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I am currently in the process of writing the first fan fiction that will appear on Black Women Love Bi. It will star none other than our favorite Korean man Bi, and a lovely chocolate woman (just like any one of us). So PLEASE subscribe so that you can receive the fan fic chapters real time as I post them!

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  1. Well I finally have a title

    it’s called “Won’t Go”

    I’ve written 2 chapters so far. I think there will be between 10 and 15 chapters.
    It’s from the girls point of view mostly. Though I will do a Jihoon POV if asked.

      • I will definitely keep checking back. I’m just so anxious to read something about bi with a black chick! lol that way I picture myself in the role. lol

  2. i am glad i came across your website… because i am a black chic that loves me some Rain… i am currently in the process of writing a novel… i wan’t to have a line of novels that center around the bw/am relationships…. so please get some of those chapters out… would love to read… hehehe! and i will not steal any of your material… lol!

  3. Just ran across your site and I found it interesting as I have a story that is about an Asian guy and and Black woman. I have been holding onto it for 11 years now and seriously thinking of having it published. I would love to see it made into a movie and after seeing your picture, I can see you playing the role of Keaton. Keation’s a bad-boy, lol. Maybe. I’ll share some snippets of the story with you. You can tell me what you think. Oh yeah, love the name, Rain. I’d love to use it in another book, I’m working on.

      • It’s a love story sage. I call it that because it follows Edward and Elana’s life together over several decades. He’s Triad only because his father is the big boss. He doesn’t want anything to do with it, so he leaves Hong Kong and opens a fancy Chinese restaurant in a small city in American and falls in love with one of his customers who is Black. When his father finds out, he is dead set against it and will do anything to pull them apart. Will Edward’s father succeed or can Edward and Elana’s love stand the test of time?

  4. Well I’m cleaning up the sex parts a bit, some are a little runchy. Refine some parts. I would love to see it made into a Mini drama for TV or a movie. I don’t think it would draw a following in the US unless it’s on DVD. In anycase, I’ll either self publish or find a publisher that’s into interacial love. I’ll email you a snippet, if your interested without the sex. I don’t know the age group on this site.

  5. The Golden Dragons

    Chapter 1

    The Restaurant

    Business was slow after lunch, in the restaurant business. You could hear the cooks in the kitchen restocking for the dinner rush. Edward Huang, the owner of the Golden Lotus Restaurant. Stood behind the bar flipping through one of the local newspaper to pass the time. He looked down at his silver Chopard watch to check the time, fixed the charcoal pinstriped Versace suite jacket and the light blue chuffs on this shirt. Glancing it himself in the mirror that hung behind the bar, he made sure that his hair was not out of place, he smiled.

    Elana always came in, the same time every Friday, 6 pm sharp with her girl friend, Darcy. It was a pleasure when the two came in, but Edward specially liked the one named Elana. She was the one he had his eye on for some time. She stood about 5’6”, caramel smooth colored skin and chestnut brown hair. he was unsure of where it would lead , but he knew that he was ready to get back into the game again. His last serious relationship had been five years ago and it was a total disaster. He was ready and he wanted to make Elana his own.

    Winston, his partner was a slight built man that stood about 5’7”. Edward stood over Winston easily by 6”. he was chain smoking Main land Chinese man, by way of the Hong Kong underground. A womanizer, loved to gamble on anything, and anyone. If he could make a buck off you, he did. He was a very cold calculating man whose only family was triad. And Edward detested the idea of his father sending Winston to help him run the business. It wasn’t the business his father was concerned about he just knew how his father’s mind worked, he was forever reminding you who was in control. And Winston’s presence was just that.

    Edward had just looked up from the watch when the white BMW pulled up in the front and parked. He smiled, threw the newspaper under the counter and announced to the staff in Mandarin that customer’s were coming.

