Taemin: “It’s a New World”

Our “precious”, “innocent”, “inexperienced” Taemin gets flustered on seeing a chocolate derriere first hand. Must see!

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Pumashock Appeared On “Star King”

Yes I know this is old..but I just found out about it! ^^

Natalie White aka "Pumashock"

Youtube star Natalie White aka Pumashock had created quite a buzz among South Koreans and netizens with her remakes and covers of popular K-pop songs. So much so, that she was invited to appear on a South Korean variety show called “StarKing”, in which she performed several songs, among them “U Go Girl” by Hyori Lee, and even met 2PM hottie Nichkhun, who also appeared on the show a few years back. Check out a clip of her appearance here. How awesome is this?! We gotta keep an eye on this chick!