When Will We Start Seeing Black Chicks In K-pop Culture?

K-Pop needs more Jimmy Rays

And no, I don’t mean just as background fillers, but STARRING as the Kpop artists’ love interest or date! No disrepect to women who are not black, but they are often included in Korean tv shows, movies and videos as “global beauties”. Since when does the word “global” exclude anyone of African descent?? Yes, I’m a little ticked. It’s almost like: our music is good enough for you (the K-pop industry in general) to base a whole musical and cultural movement on, but our women aren’t?! Boggles the mind!

"Global Beauties" from Russia, America and Brazil stun the 2PM boys on an episode of Idol Army, but where were the sistas?"

I know the reasons why things may be this way, but I keep wanting to NOT believe those things, because it’s hard for me to understand. I don’t want to go down the “well, Asian people haven’t been exposed to black people in a positive light”, and “well, Asian people revere milky-white skin and anything darker is considered low-class and undesirable” roads. I really don’t want to go there. But I think it really is that simple (and stupid). All too often, African-American culture is quartered, much like a just-slaughtered cow, and only the choice portions (mostly musical and sports talent) of our culture are taken and “served” to the world; but the rest is discarded. And I’m sick of it. Grrr…where are the Jimmy Rays when you need them??

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BWLB Loves All Asian Men — Really!

I have nothing against Asian men of other nationalities. I truly love and am open to all of them. As a matter of fact, color, nationality and ethnicity do not matter to me when it comes to finding true love. I am an equal opportunity woman that will give any genuine guy a chance that is truly interested in knowing and loving me. That said, and since this is an Asian men appreciation blog, Asian men are the focus of this post. You may be wondering why I’m defending myself as if I am up on the witness stand. 🙂

A few days ago, I came across this video on youtube, and was really moved by this young man’s concerns, as they are valid concerns. Kon, a young Thai man, finds annoyance in the fact that in the majority of the AM/BW online communities he frequents, black women seem to only mention Korean, Japanese and Chinese men as the Asian nationalities of their choice in men, omitting all Asian men of other nationalities.

I do believe that most black women in general do not have an abundance of Asian men in their everyday surroundings, and if they do, there is still an invisible divide, that is keeping them from connecting. This can be very frustrating for both black women and Asian men, who are interested in each other, and so the first thing each party may do is try to use the internet to find black women and Asian men that they can connect with. Let’s keep it real, and let’s take Korean men for example.

K-Pop alone is all over the internet…Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Its so easy to find pictures, bios, videos, etc. on the Jung Jihoons, G-Dragons, Kim Hyun Joongs and Super Juniors of the world that way. With the influx and ease of accessibility of Korean dramas, movies and music, is it no wonder that Korean men get most of our attention?

South Korea has really stepped up and decided that they want to show the world what they’re workin’ with, and boy they have! But should guys like Kon, or Asian guys of other nationalities feel annoyed or threatened with all the attention that K-Pop and Korean men have been getting from black women? I personally don’t think so. A man is a man, no matter what color or nationality he is. It’s not that we don’t love all of you Asian guys, it’s just that we’re giving attention to what’s smack-dab in front of us.

I will add that it isn’t just because K-pop is easily accessible that it has garnered our attention. K-pop is, as one of BWLB’s avid contributors has said before, “a well-oiled machine” and gives fans, no matter what their color, so much more than what they could possibly ask for. That said, I do believe that the blog should be more diverse in its coverage of Asian men of other nationalities. It is quite the challenge, but I will do my best to bring more diversity. I want to thank Kon for bringing up this subject and I look forward to what you all have to say in this regard.

In order to keep the comments section fair to all readers, comments are moderated and the following will be deleted:

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The Purpose of This Blog

To all of my readers: I apologize if I haven’t made this clear from the get-go. I do tend to get carried away sometimes. But for those who are not completely clear on the purpose of this blog, it is (in no particular order)…

To love and support Bi
Why? Because I want to. Because he makes me want to. Because he’s the most amazing human being I’ve seen in a loooooooooooong time, if not ever. Because he’s severely underrated. Because he needs to know how much he is loved by black women and women of color.