    A pair of slender bare caramel colored legs were the first thing you saw emerge from the driver’s side of the car, and a equally stunning were a pair of brown slender legs from the passage’s side.
    If one did not ask, you would assume that they were sisters. Edward could hear their laughter as they entered in the door. “And just what are you two ladies up to this evening,” “Nothing yet” Darcey answered. “How are you this afternoon, “Elana asked. She was wearing a designer beige twill dress with stripy sandals to match. “Some old thing, Work, sleep, work,” Edward replied? Edward sat them across from the cashier area that way, he could appear to be working, yet keep his eye on Elana. Just then Winston came from the office and walked over to the table where Darcey and Elana sat. “It is always a pleasure to see you two come in, so what will you two be eating tonight?”. Elana smiled, “Well, it all depends on how hungry we are.” “ Just let me know when you’re ready?”. Winston walked over to the cashier counter and stood by Edward. “ Both would bring in good money,” Winston said to Edward in Chinese. Edward looked at Winston and replied, “Why is everything about a profit with you?” Winston smiled and said with a laugh, “Money is what makes the world go ’round.”

    Winston reached for the bottle of plum wine and took down two glasses, still speaking in Chinese, “ well, tonight is as good as any night, I’ve got a plan for mine. Winston handed Edward one of the glasses, “let’s get this show on the road.” Edward and Winston both walked over to the table where the two ladies sat and watched Winston carefully as he poured the plum wine. Winston was also infamous for slipping knock out drops too. Edward was determine that Winston would not get a chance to slip anything in Elana’s drink. Edward handed Elana her glass of wine as Winston handed Darcey hers, “Here’s a glass of wine to get you two started.” Edward said.

    The wine flowed freely during the dinner, Edward could see that after two glasses Elana had reached her limit and Darcey was on her fourth. Winston was about to pour more wine when Elana announced that she had reached her limit and that she was the driver, “don’t worry Edward will see that you get home and I’ll see that Darcey gets home.” “Well, in that case keep it coming” Darcey laughed. Elana smiled at Edward who was back at the bar cashing a customer out. She motioned for him to come over to the table. “Edward, it looked like Winston has made you my designated drive. In which case, I need to get home.” she said slowly hoping that she did not miss pronounce any words. Edward smiled, and thought to himself just how much of a lady she was even when she had too much to drink. Edward offered his hand to Elana and helped her up. “Don’t’ do anything that I wouldn’t do, and if you do, do it right?” Darcey said with a giggle, “I’ll call you in the morning.”

    When they walked out a side into the parking lot there was a warm summers night breeze that blew a slight whiff of Elana’s perfume in Edwards direction. He inhaled it’s fragrance and for a moment, he was lost in her. Edward opened the passager side for Elana, helped her in and fastened her seatbelt. By the time he had walked around to the other side and got in, Elana appeared to be sleeping. Her was head tilted towards the passager side and rested on the seatbelt. He started up the car, backed out of the space and drove towards Elana’s apartment. “Do you know where I live?” she asked with her eyes still closed. Edward let out alittle laugh, “I should, you order enough from the restaurant.” he replied. With eyes still closed, “I hope you’re not implying that I don’t know how to cook.” she said. “Oh no, I never… I’m sure you know how. And have a good reason why you don’t.” he replied. Edward waited for Elana to reply, but she didn’t. All he could hear was her breathing ever so quietly as he drove towards her apartment. It wasn’t until he had pulled into a parking space at her complex that she woke up. “I see we made it.”

    Elana didn’t seem to worry about Edward coming into her place. Most guys wouldn’t get pass the lobby door. But Edward, she liked him a lot, he was tall and built. He reminded her of her boyfriend from high-school. Elana took her shoes off and asked Edward if he would like anything to drink. He shook his head no and walked over to a group of photos on a table. He could tell by looking at the pictures that Elana loved to take pictures. Edward spotted a couple of pictures with Elana, and an older couple. “They must be your parents?” he asked. Elana walked “Yes, there my parents.” She answered as she picked up the picture. ‘they live in Hawaii.’ Edward took the picture and looked at it more closely. “You’ve got your father’s eyes and your mother’s mouth.” He said. Elana laughed. , “Both of my parents were in the Army and I had the privilege of traveling. I finished high-school in Hawaii, and college in Connecticut.”

