K-Drama: I Really Really Like You

Made in 2006 this was a long drama! There were literally 34 episodes but they only clocked about 50 minutes each so it wasnt thaaaat bad. The plot is really simple; country bumpkin Yeo Bong Soon grew up in the mountains with her grandmother where she looked after chickens and cows, had no electricity, no bathroom (out house eww!) and best of all only a jr high education. Of all the mountains to hike the president of South Korea’s SON Jang Joon Won hikes up Bong Soons and of course falls, gets knocked unconscious and hurts his leg. Yup, you guessed it Bong Soon during her daily walk finds him, brings him home like a lost puppy and she and her grandmother nurse him back to health. But of course there must be a love triangle! Enter Nam Bong Ki a secret service agent for the President! He’s totally rude, crude and childish! While he goes to pick up the president’s son he meets Bong Soon, completely hates her and so begins the drama!

I actually liked this drama. It involved the Blue House, hot secret service agents, scenes with those hot agents stripped down to their speedos (literally) at the pool. Fun banter between Bong Soon and Bong Ki, a kitchen cat fight, an ex porn star, a wife with dementia, a teenage thief, Korean country dialect and of course an exhausting love triangle! However I only gave it 3 out of 5 Soju bottles because by episode 26 I was emotionally drained. Bong Soon would not stop crying, Joon Won would not stop crying and one half of the love triangle was not progressing as much as it should have and I was just like “COME ON!!”. Lee Min Ki was excellent as Nam Bong Ki and was by far my favorite character in this drama. It was long but I don’t regret watching. BTW there was this seriously awkward club scene where they were blasting that Whisper song by the Ying Yang Twins…yes it was unedited and I was just like 0_0

Cast List

Kim Yoo Jin as Yeo Bong Soon

Lee Min Ki as Nam Bong Ki

Ryu Jin as Jang Joon Won

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