Yosuke Kubozuka: Eccentric is Sexy

Yosuke Kubozuka: A different kind of sexy

The first time I saw Yosuke (pronounced “yoh-skay”) Kubozuka was on “Strawberry On the Shortcake”, a Japanese tv drama. Takizawa Hideaki was the lead actor, but Yosuke stole the show. His character was clever, confident and weird all at the same time. I took a mental note to watch all the rest of his dramas/movies, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. He’s not hugely popular, and he’s not usually most womens’ first choice. When my Japanese girl friends asked me who my favourite Japanese actor is and I told them Yosuke Kubozuka, they had to first remember who he is, and then disagree that he had any appeal at all. They think he’s weird, and they think I’m even weirder for liking him. He’s not your normal actor pretty boy, but he’s got an eccentric quality to him that I find interesting.

Have any of you heard of him or have you seen any of his movies? What are your thoughts on him? Well, no matter the case, he gets a special spot on “Black Women Love Bi, and All Asian Men”.

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13 thoughts on “Yosuke Kubozuka: Eccentric is Sexy

  1. I really like him. His acting is unique. And as a girl, I think he’s sexy 🙂 , maybe I’m weird, too LOL.
    I watched Long love letter, and really love his character. But they said his career goes down after that incident even he’s a good actor (in my opinion, he’s the best).
    I’m kind of disappointed when know that he tried to kill himself.
    BTW, he’s still my favorite Japanese actor ❤

    • hi Kei! あなたは日本人ですか。返事ありがとうございました。
      I thought I was the only woman in the world who loves Yosuke-senpai! Is it true that he tried to kill himself? I thought it was an accident, but perhaps I am being too naive 😦 Oh well, I am glad that he survived, and I look forward to seeing him more film!

  2. Yosuke doesn’t act as much anymore, after his suicide attempt (jumping from a building)…he is now a musician. He is a reggae musician under the name of manjiline or 卍 LINE. He makes frequent trips to Jamaica to learn the culture and study the music. He is defiantly an eccentric, for example he believes in Rastafarianism and has Rastafarian views. He is said to be hard to work with because of his eccentric behaviour and anger management problems. He has been in trouble with the media, once defending the use of marijuana and once for attacking paparazzi. That is why the film industry in JPN has kind of deserted him. 😦

    • @Jay: hello there and thanks for the comment! I’ve been searching google high and low for more info on Yosuke. Where’d you get yours? I’d like to post an update on him here on the blog…

      • Iv been a fan of his going on 3 years now, thats why I know all this stuff. Still love the guy and I like his music too. He has a website just type 卍 LINE in google. My favourite drama with him though has to be IWGP ( Ikeburo West Gate Park). I recommend it.
        I think he is an interesting guy.

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