Mblaq’s Joonie is Too Lazy to Date You

Oh, there is never a dull moment with our dear Joonie. Isn’t he a trip? If he isn’t spanking babies and showing off his muscles to them, he’s having wardrobe malfunctions and blowing up his girlfriend’s cellphone if she doesn’t call him back. Oh, but wait! Let me correct myself since he’s admitted he’d only call 15 times in a row now, as opposed to 100+. Has our Joonie become more mature, or just more jaded?

allkpop.com reports that on a recent episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Joonie admitted to being “lazy” and preferring to “eat ramen and watch tv at home” in exchange for dating. If anything, this did not surprise me, but rather amusedme. Afterall, Joonie is known as the out-of-touch Blaqie of sorts, being the only one who does not have a personal cellphone or Twitter. He’s a bit on the cheap side too, preferring for his date to pay for her portion since she no doubt has a job of her own. He’s also the first Blaqie to have bought a condo (watch Mblaq on the “The Beatles Code” show for many more Blaqie revelations). Methinks Joonie is on a mission. He’s not about to get side-tracked by dating some chick and/or “fooling around” updating Twitter all the time. He’s out to set some records, make some dollars, and hopefully make a long-standing name for himself. In that way, he reminds me very much of his hyung, Bi.

Oh well, he may be a drag to date, but he sure is good to look at! Enjoy! 🙂