[M/V] Big Bang – Bad Boy

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38 thoughts on “[M/V] Big Bang – Bad Boy

  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!
    1. What city was this filmed in?? N.Y. or Philly I noticed a store called Rainbow which I know Cheltenham Mall has..
    2. It was way TOO COLD…I noticed the “ice breath” coming from them…
    3. and let’s not forget the different ethinicities(sp?) of the video females…I do wish they used a black female here in this video..it would of been so (much sexier?) oh well..but I do love this new track from them…
    What’s up with T-Top’s HUGE Skull necklace…

    • Deedee they filmed this in NYC (Brooklyn) about 2 weeks ago. The netizens were going crazy when they arrived. Some of the VIPs stalked them to the video shoot and apparently as long as they stayed out of the way, they were able to stay and watch. There were a few stories that the boys were really nice and talked to the fans as much as they could.
      Top’s necklace was totally ridiculous but since it was TOP, it fit,lol.

    • It was really cold when the boys came here to NY and then when they left it got warmer. I was like the should have come like a week later. It’s back to being cold again

      videos of them filming

  2. I also prefer Bad Boy to Blue. It reminds me a little of How To Love (Lil Wayne). Something tells me Bad Boy was musically inspired by that number.

    To be honest, I didn’t really notice the girls ethnic profiles. I’m all for ethnic diversity but I would rather BB hire actresses who can, well, act.

    The Bad Boy video would have worked fine without the girls. They were not memorable at all and I have to say the same about the girl in Blue too.

    The three female MV leads that Big Bang had hired who made a real impression on me were the girls from Lies, Baby Baby and Tonight.

  3. I luv the song and my Youngbae is smexy as usual but I just can’t wit all the white girls! The way I it see since there’s 5 of them in the group, they could have had 1 black chick, 1 hispanic chick, 1or 2 white girls, and 1 or 2 asian girls. I mean who’s picking the girls that appear in their mv’s? Not to be rude but these girls aren’t all that pretty. BB i need u step ur game up!

    • Ha! I feel the same way. Not hatin’ on the girls, but I thought the same thing. With 5 guys they could’ve covered most of the nationalities. Middle eastern, Black, Hispanic, White and Asian. Oh well maybe next time. It was very cool that they were in NYC, I was so close but didn’t know where exactly they were shooting and didn’t have time to be wandering aimlessly looking for them.

      Taeyang had it going on in this video. GD, ehh wasn’t feeling anything on him, especially the furry jacket.

      • I think so 2. I agree most of the white girls used so far aren’t that cute minus the girl from the Tonight video. She was pretty, although I think she was White and Chinese. She looked more like a Latina to me at 1st.

  4. I heard a rumor that Daesung’s girl was supposed to be a woman of color but I didn’t notice. Not to say that she wasn’t since we come in all different colors but if she was…did they really have to get the lightest one available? *sigh* I really want to focus on the song because it is so good but I can’t help but to feel that little tweak of disappointment when I watch it. Oh well maybe next video, right?

    • D’s girl look kinda hispanic I guess but hopefully the next mv will be diverse. But honestly, even 2pm gave us a little color in the hands up vid! I don’t think Tae would mind having some coco in their vids lol! We’ll see what happens.

  5. It would be nice if more Black women and other ethnicity could be used in their videos. If they want to impress the American music community with their talents, they will have to show themselves as being such. I’ve heard that this video was made in Brooklyn.Brooklyn is very diverse. That is why it looks so weird for BB not to have these women or other women of color in their videos. If the case about Daesung’s mock love interest is supposed to be a woman of color ,I’m not going to totally rule it out. I was reading on another blog where he , along with another member of BB,was supporting a Black/Asian contestant on a Korean talent show. It may not mean much,but it may give a little hint what they might be on their minds.I hope that they will surprise us.

    • Oh, their prob talking about that black and korean girl who’s on kpop idol star or whatever the show is called. I think her name is Michelle. JYP, YG, and BOA were all :)’s when she sung Halo.

      • Was it that Ali chick from Jersey I’ve been hearing about? That’s good if that is the case. I heard she was really talented.

      • Thanks for the heads up on this show, very entertaining. Lots of talented people & the judges are channelling their inner Simon Cowell.
        Bad Boy is my favorite cut on this release but I agree that it was strange not seeing more diversity in the video based on where it was shot.
        Hopefully Michelle Le will continue to do well on Kpop star b/c I think it would take someone like her to spark some change. She’s a native (never even been to the US) so the usual foreigner issues (language & cultural) won’t be an obstacle, in addition to the shock they get from her skin color.

  6. I can’t stop watching this video. That beat just makes me want to dance, it’s set to replay on my ipod. Also GD did cut his hair or remove the extra extension from it not so long anymore. Just a heads up we will see a lot of song covers from the new release since BIg BAng will be doing a contest to see who can cover the songs the best. If you when you get a trip to Seoul and a tour of YG plus other signed memorabilia.

  7. I kinda like this song and I liked the outfits they had, I thought they actually fit right into the NY scene. If they decided to walk around, noone would have thought nothin of it, even with TOPS big necklace.. I used to go to that part of NY to pick up my exboyfriend, kinda brings back memories!! 🙂

    • This! I actually like the funky styles lol. Aside from the lack of diversity in the video, I really enjoyed it! And I’m totally enamored with the song!