    She then took Edward by the hand, led him to the couch. Elana asked him in Mandarin if he had family in Connecticut.” Edward looked at her in disbelief, “You speak Mandarin?” Elana laughed, “I wish you could see your face!” Edward laughed, “You are full of surprises, aren’t you?” She smiled, if only he knew that she had heard him say the first time they met, he would die!” Damn he thought, I wonder if she ever over heard me talking about her. “I see you like all kinds of music, specially jazz” Edward said hoping to clear his thoughts. Elana got up from the couch and stood next to him “I love jazz,” she replied, “how about you?” Edward let out alittle laugh, “You are full of suprises aren’t you?” he asked. “What do you mean?” she replied. “Nothing. It’s just like you’re too good to be true. And yes, I do like jazz.” He said with a smile, “I’ll bring over my CD’s, you’ll like them.”

    Edward walked toward the door, he didn’t want to over stay and most certainly he wanted to be welcomed back. “ Well, I better get back. I have a business to run.” He turned to face Elana, “ Let me give you my number that way you can give me a call when you’re not working, but then again, that’s all the time.” Edward smiled, “Well who knows, maybe things are about to change.” Elana wrote down her number and handed it to Edward. He took hold of her hand and gently pulled her toward him, and kissed her on the lips. For a brief moment, they both stared at each other, “Well, I better be going, I’ll call you tomorrow, bye.” “Goodnight Edward, and thanks for seeing me home.” Edward stood on the other side of the doorway and smiled to himself, yes things were indeed about to change. He had just walked outside when he looked up and saw Winston sitting in his car waiting for him. “I take it things are not going as we had planned, but by the look on your face I’d say you may be on the right track”. “Time” Edward said, “all in good time.”

    Back at the restaurant things was busy as always, Edward couldn’t wait to get home. And when the last customer was gone, staff cleaned up, money counted, Edward and Winston had a beer and talked. Winston had took Darcey home only to find out that she still lived with her parents, so he asked if she would like to go to china-town in the city one weekend, and of course she said yes. Edward didn’t speak much about Elana, his plans were totally different from Winston. Winston looked upon Darcey and Elana as profits for their organization. Elana however, would not become apart of that, he wanted her all to himself.

    Winston waited for Edward as he set the alarm and locked the door to the restaurant. They both got into their cars and grove off. On the way home Edward listened R&B and thought about Elana. Things had to change, he had been living a non existing life for as long as he had joined the organization. Here he was thousands of miles away from Hong Kong, sharing a house with six restaurant staff. It was time he made a change and soon.

    When Edward got home some of the guys were still up playing cards and drinking. One of the guys asked if he wanted to play or have a drink. “No, not tonight”. He went into his room and closed the door. Ever since he had gotten back from Elana’s she was all he had been thinking about. He wanted her so bad, he could still remember how soft her hands and lips felt. Just thinking about her made him get a hard-on. Edward took off his suit and put Elana’s number by the phone, he would call her in the morning. Turning on the shower and stepping in, he hoped that it would subside his urges, but the thoughts of Elana was still implanted in his brain. He knew tonight would be the longest night he had ever had.

    That night Elana laid in bed and listened to Darcey go on about Winston. Darcey was in to older men and Winston was the man she needed to get away from this small town. Elana listened for a while and told Darcey that she was going to sleep. She hung-up the phone and dreamt of Edward that night, she wondered if he had ever been with a black woman. When the time came, it would be a special one.

