Bae Yong Joon Plays the Player

I like Bae Yong Joon (aka “Yonsama” in Japan) There is just something so pleasant about this man’s smile and demeanor. He just seems to be one of those kind, quiet souls that spreads the happy virus to everyone he comes across. That is why, when I saw him in “Untold Scandal”, a 2003 Korean film, his portrayal of a bad boy/player seemed so unlike him. But, he played it so well. It seemed so natural.

“Untold Scandal” is the story of two scheming cousins (played by Bae and Lee Mi-suk) who set their sights on an upright and chaste young woman (Jeon Do-yeon), who was once engaged, but never married (having lost her fiance to death). But, somewhere in the game, feelings grow and interfere, leading the perpetrators down paths they never thought they’d be lead. Much more from Bae Yong Joon to come 🙂