DBSK Changmin: You Naughty Boy ;)

This is not meant to single out DBSK’s maknae member, Max Changmin, 23, because all men have a naughty, porn-watching side. But since he is known for being on the quiet, shy and “serious”-side, I thought this video would be of interest to the ladies here. In this clip, Changmin discusses his porn addiction quite candidly; with his mother nearby in the green room. I appreciate his candor—it is very refreshing, and although other K-pop stars have admitted to watching and enjoying porn, most of them have not given any detail. Not so with Changmin, and for that, we thank him!

So let’s break this down a bit more. Every single man and most women I know have admitted to watching porn, so this does not make Changmin unique. As a matter of fact, porn is so common and easily accessible that it may just be the “rite of passage” for an unsuspecting (or suspecting) young person. Either way, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry, and is not going anywhere soon. I personally hate the stuff, but I can understand that sometimes these K-pop stars are most of the time lonely, and in desperate need of human touch and affection, and, well, sex. It must be really tough for them. But I think that most of them (especially the young and/or inexperienced) have used porn to learn about the female form and its many inner and outer workings. What do you all think? Is watching porn for these young men a healthy outlet for their often surpressed sexual frustration? Or is it just a guy thing that they use to meet their needs, on top of hordes of ready and willing fans and groupies?

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