Telisha Shaw: Our Secret

There are some really hateful, mean-spirited people out there, regardless of race and nationality. K-pop fandom is not safe from these people, and lately, with the rumors of love between Telisha Shaw and Junsu of JYJ increasing, these hateful people have really started to come out of the woodworks. Their hatefullness is not just spurned from jealousy, but from racism. For too long, Black women have been considered the lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel, and the least desirable women in the world. Even our own men seem to not want us sometimes. We all know its not true, but it hurts.

So what happens when a beautiful Black woman comes along, and steals the heart of a non-Black man who is beloved by many women (of all races) in the world? Of course, there will be jealousy; the typical kind between two women that are fighting over the same man. But the jealousy becomes laced with racism, the kind with the underlying concept of “but wait, she’s Black! You’re not supposed to like her because she’s Black! She’s not as good as me because (insert superficial, physical reason based on color or stereotypes here)! I’m better than her!” That is what happens. This beautiful, attractive, smart and totally worthy Black woman becomes reduced to becoming a receptacle of hateful, racist remarks and death threats. Really??? Are we still living in a world like this? Apparently so.

What I like about Telisha is that she is not about to take this lying down. Instead, she’s come up with her own nifty PR, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with all of you in this post. It is her recently released song “Our Secret”, and you are more than willing to come to your own conclusion as to what and whom she is referring to 😉 Some say she’s trolling, others say she’s on to something. You decide!

Thanks to AJ for the vid tip!