    Morning came quickly and, peeked it’s sunny head though the window . Edward did not want to get up as he had tossed and turned all-night. He picked up the phone an dialed the number, the phone rung twice. The voice on the other end was still sleepy, it was soft and early above a whisper. “Did I wake you, I can call you later if you like?”, “No, I was just laying here thinking about you”. “Oh, I hope it was good”, Elana smiled, “yes, it was very good and how was your sleep”. Edward smiled, “Couldn’t sleep, I was too busy thinking about you and it was good too”.
    They both laughed, “well, I just wanted to say good morning and find out if it was ok to come by after work tonight? It would be around 11, 11:30″. “ Of course it’s alright, I’m looking forward to seeing you”. “Well, I’ll let you go back to sleep. Maybe if I get a free moment, I’ll call you”. “That would be fine, I’ll see you later, bye”. Edward said good-bye and hung up the phone, he turned over and thought of Elana once more.

    Next time the phone rang, it was Darcey on the other end. “Girl, rise and shine. We need to get dressed so we can get the stores. I need to get me something to wear, because Winston is going to take me out after he and Edward get off tonight” “So, you and Winston are seeing each other, where’s he taking you?”, “Chinatown!, he said he wanted me to see the Chinatown no body see’s”. “What’s that, the opium rooms, gambling a hotel room?. Girl, you better be careful.” Elana laughed. “Look who’s talking !, who’s to say that Edward wont sell you in to slavery” “Um, I’ll be his slave any time.” They talked for awhile and agreed to met at Darcey’s house. At the mall, Darcey went straight for the make-up counter. She loved cosmetics!, and shoes, and clothes, and….. If Darcey had her way, she’d live in a major department store. After spending almost three hours shopping Darcey was ready to go home. Darcey, dropped Elana off at her place, “Hey, do you think it would be alright to have Winston pick me up at your place? I don’t want my folks bugging me about going out so late.” “ Like you never left home late before?” “Yeah, but not that late!”. “Sure, but you can’t spend the night, I might get lucky and the last thing I need is you disrupting my groove”. They both bust out laughing and give each other a high five. Elana got out and went into her studio apartment. There wasn’t much to clean because it was small and besides she didn’t like a lot of clutter anyway. She put away her shopping and decided to relax before her big night.

    10:30 pm Darcey arrived to begin getting ready for her date. Elana had just gotten out of the shower and was on the phone talking to Edward. He had called to see if there was anything she needed before he came over. “Just bring your self” she told him and hung-up the phone. Darcey had already spoken to Winston and he would follow Edward over to Elana’s place. Elana and Darcey set and watched the television monitor for their dates to arrive. The buzzer at the main entrance went off and Elana` buzzed them in to the lobby. Soon after that the Edward and Winston had arrived at her front door. Elana greeted them in Chinese, Winston was stun for a moment and quickly asked her in Chinese if Edward had taught her to say hello. Edward smiled because he hadn’t told Winston that Elana could speak Chinese. Elana answered him and told him about her father’s family tree. During all of this Darcey stood there in shock, of all the years she had known Elana, she never knew she could speak Chinese. “Well”, Darcey said, “this is a big surprise to me and to think, I thought I knew you. Or maybe you learned to speak it from eating too much Chinese food!” she laughed. Edward could sense the jealousy in Darcey’s voice, it wasn’t the first time. He had picked up on Darcey’s catty remarks whenever Elana said or knew something that she didn’t. Darcey was the type that she was not going to be out done. He knew her type, but wasn’t about to say anything and be the one to break up their friendship. If anything Elana would have to find out for her self.

    Edward could see that Elana was little embarrassed, “She doesn’t’ like to boast about what she knows.” he said coming to her defense. “Are you ready to go ?” Winston asked, Darcey nodded her head yes, picked up her bag and purse. She whispered to Elana, “This is going to be exciting.” She kissed Elana on the cheek and closed the door behind her.

