MBLAQ MIC Global Interview

Enjoy this Mblaq interview from earlier this month. The Blaqies discuss everything from their new album and separate projects to being careful not to show too much of their real images and most amusingly, receiving kinky gifts from fans.

Part 1

Part 2

Big thanks to whatthefrell! 🙂

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Now We Know That JYJ’s Open To Interracial Marriage

From yesterday’s post (simply scroll down to see it), a video clip of JYJ’s recent interview on MTVK was pasted into comments (thank you, thank you, thank you majolie87!!), and I believe it needs serious review. I found Junsu’s thoughts on interracial marriage to be very telling.
Concerning the question that JYJ was asked: “Have you ever thought of dating someone of a different race?“, I thought this was a very forward-thinking, progressive question. It only goes to show that with the exposure and travel of K-pop artists to more and more foreign countries, the chances of interracial dating/relationships/marriage are increased. And now, even the Korean media is acknowledging it! Now, although the question is aimed at all the members, Micky (with a curious grin) felt the need to default the question to Junsu. Hmmm….I wonder why? Ok so we all know why!
The most telling of Junsu’s comments is when he said (in so many words) that, for him, not knowing fluent English has become a barrier to carrying on a meaningful, interracial relationship. I thought it was interesting that he mentioned English….like that is the only language of someone of another race. Of course not, but he probably had a special someone on his mind (who speaks English) and so made a ‘slip’. I was happy to hear that he considered it an option, and spoke with authority when saying that the other two members, JaeJoong and Micky, were just as open.

I will note that in another link that majolie87 posted, Junsu spoke of an instance of when he was in France. He witnessed a little blonde girl calling out ‘papa’, which made him dream of interracial marriage. So, it seems that Junsu is just an open person who doesn’t consider color or race a factor. Sure, he may have a preference, but when it comes down to it, he’s looking for a good person. I would actually prefer a man like this. What do you guys think?

Bi – 2010 Adieu Concert Interview

More candid Bi interview clips, anyone? Oooh, oooh, me!!! In this clip Bi discusses everything from the highlight of his 2010 Adieu concert performance to stressing over his body image to the impact of his fans on his success. I’ve translated the Japanese subs to English (not to mention the Japanese subs were translated from Korean), so there could be some words lost in translation, however, I think the context is dead on. Enjoy!

Highlights From Bi’s 12/25 “Guerrilla Date” Interview In Seoul

I am so glad to see that he’s doing well and keeping warm. On 12/25, the day of the lunar eclipse, Bi participated in a “guerrilla date” near Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. A “guerrilla date” is when a celebrity shows up unexpectedly in public and is interviewed by a reporter. Mind you, the event has already been planned by the celebrity and reporter—its the public who actually has no clue that it will take place. In this post I will interject my thoughts on some of the comments that Bi made that I found to be of particular note.

Shortly after the interview begins, Bi and the reporter began walking down the street. Bi comments that: “It’s a very familiar place for me where I spent most of the time dancing at that time when I was wandering around the streets hungry in junior high school.
Wow, so Bi used to be that kid. You know, that kid that you see wondering around aimlessly. That kid that you think to yourself needs to be in school, or needs to have parents that show him more attention. That kid that probably looks like he hasn’t eaten in a day or two, and needs a good scrubbing in the tub and new sneakers because the ones he’s wearing are falling apart. That kid who’s respectful but a bit rebellious. Can you picture it? 10 years ago? Bi: you’ve come a long way, baby.

After a fan hands him a painting/illustration of a dog, Bi accepts it and says: “I really like dogs. Thank you for your present, and I’ll have it on my wall at home.” I love how incredibly sweet he is to his fans. Even if that painting/illustration is atrocious, he will have that fan walking away on cloud 9 because he promised to put it on his wall.

When the reporter teases him about practicing so much, he responds: “I practice more than in the past because my body isn’t as good as it used to be.” Can you imagine this guy practicing more than he did in the past?? I can’t fathom it. He’s truly something else!

When a young fan reveals that she cannot attend his Adieu concert because she does not have money to buy a ticket, he promises to arrange a way for her to go. He then turns to the camera and asks her parents’ permission to attend his concert. Such a respectful young man! Sure it may be all for the camera, but I thought it was very classy of him to do so. I imagine once he finds the woman of his dreams, he will approach her parents and ask permission for her hand in marriage, much like he did for this adoring fan.

When asked how he maintains his six-pack, he admitted that he’s lost it to an extent when he said: “I’ve made 4 six packs, and I need to make 2 more. I think they will be back to the beginning before my concert.” Love his sense of humour, but hey, what can ya say? He loves to eat! 🙂 Besides, I don’t mind a little pooch on a guy who’s got everything else going on. 😉

The reporter tries to engage Bi in an infantile game of “World Cup” to help him choose his Miss Right. The objective of the game is for Bi to pick the actress that he loves the most. I loved his response: “I really hate playing such a game. They are all good actresses…do you think we should go through with this even though I’m glad we could meet after all these years ? Please don’t do this. I like all of them. Please finish it in this way.” In effect, he was probably thinking he was too old to be playing something so childish. A few years ago, I think he would have played. But now, he’s all grown up.

On his physical condition: “I recently got a physical exam at the hospital, and I’ve been proven to be physically in my 40s. Exercising and dieting excessively might produce negative result. They say I’ve simply overworked my body.” Aww poor baby. I do hate to hear that, but I think the upcoming 2 years in the army will give him the rest he needs. I’m sure he will be well-taken care of.

When “The Expendables” came out, I complained to my friend that they couldn’t get an Asian actor more *ahem* attractive and appealing than Jet Li (not that there’s anything wrong with Jet Li, but I thought the Asian cast needed a fresh face) to play beside Hollywood elites like Sly and Jason Statham. I was thinking more along the lines of Rick Yune, but I found it interesting that Bi revealed that he was indeed approached for a small role in the Expendables. He said: “The schedule for movie Ninja Assassin shoot had already been set at that time, so I promised Stallone that I could work with him after Ninja Assassin. After that, I actually visited his house and greeted him.” Apparently though, it didn’t work out. Its good to know that he’s caught the attention of other physical Hollywood icons.

You can watch the full interview with translation at the Cloud USA website here. Thanks to rain bird @rain-eu for the translation!