[M/V] Big Bang – Blue

Ok, let’s hear it! What do you ladies really think of Big Bang’s latest release from their new album? I’m not a big fan of it–yet. What do you think of their new look? I’m a bit…..befuddled, to be honest. G-Dragon’s hair weave/track disturbs me, Taeyang’s and TOP’s oxygen masks unsettle me, Daesung’s new blonde do covering half of his face perturbs me, and Seungri being the cutest/most put-together-looking member for once confuses me. Do you guys think YG Entertainment is on to something or is Big Bang just throwing us an already gnawed, saliva-drenched bone to keep us occupied for a while?

But hey! What do I know?? I am probably too out of touch to “get it”. Perhaps you guys have deciphered what Big Bang is trying to tell us. I know some of you ladies probably feel it’s the best thing since sliced bread and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Date Week with BIG BANG!

With a WHOPPING 53 votes Big Bang came out on top for our new dates of the week! Oh yeahhhhh *GD voice* two thousand and elevennnnnn! By now you should know how it goes..What day of the week would you give each member and what would you do with or to them!?

Monday: T.O.P

I get a lot of girls dig him, but I don’t actually see why. I mean he’s really cool and his flow is pretty nice but sometimes he acts just alittle toooo hood for me. However he’s one of Kim Hyun Joongs bff’s so the only reasonable thing to do here is spend our date planning out my date with KHJ that he’s gonna set up for me. I know it’s a totally GENIUS plan!

Tuesday: Daesung

He’s a total sweet heart and he’s got a great body but he’s been kickin it in church ALOT lately sooo what do I even do with all that? I mean its obvious I’m not about to sit in church all day so we have to come to some sort of compromise. Oh I know! Parasailing! Think about it; I get to see Daesung with no shirt on while he gets to soar in the sky and feel close to God..Good deal!


Wednesday: Taeyang

He doesn’t actually meet my height requirement and I can’t stand that mohawk. Seriously its time for a new look don’t you think Tae? Please grow your hair back you looked toooo cute with it long and tied back ^_^ Anywayz I’m totally obsessed with ‘ I need a Girl ‘ and that dance, so I want my date to be a total MV reenactment. You do you and I’ll take Sandara’s (2NE1) place!


Thursday: SeungRi

Seriously how can you not like him?! He’s absolutely adorable with that mischievous smile of his and the way he just runs off at the mouth slays me! Really it’s so funny how he has no problem throwing his members under the bus. I’ve decided the two of us are gonna hang in the kitchen wearing cute pink couples aprons with sparkled lace trim and make the most fabulous Gingerbread house for the holidays. While I busy myself carefully decorating gingerbread men who look like all my bias’ SeungRi can let as much information as he wants about the other members spew from his mouth. It should be an entertaining honest evening ^_^

Friday and Beyond: Leader G DRAGON

Its GD y’all!! Ugh seriously he can be my boyfriend and my freakin stylist. I’ll let him do my hair, my make-up, pick out and buy my clothes, he can do whatev! For our date I want him to hang with me in my hometown NYC. We’ll go shopping in the East Village and SoHo for unique vintage pieces. We’ll hold hands and share a hot chocolate before heading off to Atlantic City for TOO MUCH FUN!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Kim Hyun Joong ‘Please’)

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Boom’s Stevie Impersonation: To be pissed, or not to be pissed

That is the question. Now, before I go any further, I just want to say that since this post discusses race, some feelings may be hurt and some people may be offended. That is not my intent. But rather, I will simply examine if I should expend energy on this incident that occurred a few days ago.

Read about Boom’s Stevie Wonder impersonation here.

To be pissed?
You can bet your bottom dollar! Knee-jerk reaction is to go off! How incredibly insensitive! Boom can be such a tool sometimes. He looks like a straight up idiot with some of the things he’s had to do in shows he’s hosted. And although it seems that Super Junior should know better: how much creative control do they really have? Are they puppets too, that just comply with whatever the show directors and writers demand? Maybe someone who knows them better can answer this.

Frankly, I’m quite exhausted from getting angry at people who make stupid, ignorant comments or actions. I’m just tired. But when I saw Boom’s impersonation, I just got upset. What makes it worse is that this certainly is not the first time that Korean stars have been caught up in performing blackface to impersonate real Black people or Black people in general (I will not include any examples as it only feeds my frustration). Do they have any idea of the history of blackface?

This makes me think back to when I visited Tokyo for the first time, and while looking around in a gift shop, I noticed a blackface mask hanging right along with other masks. My immediate impulse was to go to the store owner and say, “excuse me, sir. I find that mask extremely offensive. Take it down!” Although I didn’t do that, I still couldn’t believe my eyes. I also couldn’t believe that this ignorance was so far-reaching. It was a real eye-opener. I wondered if that’s what Japanese people saw when they looked at me.

Not to be pissed?
Let me ask you all this question: would there have been a right way for Boom to have done the Stevie impersonation? Or should he not have touched it at all? Once again, I think Boom is used as a tool sometimes and does what he’s asked (afterall, he just got out of the army and I’m sure he’s fiendin’ for a job).

Back to the mask incident. I thought better of screaming at the shop owner to take the mask down. I was in Japan. Japan One of the most homogenous countries in the world! Sensitivity to diversity is probably not at the top of Japan’s foreign policy. Isn’t it the same case with South Korea? What they need is sensitivity to diversity training 🙂 Any thoughts on how we can give it to them?

I really have to remind myself. Before I became so familiar with Japanese people and culture, I didn’t know them from Koreans, or Chinese, and didn’t care. I couldn’t imagine dating an Asian guy because they seemed so different, so….alien. My thoughts back in the day (literally): “They’re too short”, “They eat cats”, “It’s so annoying that they can’t distinguish rs from ls”, etc. SERIOUSLY. I was straight-up ignorant. I didn’t hate them. I just knew nothing about them. So when K-pop stars make seemingly malicious comments about my people, or do they things that are offensive, the only thing that goes through my mind is that they are terribly underexposed and are in serious need of exposure to diversity. Not just black people, but to everyone! Once you travel the world and meet the many diverse peoples in it, it’s really hard to continually be ignorant, methinks. There are probably no black people in their surroundings, and so have no other frame of reference than what they’ve seen on tv or in music videos (dear Lord). So, to Boom, SUJU, Taeyeon, Seungri, and whoever else (K-pop star or not) is a bit confused about black people: do your research. Find out about the people who you so sorely want to imitate but don’t want to be. Know that you have fans who are black, and those people love you and defend you despite the insensitive things that you say and do. Educate yourself. We’re not mad atcha. But we are disappointed. You guys are the popular culture leaders of your generation. You have alot more power than you may think you have. Use it.

So..I guess I’ve chosen to not be pissed about this one. Moving on…