BKM Hotties of the Week 11-19-11

From left to right: ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, So Ji Sub, Won Bin, DBSK’s Yunho, 2PM’s Taecyeon

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Won Bin’s Got My Attention

I love it when an attractive entertainer, specifically known for his good looks, steps out of his comfort zone, and attempts to tackle a role or project that shatters expectations or barriers that have caged him. I love it when said entertainer just simply attempts it. This tells me that he wants to be taken seriously as an artist, and is willing to sacrifice his good looks and reputation as a hottie to do so. For example, Charlize Theron in “Monster” or Leonardo DiCaprio in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. Stellar performances to say the least.

In the way that Yoo Ji-Tae blew me away with his portrayal of the deranged bad guy in “Old Boy”, I think Won Bin took a similar path when he played a mentally-challenged young man accused of committing a heinous murder in “Mother”, a 2009 critically-acclaimed Korean film that made him show up on my radar as well. I always thought he was hot, but now that I see his depth as an artist, I will keep an eye out for his upcoming projects and look forward to them, no less.

“Mother” tells the story of 28-year-old Do-joon, a mentally challenged young man, who lives with his mom. The murder of a teen schoolgirl is committed and Do-joon becomes the prime suspect, sending Do-joon’s mother on a quest to prove her only son’s innocence.

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