Homegrown Hottie: Eli Kim

Kim Kyoung-Jae or Ellison Kim, commonly known as Eli is our next homegrown hottie. Eli is part of U-Kiss which is the same group that is home to fellow homegrown hottie Kevin Woo. Eli was born in LA but raised in Virginia. He dropped out of high school and travelled to Beijing to further his studies. He also learned some Mandarin while he was there. Eli debuted with the U-kiss in 2008 as their main rapper.

In addition to being in U-Kiss, Eli starred in the Thai drama Autumn Destiny, alongside Kibum who is an ex member of U-Kiss. I don’t know much about the show other then the fact that Eli and Kibum had their parts dubbed because they don’t speak the language. Eli also has the nickname pigeon because of his awesome imitation of a bird and I mean a really awesome imitation of it. You can check it out here.

I hate the fact that there are so many conflicting stories out on the internet about the idols I write about. That’s the main reason why the homegrown hotties posts are rather short. It isn’t because I don’t like them, I absolutely love them. I just hate to write something that isn’t true. Perhaps once I finish learning how to read and understand Korean, I’ll have better luck. In the mean time, enjoy the pics of Eli. I know I will 🙂

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