Lee “Onew” Jin Ki: You Make Me Wanna…

…leave the one I’m with, and start a new relationship with you, this is what you do. What is there to be said about SHINee’s leader, and oldest member Lee “Onew” Jin Ki? For one, he’s got a lot on his mind in comparison to the other four members (check out a scan of his brainmap from reality show “Hello Baby” below). With a distinct, velvety smooth voice and a smile that could light up any room, it is no wonder why this guy was chosen as one of SHINee’s lead vocalists. I was able to see Onew, 22, in person on October 9, backstage at the 2011 K-Pop Concert in Overpeck Park, NJ. Let’s just say that pictures do him no justice. In three words: tall, lean and handsome. Let’s not forget those high cheekbones, piercing eyes and pouty lips.

Onew is straight business when it comes to leading his band, and he never shirks his responsibility, even if he’s teased by the others for having the Onew Condition”. From what Onew has said in interviews, it seems that he had a very good upbringing, in which he was greatly nurtured and encouraged by his parents to be whatever he desired to be. For that reason, I get the impression that Onew is a little more open-minded and tolerant than most Korean men his age, which makes him that much more appealing (especially for us foreign women).

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Kim Hyun Joong: A Lesson on Perfection

Kim Hyun Joong is hmm, how exactly should I put this? I mean the only word that seems to come to mind every single time I think of him which is give or take a thousand times per day (obsession mode for sure, his picture is posted right in front of my treadmill for extra motivation) is perfect. Perfect seems about right, in fact I’ll take it a step further and say Kim Hyun Joong is the perfect Korean Male Specimen. So with that introduction let’s begin our lesson on perfection.

First, You MUST understand he is not just a popular Idol or Actor. He is literally an Asian Superstar having shot to fame as Yoon Jihoo in the insanely popular Kdrama ‘Boys before Flowers/Boys over Flowers’. He also portrayed lead character Baek Seung Jo in ‘Playful Kiss’. Now if you still don’t know Tsk! Tsk! You better step your Kdrama game up immediately! Most importantly, he is the Leader of the popular KPOP group SS501 (Pronounced as Double S 501) which his fans simply refer to him as “Leader”.

Next you should realize he is considered beautiful. In fact he’s known as a “walking sculpture” and is the spokesmodel for the Korean skincare brand “The Face Shop”. His features are very delicate looking and very pretty. Smooth skin and great complexion even without the BB Cream. One of his nicknames is also “cow” because of his eye shape. Speaking of his eyes, he has a very intense focused gaze yet he often appears to look sleepy. His mouth for the most part stays in a fixed pout but when he smiles its infectious!

Now the most interesting thing about Leader besides being a sexy tiger, (refer to the post of his music video “Breakdown” for animalistic day dreams and deeper understanding) is he’s seriously a peculiar being.Remember I talked about being “4D” in my intro post and I said I’d have some really good examples? I was referring to Kim Hyun Joong who is actually known as a 4D personality. He comes across for the most part shy, timid and quiet however his laugh is very similar to Elmo’s..yah from Sesame Street and when he does speak, his comments are usually off the wall and so are his actions. Watch the video below and you will see EXACTLY what I’m talking about…Kim Bum is in the video too *wink* Oh! And really random fact Hyun Joongs best friends are Jae Joong a.k.a Hero from JYJ and 50 other bands along with Big Bangs T.O.P ^_^

So be proud of me usually I’m really selfish when it comes to Kim Hyun Joong because welllll, he’s my number 1 main squeeze on my somewhat lengthy list of Korean lovers.

Now that you know who my number 1 guy is, Who is the  number 1 guy on all of your lists?

K-Kisses! KrisE