How Does Bi Cope with Loneliness?

Jihoon, are you lonesome tonight?

He once said that the more famous and successful he is, the more lonely he becomes. There is no doubt that there are only a handful of people in the world who can truly identify with him, and this type of existence is probably a very lonely one. Not necessarily physically, because Bi is surrounded by people from his entourage/staff, fans and entertainment/management company constantly. It is probable that he always has a makeup, hair and wardrobe person with him at all times, to make sure he is looking his best wherever he goes.

This subject may seem a little random, but I am bringing it up because of my current state. I am out of my home state, traveling on business and got a bit dewy-eyed while eating my dinner alone, and thought of Bi. As he is very open and honest, he seems to always voice what he is thinking. So, how does he deal with his loneliness? I’m sure he has a few methods. Now, Bi is not perfect, as no one is, but I don’t think he has any real, serious vices. I am not normally this naive, but I believe him when he says that he doesn’t smoke, or that when he drinks, he calls his father to let him know that he’s doing so. He also doesn’t seem the type to have women in and out of his hotel room at all hours of the day and night. I think that Bi deals with loneliness by listening to music, watching a good movie, exercising/working out, occasionally calling a family member he hasn’t talked to in a while or just sleeping (as I don’t think he gets a lot of sleep, as it is). I think he deals with loneliness much like you or I do. He longs to be in a relationship that he can publicize, but he’s afraid of hurting or disappointing the fans. He can’t win for losing (and I say that with love!). But I guess that statement depends on the perspective…

Bi’s celebrity has no doubt made him more lonely, but I think Jihoon Jung is naturally a loner. He always seems to be that guy that was quiet, didn’t say much, stood in the background and observed, but had an amazing secret in talent and personality that only the person that bothered to dig deep enough would find. Of course, now, one doesn’t have to dig very deep to see these amazing attributes.

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2 thoughts on “How Does Bi Cope with Loneliness?

  1. I have often thought about this, and realize that this is a similar fate for alot of people once they make it to this level of stardom. It’s a very lonely place, and I pray that he keeps it together, and does not go down the path of self destruction that others have fallen victim too. I agree, that it appears that he doesn’t have any serious vices, which is a very good thing. He is 28 now, and will need to fullfill his mandatory 2 years military service soon, which will bring a big change. Though a lot of his fans will disagree, I pray that he also finds that perfect Lady, and marries and starts a family at some point. He deserves to be happy. I would like to see him around for a long, long, long, long time…….. 🙂

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