  8. i really like this song ^^….i can see it growing on me…i really like seungri’s haircut…and the wardrobe was fine with me…i agree with angel, it fit the scenery….kudos to top for dyeing his hair one of my fave colors, lol…

    i constantly wonder about filming in the cold…people walking around in no sleeves like it’s spring while vapor when they talk gives them away…

    and weirdly enough, i’m sure i saw some diversity the first time i watched it…in my mind, i was walking with taeyangie 🙂 …i hope jay’s vid girl choice isn’t going to be a drop in the proverbial bucket, but i’m not expecting an onslaught of color. sad, really, considering how diverse the fan base is now…seems like they would want to capitalize on that…however, there’s plenty of beautiful, talented ladies of color out there who can dance and act and who would love to be in videos like this…these ladies didn’t even have to dance…heck, i can walk, mean mug and push a guy away convincingly, lol…although i’m pretty sure it would have taken a few times for me to push taeyang away…that’s going against instinct…

  9. They’re in brooklyn which is extremely diverse. My mom is a rican from brooklyn (i was made there) see grew up with a diverse of friends. I don’t know why kpop is so afraid to have a beautiful black female as a lead.I understand despite this being a korean comeback bb wants to capitalize on intl’ market. That the biggest pop supporting fandom in the u.s are white teenage girls. But even justin bieber (of all ppl) had a black female love interest in one of his vid & also show a diverse of ppl in age plus race enjoying his music. Vids are a great way to reach your target audience and strengthen your appeal native or foreign. I would like to see that in kpop when groups come to u.s. A lot of teengirls & those who aren’t enjoy bb. And many aren’t just two ethnic groups asian or white. Kpop has potential when they take of those crown hearts shade & see the many hues that not only shape our world but our entertainment. Sorry if i sound preachy.

  10. Their fashion approach to this album is semi hip hop street punk high fashion glam. Taeyang looks good but that bandana is all types of wrong. Reminds me not another teen movie. Where the white guy dress like an asian dude with the over sized mohwak and random bandana. Taeyang looks so stereotypical yet still fine as hell….only he can get away with that

  11. Y wasn’t the person allowed to just tape them? he wasn’t bothering them…”Look at me, Look at me” please stop taking picture…
    1. How did the concept of making this video in the state of New York, city Brooklyn come about?
    2. anyone on here have a video of them talking about N.Y.
    3. That looked like a really great sale going on back there.
    4. I guess they must of closed down parts of that street to do that video…

    • I don’t really know why they chose Brooklyn, but TOP did do a photoshoot in Brooklyn near the end of 2011. Maybe that’s how the idea came about.

  12. the concept for the mvs is something reflected back about the album alive. Big bang wanted to have a 6 song promotion follow with an mv for each song. Each video is to express the image or emotion of that song. Hint “blue” was done in blue. Bad boy has more of a street style that is usually associated with the ‘bad boy’ image. New york is often (by native koreans) is like seoul. My brother was station both in seoul & new york & said both cities are the same. As far in size appeal & having such a large population of people. The difference nyc is more diverse than seoul. Big bang wants to incoporate a global appeal to their image & not just sound with this album. Problem big bang seem to jaded & are using to much cliche to pull off these mvs. The vids aren’t bad just so typical & lack luster. You suspect this from a rookie group not veterans. I think bb is trying to recapture the essence that made them popular in korea in the past. when i watch this i think of “lies” just way less plot driven.

    • I think you have summed it up nicely. On of the things I noticed is that the group did not seem comfortable in the U.S. or in their surroundings at all. The lack of diversity in the video bothered me, especially since it is filmed in one of the most diverse cities in the U.S! I think that sometimes Kpop relies on a particular formula, and keeps using it over and over again. Some innovation is needed here. The guys also need to be schooled a bit more in this area. I was not feeling some of the wardrobe either, and painted on tatoos, what are they a bunch of high school kids who want fake tatoos for this week? The furry vest, oversized skull, and long hair extension on the side, nah. If I could say anything to some of the industry insiders who manage kpop groups, it would be this: Start being a little more innovative, bring some diversity into your videos, and pay attention to the wardrobe. They also need to step up the game in terms of figuring out what the strengths are of each individual artist, and helping to showcase that. It seems that kpop is going global, and getting a wider fan base, but seriously, the industry insiders need to do much better. I belong to a slightly different demographic than most of you on here, and I have seem many, many changes in the music industry, but kpop is in danger of becoming just another fad if those in the industry don’t begin to seriously innovate more.

      • I think they [K-pop stars] will be ok. I would like to think they will learn over the course of dealing with international markets on what things will work and not work. That will take a bit of time, though. As far as BB, I do think the uproar about the lack of diversity with this video was much louder than with other vids, so I think if YG is smart, the company will give in to the demands of the fans.

        I’m really curious as to why many folks are appalled by the outfits, though? I mean have you all seen the fashion of today’s mainstream stars, not just in pop music? It’s definitely out there, so I think in that regard Big Bang fits in. I guess I didn’t really bat an eye to this video because, especially with GD & T.O.P, they always made “interesting” fashion choices. I do think Taeyang’s fake tats are ridiculous though.

  13. So I totally went back to my middle school days and screamed like a twelve year old when I saw the new MV. After watching it like fifty times, I had to laugh at Tae and his fake tatoos, I mean seriously Tae a spiderweb on the elbow, what?! Where you in a gang or sumthing ^.^
    I love the song if you couldn’t tell. I wish that there was more than one female of color in the MV but hey can’t have everything right.
    I’m really glad that my boys are back and stronger then ever.

    VIPs go support and spread the word. Big Bang HWAITING!!!

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