JYP Responds to Tweets

Wondering what that sound was last night? It was me, fan girl screaming, because I had just gotten a reply tweet from JYP. That’s right, Park Jin-young, CEO of JYP Entertainment and producer of Wondergirls and 2pm/2am among others (including discovering a certain person who we are all biased to) took the time out of his unbelievably busy day to respond to me. JYP!

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K-Pop Has a Black Korean?!

No really they do! I swear they do! Why would I start the New Year off with a lie?! I mean its even on his Twitter! Ok, ok so he’s not actually Black; he’s not even part Black but Infinite’s Hoya sure wishes he was! This was just toooo funny to keep to myself.

Alright so let me explain and then Hoya himself will explain. I follow the members of Infinite on Twitter and Hoya whose real name is Lee HoWon had something really interesting under his user name. It literally says “black korean” so obviously I was like “oh what is that all about? is he mixed?!” (Totally cracking up right now ^_^) Anyway after looking into it I came across an interview he did for 10Asia and here’s what he had to say about the whole thing…

“The name of the dance team I used to be in was ‘BK’. The letters stood for ‘Black Korean’. Because African-Americans have good physical bodies, good elasticity/flexibility during dancing, and good vibrations while singing, I was jealous and purposely went to go eat hamburgers with my hyungs who danced and learned slang that African-Americans use.


It was to the point that once during puberty, I asked my mom, “Why aren’t I African-American?”. My mom’s answer? “Because I’m not African-American.”


Recently while filming the music video for ‘She’s Back’, I got a natural tan. Everyone didn’t like that they got burned, but I was the only happy one. I can almost say that my role models are African-Americans.”

How cute is that?! I just love the response his mom gave him about why he wasnt born Black. Of course I had to take this whole thing a step further and what I found is Hoya’s old audition video for JYP with his crew “Black Korean” ENJOY!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Infinite ‘Be Mine’)

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[M/V] Kim Tae Woo (featuring Bi & JYP) – Brothers & Me

Check out Kim Tae Woo’s latest comeback single “Brothers & Me” featuring our Bi and JYP. I am probably the last of the Mohicans posting this, and I apologize for my lateness!

Awwww!! Its Bi and his two “big brothers” Kim Tae Woo and JYP. I get a totally warmfuzzy from this video and song. These three guys have formed a bond over the years that likely cannot be easily broken.

We all know JYP, and I’m sure we’ve heard Bi raving about Tae Woo. He’s the guy that brought bread to a young, starving Bi (pre-debut) in a dance studio on Christmas Eve. Tae Woo was in the pop/r&b group G.O.D. at the time and G.O.D. was at the height of their popularity. Bi recounts Tae Woo’s kindness fondly, and the two have been good friends ever since.

One has probably noticed that Bi is a “hugger” from the many videos we’ve observed him in. He once confessed that he wanted a “soft girl” with a “bit of a belly” because he got a warm, protected feeling whenever he hugged his good friend Tae Woo, who felt like a “teddy bear”. Can you just feel the love?? 🙂