Brian Joo Imitating a Black Woman??

Check out this recent Korean tv show clip of Brian Joo supposedly imitating an African American woman. I have a few comments to make:

1) Brian Joo is a Jersey boy. He grew up around all kinds of people and I’m sure his friend pool contains a plethora of different races and ethnicities. I highly doubt this imitation was meant to be offensive. I would be more offended if he had grown up in South Korea and had no personal experiences with other people of color and was imitating them purely from what he saw on tv and the media.

2) I’m guessing the person that accused him of this probably isn’t a black woman. I have a feeling that this person probably pictures black women this way, and therefore Brian’s imitation hit close to home to their own perception of black women. Just a thought…

3) I don’t know any black women who act that way. If anything, he acted more like a queen than an African American or black woman.

Bottom line, Brian Joo is alright in my book. Anyone who was offended, though, I’d love to hear from ya!