Battle of the Blondes: Who Does it Best?

La! La! Laaaaa-aahhh ahhh! I wanna play a game! It’s amusing how everyone’s comments seem to inspire me. Asian men as blonde’s hmmmmmm, What does everyone think of this popular trend? Imagine you finally snag a hot Asian guy or already have one and he comes walkin in your door with newly styled blonde hair.How would you react? What if it looks really crappy, would you tell him?Because I care about you all and this situation could totally happen (IT  COULD! Shhh!) I feel it’s best to prepare jusst in case.

Below are images of Idols who have gone to the Light Side. Which one pulls off blonde the best? If they were standing in front of you what would you say!?

From Top Left to Right: Kevin U-KISS, Nick Hun 2PM, Hong Ki, FT Island, Taemin SHINee, Jong Hyun SHINee, Jae Joong JYJ, DBSK etc. Eli U-KISS, G Dragon Big Bang, Jay Park (Click to enlarge duhhh ^_^)

K-Kisses! KrisE