Siwon Spreads the Love to His Fans with Daily Tweets

Super Junior's Siwon in London with fans!

I don’t think there’s a better communication tool for celebrities to keep in touch with their fans than Twitter. Super Junior’s buff, handsome 24-year-old member Siwon Choi is known for being a physically affectionate, lovable guy. And it is certainly no surprise if you’ve been following him on Twitter. He tweets daily to keep in touch with ELFs and fans, and always manages to spare a cute picture or positive encouragement. But in the past few days, during a trip to London, he’s been teasing his fans, and I don’t know about you, but I’m sure it’s just what fans need for a smile, or a pick-me-up:

im in incheon airport now. go some where. let you guess. It’s going to be fun.”
“ate too much. beautiful street. i can feel splendor here. lovely place here. Let u guess where i am :)”
“Hello amazing city London! Let’s make beautiful time with me. find me now ;P”
“i will kiss you, if you catch me.”

He also tweeted a picture of himself this morning after a fresh shave (see right image). BWLB thanks you Siwon, for keeping your corner of the world bright with sunshine and love. Start following @siwon407 for his daily tweets and pics. You’ll be happy you did! ^^

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