in view, lol!

    I think the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life is his performance of Hip Song in Manila. You can tell he was really “smelling himself” that day. When he wiped the sweat off his brow and flicked it at the audience 0.0 omfg! lank…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZvpF90rPFw

    The sexiest thing about him is his confidence. He KNOWS he is 12 kinds of fine, and he knows what he does to us with his dancing. He loves performing and making us holler!

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