Teen Top: They Really Want Me Behind Bars!

Sooo ummm, yeah, Teen Top. Can someone explain to me why “sexiness” is developing younger and younger? Now I already hold a double standard with American and Korean guys when it comes to age. Basically American guys younger than me have not a chance in the universe but I can care less if a Korean guy is younger HOWEVER! This group is realllllly annoying me. Just look at that MV! (No seriously look at the mv first or else you wont know what I’m talkin about) They are tooo freakin cute and I’m telllin you right now the main actor and rapper L. Joe is seriously just …… He’s freakin 18! Only 3 out of the 6 are legal actually. That main cutie with the long hair Niel he’s only 17 and the other 2 are 16. Dont worry in the photo gallery below are names and ages listed.

But back to sexiness at an early age. First off whats with that dance move?! The lyric is “Stop, stop breakin my heart” and they are moving their hands all suggestive like in front of their crotches! Uhhhh your heart is not below your sagging belts youngins! (BTW I happen to like their pants being low like that. They look cute but BOAB playing Conservative Noona feels they need to pull them up!) Then of course there’s L.Joe with his “come hither” hand movement. O.M.G! I would run to that freakin 18 year old and not think twice about it!

Point is this…FANGIRL WITH CAUTION! Also I have no problem saying I LOVE that song and have been listening their other songs as well. I like Teen Top and I am not ashamed!

K-Kisses! KrisE

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