[M/V] Big Bang – Blue

Ok, let’s hear it! What do you ladies really think of Big Bang’s latest release from their new album? I’m not a big fan of it–yet. What do you think of their new look? I’m a bit…..befuddled, to be honest. G-Dragon’s hair weave/track disturbs me, Taeyang’s and TOP’s oxygen masks unsettle me, Daesung’s new blonde do covering half of his face perturbs me, and Seungri being the cutest/most put-together-looking member for once confuses me. Do you guys think YG Entertainment is on to something or is Big Bang just throwing us an already gnawed, saliva-drenched bone to keep us occupied for a while?

But hey! What do I know?? I am probably too out of touch to “get it”. Perhaps you guys have deciphered what Big Bang is trying to tell us. I know some of you ladies probably feel it’s the best thing since sliced bread and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!