Bi Update 11/17/11

Hey all! Our Bi’s been away for a little over a month now, and I know we all miss him to bits! I’m going to keep you updated on his military activities and reruns on his past work periodically with this new series per CloudUSA‘s ever diligent and loyal coverage. Thanks so much to CloudUSA!!

Private Jihoon Jung Is a Bootcamp Graduate

Some Adorable Bi Gif(t)s For You

Bi’s Press Confererence For His Film “Into the Sun” In October 2011 (Before he enlisted)

Sexy, Hot and Beautiful Bi! *sigh* (thanks to Jiani for directing us to this clip!)

2009 Six To Five Ad Campaign *Gorgeous*

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October 11 Is the Day

October 11, 2011 is the day that our Bi has been scheduled to enlist in the South Korean military, to serve a 2-year term of mandatory service, according to a kindly note posted by him on his official website. We all knew this day was coming. I can’t believe it came around so fast. But just as Stephe at CloudUSA pointed out, it will be here before we know it and we’ll be celebrating his return.

Bi enlisting in the South Korean military will be equivalent to a 2-year-drought

I would really like to know what he’s thinking right now, not in an invasive way, but rather to empathize with him as much as is possible. No doubt he’s taking care of business to shut his civilian endeavors down, and saying goodbye to people that have made an impression in his life.

I don’t think he’ll truly know how much we’ll miss him. But in the meantime, let’s wish him well and hope that those two years fly by. Oh just to imagine! He’ll be in his 30s and more manly, mature and sexy as ever. I really look forward to it!