Joonie Can Watch My Kids Anytime

That is, if and when I have kids, you know, with Bi ^^.

To all the new-age parents/thinkers out there: don’t tomato me. I do not condone child abuse of any kind. I am only stating my opinion on how important sometimes physical discipline can be when rearing a child (although I have none).

As silly as 23-year-old Mblaq singer/dancer/honey abs Lee Joon can be at times, he seriously dropped science in episode 2 of “Hello Baby”. I’m sure by now you have all seen the first few episodes of Mblaq’s Hello Baby, which, from what I can gather, is a quite a hit already among A+s (Mblaq fans). The Blaqies are as cute, charming, and comical as ever, as they navigate the choppy waters of child-rearing. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the powers-that-be of Kpop know exactly what they are doing when writing these reality shows, knowing that fans of Kpop stars are more than interested in seeing their favourite idol in everyday family situations. Kpop reality shows do not disappoint!

There has already been a bit of controversy mostly involving Mir. The first instance was Mir’s comment about wanting one of the babies to be “dark-skinned” or “African” (whatever the real translation) and the second was our dear Mir stating how pretty tyke Lauren is and how she would be his ideal type once she grew up. That stirred some uneasy emotions among fans and netizens and I believe it has died down, as most understand Mir and most likely concluded he was not being malicious, but rather, he was just being Mir. 🙂 Oi, Mir…

"Hello Baby"'s Leo

The next instance was Joonie’s “physical discipline” of (one of Bebe’s kids) Leo. Ok, yeah, the kid is cute, no doubt about it. But let’s be honest about this. Even his mom admitted in her letter to the Blaqies that he is somewhat of a terror and has a problem with his temper and hits whoever ticks his 3-year-old little behind off. Uhm, excuse me?? Yes! Case in point… in episode 2 of Mblaq’s “Hello Baby”, the Blaqies and the kids are sitting around in their living room watching an animated children’s show on an android phone which Joonie is holding, when suddenly, the phone shuts off. The screen literally goes black. And what does Leo do? He smacks Joonie right in the face…so hard, that Joonie’s specs fly off of his face. I couldn’t believe it! Joonie couldn’t believe it! He was truly shocked, and you could tell by the expression on his face. Well, what happened next? Joonie, no doubt, shocked and slightly angered by this little kid’s boldness, picks him up, lays him across his lap, and whacks him (albeit softly) on his little rear. Of course, Leo runs off wailing, not from pain, but from sheer and utter disbelief that he didn’t get away with hitting an adult.

Little Leo smacks his appa up

I was really hoping Joonie would stick to his guns and not give in to the peer pressure and naysaying of the other Blaqies, but indeed he did, going so far as to apologize to Leo. I do understand why he apologized. He didn’t want his image to “go to hell” as he muttered right after spanking Leo. Bottomline is that Joonie’s got an image to uphold. Maybe his image would’ve been ruined in the eyes of some fans, but for me? Well, he just made me more of a fan. That’s right, Joonie stepped up in my book. We all know what would really go down if the camera were not around and Leo was Joonie’s own kid, don’t we? I really admire that about him. Kid’s need physical discipline. Sorry, they do not all respond to a “talkin’ to”. Some of them just need to have their bottoms warmed every now and then to help them keep in line and aware of who’s in charge.

I was physically disciplined as a child and I have not become a serial killer or an abuser of children. It helped me to recognize and respect authority and to honor older people. Parents who discipline their children care about them. So yes, Joonie really impressed me, and his reasoning was dead on as he stressed to the other Blaqies how important it was to not give in to Leo’s crying and how hitting was not the way to solve problems. I even appreciated how he said that boys hitting girls in school was not acceptable, and that sort of behaviour should be stopped early on. I do believe Joonie will be a great father.

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