    “Well that was interesting” Edward said as he pulled out a bottle of plum wine and handed it to Elana. “I hope you don’t mind.” “ Would you like to have a glass now?” she asked. “That would be fine, there’s nothing like a nice glass of wine, jazz and a good women” he replied as he pulled out several CD’s. Elana went to get the wine glasses, when she came back into the living room, he had opened the bottle and seated on the couch. Elana had sat down next to him, opened the wine and began to pour it in to the glasses.

    Edward sat there and took in her beauty as if she was a glass of fine wine. Her chestnut brown hair was pinned up on her head with one lock of hair that fell loosely by the corner of eye. The fragious she wore was hypnotic. And the royal blue silk dress with thin straps. Made him wonder if she was wearing anything underneath. Elana as she handed him his glass of wine the mire touch of his hand made her body quiver. Edward had his shirt unbutton showing off his muscular chest. With the sight of his exposed chest She found it hard to speak, she took a sip of wine hoping that it would help her collect her wicket thoughts. “Would….would you like to freshen up?” she asked nervously. “Yes, that would be nice. I wouldn’t want you to think that my cologne was Chinese food.” he said with a laugh. He could tell she was nervous and the last thing he wanted was for her to be uneasy.

    Elana went into the bathroom and took put out a towel for Edward to use. When she turned around he was standing there, shirtless, a tattoo of a dragon head that just covered the left side of his chest and continued on his back. ’Oh, God, help me.’ She thought, ‘because I‘m about to sin’ Praying to put her at easy, “Will you be joining me?” he asked. She blushed, “Not tonight.” walking past him in a hurry, she closed the door. “I don’t bit.” he playfully called after her. Elana stood with her back to the door and whispered, “But I might.”

    They stayed up listening to music and drink wine until Edward fell a sleep on the couch. He looked so peaceful, his shoulder length black hair tossed across a throw pillow. She didn’t want to wake him, so she covered him with a sheet and got into her own bed. Some time before morning light, Edward went into Elana’s bedroom and found her fast a sleep. The hair that was once pinned up had come up done and spread across a satin pillow. He kneeled on the bed trying his best not to wake her. He only wanted to kiss her good night, be a gentleman and leave. But when he bent to kiss her, she stirred and whispered. “Don’t leave. Stay.” He laid in the bed with her head resting in his chest and soon they both fell back to sleep.

    • Whoa!!! This is pretty fast paced for the opening chapter and I’m already into the characters. Winston sounds like he’s gonna be a challenge; I can’t wait to see what you do with him and there’s always a Darcey lurking nearby. Looking forward to the next chapter.

      I currently have stories posted on and are based on anime. Here is the link…
      I have a few one-shots and an ongoing trilogy. Please enjoy!

  6. Thanks for inquiring. I’ve been after my nephew to correct the problem. That’s what you get for free help, LOL. Bear with me and I’ll keep you posted. I may have to put on the site.

    • Just happened upon this site and I love love love it!! The Fanfic is starting off quite nicely. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hi Jiani, I see your Golden Dragon is currently avaliable. I love the story and would like to know how I can purchase a copy? I can’t wait for the others to be released.

  8. Going thru some legal stuff. So your going to have to wait just alittle longer. But I can’t wait to support you in your writing. Here’s some good reading from one of my favorites writers. “Deep in Kimchi” and “Saranghae” both by Imari Jade, she’s working on the 3rd book in this series. Good luck and keep me posted.

      • Hi, I purchased both books and even “Pharaoh.” It seems promising.

        While I was searching for Imari, I came across Hayat Ali’s book “Alpha Promise” I couldn’t put it down over this past weekend. Normally I would read a vampire themed novel, but I found this to be captivating. I am like the Amazon/Facebook members; I’m already feening for the sequel. Thanks again for your recommends and keep us posted on your novels.

  9. If I may ask, will you be allowing anyone to post fanfiction? And if so, will there be a separate site or section for it? Or do we just check back here to read and/or post?

    Looking forward to seeing your work!