To Ogle Hot Asian Men
Yes, that’s right, to stare at and drool over very attractive, easy-on-the-eyes Asian men. And as you can see by my many posts, there are TONS of them! Just because I like looking at hot Asian men does not mean that I think I have the chance to marry or date them, or even meet them. It doesn’t mean I’m desperate and actually believe that I will settle down with one of them. Get real! I’ve got my sights set on real men, in my surroundings, when it comes to looking for love.

To Discuss AM/BW Relations
Obviously since the name of this blog is “Black Women Love Bi: An Asian Men Appreciation Blog” there will be emphasis put on the interpersonal relationships between the two.

To Emphasize Black Women’s Beauty & Worth, and To Discuss & Examine Their Social Issues
It doesn’t matter if anyone ever concocted a list of 40 reasons why black women are beautiful. I know I am beautiful, as are my sisters, and do not need validation from anyone! HOWEVER, after all the fan-girling and ogling of Asian guys that has been done on this blog, isn’t it quite appropriate that Asian men voice their feelings on our beauty and worth? Once again, I’m not ashamed of that. This blog is about love and appreciation. Black women and Asian men both have to stop apologizing for showing that love to each other. That’s probably where the divide between AM/BW starts: fear of being called desperate or racist. We’ve got to stop it! We’ve got to stop being ashamed and embrace each other and don’t be afraid to admit it to others!

To Express Appreciation For Asian men in General
I refuse to be ashamed of this. I appreciate Asian men and I will let the whole world know. I know tons of Asian men and to me, they are special. No, they are not superior to other men, but I prefer them. I will not talk down or degrade men of other races on this blog. I love all men! But I prefer Asian men. That does not make me or anyone else here desperate.

To have fun!
We can’t take ourselves too seriously here. At the end of the day we all have our own lives, dreams and problems, and BWLB should be a place where we can all come and just laugh and have fun. Why should it be more complicated than that?

40 Reasons Why Black Women Are Beautiful

As much as we love hot and talented Asian men, we’ve got to concentrate on loving ourselves first and foremost. Essence.com was prudent enough to post 40 reasons why we should be proud to be black women (I’ve included the esteemed list in this post below). This is what we need to hear more of. And no doubt, all women are beautiful no matter their color, but it is black women who have been dehumanized the most; and therefore, we need reminders of just how beautiful we are: inside and out.

To the Asian guys reading this: we want to hear more from you, so feel free to tell us how much you love us. Don’t be shy!

40 Reasons Why Black Women Are Beautiful

We are loving and compassionate.
We are the matriarchs of our community.
We are harmonious with the world.
We are powerful beyond measure.
Our voices are melodic, soulful and strong.
We age like no other.
We are dedicated to living a blessed life.
We are resilient.
We can make something out of nothing, with ease.
We have a sense of style and confidence that’s all our own.
We stay fly, whether we’re rocking an afro, a bob, braids, a press n’ curl or a even a close crop.
We have strong muscle structure.
We have kissable lips.
From our cheek and collar bones to the shape of our calves–our contours are distinctive and remarkable.
We are fearless leaders, strong enough to hold the world on our shoulders.
When things are wrong, we do everything in our power to make them right.
We are brilliant and articulate.
We are strong yet feminine.
We play the game to win.
We love hard!
We’re tough, loyal caretakers…naturally maternal.
Our skin looks exquisite in vivid colors.
We’re the fiercest runway walkers.
We are creative.
We are always hopeful.
We’re mentors, ready to guide a young person.
We are driven.
We are creative beyond measure.
We are originators of style and class.
We are down-to-earth.
We are dependable as the sun.
We have the gift of understanding.
We have endurance under pressure.
We are straight-up.
We break barriers every day.
The old saying is true…good black don’t crack!
From Lil Kim to Oprah, we come in a zillion different flavors–and they’re all gorgeous.
We don’t leave the house with crazy hair.
We’ve always rejected “grunge chic” trends going for the fabulous and the glamour.
Our smiles light up the world.

