Incredibly Insightful Tips on Making an AMBW Relationship Last

For those of us who are searching for the ideal Asian guy partner, what refreshing insight given in the video clip below by Icysparks2007 on making AMBW relationships last! What I love about Icysparks2007’s perspective is that he is honest, yet positive. Thanks Icysparks2007! 🙂

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An Asian Guy Who Sees the Beauty in Black Women’s Hair

What a breath of fresh air!! This article completely lifted my spirits and I’m sure it will do the same for all of you! I, myself, having been natural for the first time since last year, and have no problem accepting my beautiful hair. But hearing about the beauty and uniqueness of our hair from a man of another race (esp. Asian!!) is the icing on the cake! Enjoy 🙂

Read the article here

Black Women Do Love Asian Men

It’s true!  Its the reason I started this blog.  I saw such an overwhelming positive response from black women to Bi and other Asian male celebrities on youtube and other blogs/social networking sites, and also to everyday Asian men who have proclaimed their love for black women.  How cool is that!

A few years ago, I was having breakfast with a friend (who’s not such a big fan of Asian men) and was trying to convince her that she should try dating an Asian man.  She asked me why, and I really did have to think of a good reason (besides the superficial “cuz you’ll have beautiful babies” etc reasons).  And then it hit me: black women and Asian men have a trait that sets them apart from all others.  They try, and they try HARD.  What do I mean by that?  Both are statistically less desirable to date; probably because of their loyalty and devotion to their family/culture/tradition, but they both work their butts off to prove to the world that they are better and worthy, despite how they are portrayed by the media and Hollywood.  If you put a successful Asian man and black woman in the same room together, and they’re attracted to each other, and they start dating, get married etc….BAM!  Watch out world!  Here they come!  Talk about power couple!  The possibilities are endless.

I think that black women and Asian men dating is rare because neither really knows how the others feels and assumes the other isn’t attracted.  Even with all I’ve seen and heard, I still get nervous if I see a good-looking Asian man.  I am afraid to approach him because 1) as a rule, I don’t approach men and 2) I don’t think he’ll be attracted to me.  I just assume it.  I/We have GOT to get past that.

That’s the other purpose of this blog (besides showing love to Asian men).  I want black women to come here and familiarize themselves with at least the look and “feel” of some Asian men so that they are not so freaked out and frozen the next time they see one that could be a potential boyfriend/husband.  That goes for me too!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, no matter what your gender or color!