  10. Hi Jani and everyone!! I’m so glad to have found this site and this section on fanfiction. I will start reading your story immediately and just checked out the Goldendragon site. Amazing!!! I hope to contribute sometime in the near future. I’ve done some fanfics for anime and would love to try my hand at something new; I think I just may have found it.

    • @DaGrrrl, swwwweeeeetttt website!!!!!! 🙂 As with Nina, as soon as I get some time, I’ll check out some of your work. I think I will peek into the Dark Fiction room since I am in a vampire, alternate universe, paranormal, sci fi phase right now ha, ha.

      Reading keeps my mind stimulated and stress free.

  11. @ninayoung I read “Soliloquy of the Heart” and it was so eloquently written. As time allows me, I will come back for a visit. 🙂

    • Jiani…..girl!!!! I have to tell you, I can’t stand Winston 🙂 I was beginning to think he was shady, but dang! I see a huge thunderstorm coming.

      October you say??? Lord, we have to wait until the…why??!!!!! 😦

      Thanks so much for the preview. I can’t wait. I saw the accompanying pictures. Are you preparing a (YT) trailer for your release?

      Edward & Elana… yeah 🙂

  12. Thank You, LadyOrchid!

    I’m happy to hear you enjoyed “Soliloquy”; actually that one of my favorites too and I enjoyed writing that piece. If you happen to read more, please share your thoughts; the bad and the good.

    • I was just checking for new updates and you surprised us with a cast gallery……..go girl!!!!! 🙂
      I’ll more time to share my thoughts later this evening. Thinking of a few female leads now.

  13. @Jiani
    “OK, let’s say that this was going to made into a movie who would you like to play the leading roles?”

    Some of the male characters we haven’t met, so for the ones that have been introduced…..
    Edward: Jin-mo Ju (A frozen Flower), pretty hot in most of his film, has the older experienced look but remains youthful. Rick Yune… what can I say. Someone I think fits the gentleman described in the story I would go with Ken Watanabe…smooth, suave , sensual and sexy!!
    Side-note.. love B. D. Wong!!!

    Winston: Roger Yuan strictly for the mean a** character, or Russell Wong, he plays bad guy rather well too.

    Just for fun don’t know them yet:
    Michael or Keaton: The Bi man is listed already, Daniel Henney, Takeshi Kaneshiro, No Min Woo (I have fallen for No, he’s such a cutie)

    The ladies
    Aunjanue Ellis: First choice, I think she has the right balance of sophistication and beauty in films. Second choice is N’Bushe Wright love he work; wish she had more acting parts. Kerry Washington, sometimes she can over act, but she’s a good actress though.
    Paula Jai Parker, Jill Marie Jones or Tamala Jones.. no explanation needed lol

  14. LOVE IT, I had looked at some because of their acting and other’s for the look. I have to say you do have an eye for what I picture the character to be. If ever makes it to the big or the little screen, you have a job as “Casting Director”. I’ll be in charge of the smelling salts and dry undies, we’re going to need it, hee hee. Oooo, can we have Eddie Shin there just to touch every now and then. lol

    • We can’t have a good movie without an accompanying soundtrack. Here is song from Eddie’s debut cd called “Paradise.” I think it is perfect for Edward and Elana.

      Another song of Eddie’s I picked out: “Even If” is when Edward tells Elana “No matter what happens around us, always remember that I love you.”

      I have heard this music somewhere; I just can’t think who composed it. I think it was Babyface, not sure. It will come to me. But I love how Eddie sings “Even if.”

      Btw, I hope you do not mind I pulled out a couple of your quotes for the above purposes only. I know it’s copyrighted.

      • “Oooo, can we have Eddie Shin there just to touch every now and then. lol”

        Yes, Eddie, Eddie… 🙂 I have been starting my day with Aziatix “Intro” song. Every time I hear him say “wake up” I just want to scream *pretends to run fingers through his silky hair while he whispers wake up in my ear…..* Girl, I wish it was a whole song. Eddie’s voice, harmony and the piano playing in the background is blissfully melodic.