Psychology Today’s Damage Control

Any reasoning person would know that after such an inflammatory article as the one mentioned in one of last week’s posts was published, there would be backlash. Whether by reports on Kanazawa in danger of losing his job and credibility, or Black male journalists coming to our defense, we all knew that this article would get its due attention.

We also knew that there would be damage control. Psychology Today published this article shortly after taking down the infamous one, and although what Nathan Heflick says is nice and all, this question still looms heavily in the air: why couldn’t an article similar to what Heflick wrote have been posted first on the PT website? Why did the first destructive article have to be posted, for PT to post a counter-attack?

Does there need to be a reason why an article on our beauty and grace should be posted? Does there really need to be? Of course not, but the way I see it, this situation is comparable to a four-way stop without a traffic sign. It isn’t until someone dies that the city/government sees the need to put up a traffic light or stop sign. This is, of course, reactive, and not proactive.

So why must there be something negative preceding a positive acknowledgement of black women? There really does seem to be a war against us, doesn’t it? Does it mean that we’re getting closer to where we want to be, and quite frankly, there are people who just don’t want us to get there? If we are already the lowliest of women on this planet, why attack us? Why be threatened? Because the opposite is true…we are threatening. And we are on the rise. What’s more, is that slimy, hateful scum of humanity like Kanazawa and Psychology Today’s editors can’t stop us.

Bi Wants To Meet the World’s 2 Most Powerful Black Women

Actually, they are the 2 most powerful women—period. Regardless of their race. Oh I so hope he gets to meet Oprah and Michelle Obama one day!!

A few weeks ago when Bi traveled to NYC from South Korea to attend the Time 100 Gala, he was asked by fans who else on the Most Influential list he was most looking forward to meeting. After answering that he’d most like to meet President Obama, he then added that he also wanted to meet Oprah Winfrey. After the gala ended, he commented that contrary to expectations, the First Lady had not attended the highly esteemed event. One couldn’t help but notice the disappointment in his voice and facial expression.

Its not hard to understand why Bi would want to meet such powerful women—who wouldn’t? But for Bi, I believe it goes deeper. Wouldn’t you agree that its about the ‘kinship-in-struggle’ he no doubt feels with these amazing women? Isn’t it a fact that all 3 of these people were born either poor or under-privileged, and faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles because of their racial, gender or social class, but came out on top and victorious?

I believe that Bi is attracted to people who’s ‘rags-to-riches’ stories are similar to his own. He once stated (in so many words) that he doesn’t care for people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Some might take offense to this statement, but I understand where he’s coming from. Isn’t it true that some people never have to work for a thing in their lives, and for that reason, do not know the real value of hard work and determination. These people give up at the first hint of a test, and in affect, are not able to tap into their true and highest potential. But rather, they drift aimlessly in life, receiving hand-outs and perks that they don’t really deserve. Not the case with Oprah, the First Lady, and our Bi.

No doubt, this nation has come leaps and bounds from the days of slavery and civil rights, but it is probably most difficult to be both black and a woman in this world. Although he has yet to say, I do believe that Bi has taken note of this very thing, and I would go so far as to say that he’s probably inspired by our resilience and strength. After all, he can very much relate.

An Asian Guy Who Sees the Beauty in Black Women’s Hair

What a breath of fresh air!! This article completely lifted my spirits and I’m sure it will do the same for all of you! I, myself, having been natural for the first time since last year, and have no problem accepting my beautiful hair. But hearing about the beauty and uniqueness of our hair from a man of another race (esp. Asian!!) is the icing on the cake! Enjoy 🙂

Read the article here