BKM Hotties of the Week 12-4-11

From left to right: JYJ Jaejoong (yowza!), BIGBANG Daesung in “What’s Up”, Bae Yong Joon (I don’t think he still looks like this, but who cares??), B2ST/BEAST Hyunseung, KiKwang & Dongjoon, Mblaq Joon

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BKM Hotties of the Week 10-8-11: Special Bi Edition II

Facebook-page-after-our-own-hearts “Beautiful Korean Men” has been featuring photos of our soldier boy for the last few days and I would like to thank them! This guy is really amazing, and the Korean entertainment industry will be at a loss during his 2-year mandatory military service, beginning on October 11, 2011.

I don’t want to lose sight of the one reason why I began this blog. That reason is Bi. He introduced me to the intriguing world of K-Pop and so it is my duty to give credit where it is due. During his 2-year absence, I will do my best to feature him regularly so that he is not forgotten, even if for a short while.

I still believe that he is the best in the industry, and so many of the other young men that we’ve featured on this blog look up to him and aspire to be like him, or to be the next him. That speaks for itself.

We’re not going anywhere Jihoon!

‘Beautiful Korean Men’ Is Packin’ Some SERIOUS Hotness

You all may already know about “Beautiful Korean Men”, a Facebook page, but if you don’t, PLEASE go check it out at your earliest convenience. When you need a hot Korean guy fix this is the place to go, but I warn you, you’d better be seated and have an oxygen tank nearby or you WILL lose your breath! Just in case you’re not quite understanding what I’m trying to tell you, please see the sample photos below that BKM regularly posts.

P.S. – All well and good concerning preferences, but whoever thinks Asian guys aren’t sexy are OUT-OF-THEIR-COTTON-PICKIN-MINDS!!!