  15. Girl, first I have to say that I”m sitting here with this big freaking grin on my face. Why? Because I’m listening to the song you sent me and I’m like WOW, that’ like the love this charactor has for this woman. (Silent Scream). You are tooo much! I mean it in a good way. I have to order this CD.

    • I am a reader, not a writer lol!!!! Honestly, I do have a couple of concepts and outlines of what I want to say; however, putting it all together is the problem. I would like the story to flow without it appearing amateurish and idiotic.

      • Jiani I have started my writing. *whoohoo* Could I bother you to see what you think? If its worth further pursuing. I feel you and BiAlamode get my train of thought. Is the Golden Dragon site where you can recieve email? I officially decided to get a facebook page set up by this weekend. I know, I know, you don’t have one YET??!! lol I am one of those who are social anti-social, but I am coming out of my shell.

    • Ok, great *doing the happy dance* Thanks!!! Also, when I do I will send you the links for Aziatiz and Eddie I found…. you can listen to until your cd arrives. 🙂 I’m still on the hunt in purchasing Eddie’s debut cd.

      Talk with you soon.

      • Jiani you didn’t tell me Aziatix released an insteamental cd, I thought you were talking about one particular song. I’m kicking rocks at Itunes right about now….

  16. I’m listening to my instrumental download version of Aziatix this afternoon and wondering what’s going on with Edward and Elana lol These two need to go half on a baby already he,he,he….

  17. ROFLMAO! Half on a baby, hee hee. You are too much. Friend me on Facebook, I’m under
    Jiani Yu Williams. Just say Rain in the message and I’ll know it’s you. This is for anyone
    from this site, not just LadyOrchid.

  18. Where can I fine some of your Fan Fic on this fyne ass man so I can read?! LOL I had to search me some Rain out after seeing his outstanding performance in “Ninja Assassin” on late night a month ago. And to top his sexiness off his lil like/love interest was a sistah in the movie! I said yessssss! LOL I had to search him out, I’m so in love!

    He dance, he sing, he is very talented!

    Let me know the deal!

  19. I look forward to it. I welcome it. I have the two book already, but I’m sorry to say that I have to totally rewrite it because I can’t find the disc. Besides, it was written back in 2001, so I need to update some things.

  20. I just want to thank everyone that has been a big support to my new venture. I would like it very much if everyone that brought the Ebook. to sign in to, go back to the book, rate it and review it. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Much love and thanks,

  21. Ok Looks like Lulu is doing a Christmas sell on my book at a discount. Would have been nice if they would have told me before hand and not via e-mail. But in case, may as long pass the info along. Thanks Ladies!

    The Golden Dragons
    Purchase The Golden Dragons or any other title with 30% off with coupon code WINTERSAVE305.

    Hurry … offer ends Wednesday.

    • I received the coupon via email on my order, but it was for the next purchase though. I wouldn’t have used it anyway because it would cheat you out of money. The cost of this eBook is comparable to those on Amazon so it’s really reasonable. I know producing a book isn’t cheap considering you have to pay artists for the cover, proof readers and the commission costs from the publisher. Not to mention the countless hours the author spends writing, the income from the sale is much less. So again, I did want to. Now if I can find another Blasian love story on lulu by tomorrow, Imarie Jade, or someone…. IT’s on lol

  22. B & N is killing me! Because I wanted the book to be available on Kindle and the Nook, the process takes a little longer, because it’s just not for the USA, it’s worldwide. Each one has to different formats, and HTTML tags. It’s crazy and it has to be just right because if it’s not, it gets kicked back.Amazon kicked it back once. I don’t know what B & N is waiting for. You should have seen me the other night, I made the book available with another website and I had to format it for them. I nodded off and had a page of >>>>. Too funny! I’ll keep everyone posted. Book Two is kicking my butt,

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