So Ji Sub: “Pick Up Line” Full MV

Ooooooooooh sexy sexy sexy sexy Ji Sub. However, I have to keep asking myself: am I ready to say goodbye to the quiet, mysterious, serious Ji Sub? I hope he doesn’t lose his mystery. At the same time, I’m glad to see another, more open side of him. Not so happy about the rump-shaking hoochies, but alas, it is a hip hop video. The song is growing on me, though.

So Ji Sub: “Pick Up Line” 2nd MV Teaser

Hmmmmm. I may not be a huge fan of “Pick Up Line” yet, but I will tell you one thing: I’m looking forward to hearing more from So Ji Sub, the rapper. Ji Sub is sort of the anti-Bi when it comes to public relations. He’s the quiet, brooding type that keeps us wondering and guessing. Rarely is he seen obliging an interview or participating in a variety show. This new turn in his career will definitely shed more light on who he is as a person, and what makes him tick and what he’s really got on his mind. I, for one, am excited! And I am sure that there are many more inquiring minds that want to know!

Check out the video clip below, the 2nd teaser to his single “Pick Up Line”.

So Ji Sub: Actor, Model….Rapper?

That’s the rumor circulating on the internet! I am inclined to believe it, because there are several videos on youtube featuring his K-Hotness hustlin’ and flowin’, and lookin’ darn good while doing the thang (wearing a do-rag and what not). I, personally, and excited to hear what this guy has to say. He doesn’t strike me as the “mundane” type. However, his debut track entitled “Pick Up Line” seems to suggest otherwise. Still, I will keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime, check out the music video teaser to “Pick Up Line” below. Its not doing much for me now, but because its So Ji Sub, I’ll certainly stay tuned! 🙂