What I Love About Bi, VI: His Smile

This one is a no-brainer (see below pic), but I’ll break it down for the sake of breaking it down. Perfect white teeth and full velvety-lips form into one of the most captivating smiles I’ve ever seen. Bi’s smile is probably one of the top weapons (yes, I said weapons) used to execute (yes, I said execute) his appeal. His smile just makes you want to smile when you see it! Its contagious, magnetic, electric. This sweet, innocent, sincere smile has a tendency to contradict his smokin’ hot, naughty boy body (will touch on—PUN INTENDED—that in a later “What I Love About Bi” series post) and I believe it is the key ingredient to driving women of all ages, races and nations cur-razay!

Bi's smile: Gorgeous

What I Love About Bi, V: His Voice

Bi’s voice is deep, masculine, and slightly gritty with a soulful twist.  I think its what sets him apart from other Korean/Asian male singers.  I especially love to listen to it when he’s speaking or singing in his native language, Korean.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think his voice is perfect, but its his voice, and cannot be confused with anyone else’s.  The first time I heard “Nan, (I)”, I thought his voice was sultry and perfectly suited for r&b.  I wish he does more ballads because that’s where his voice and style really shines.   He knows that his voice is appealing, and uses it well to intro several of his songs, notably “Love Story”.  Don’t you just love in “My Girl” when he sings “you are a beautiful ladaaay”)” *sigh*.

Bi can blow