MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 6 [ENG]

I just have 2 words for this episode: MIR and JOONIE! The entire episode is below just remember to hit the “cc” to see the subs! Enjoy!

K-Kisses! KrisE

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8 thoughts on “MBLAQ: Hello Baby Episode 6 [ENG]

  1. This has to be the most hilarious episode yet! All of them are sooo out there! Seungho’s laugh! I can listen to that all day! hahaha

  2. Absolutely loved this episode and was glad to see DaYoung smiling a lot more! Lee Joon was perfect with the kids when buying them shoes. My other favorite part was Mir doing part of the Lion King OST song lol and G.O.’s hidden messages lol.

    Loving this season so much.

  3. Loved this episode. Joon and Mir did a great job taking care of the kids, all by themselves. The girls were so cute in their outfits and shoes. Dayoung was so adorable singin the all the words to songs at the play. So far this has been the best episode. Im looking for to next week’s show. Im curious who will become “mom” to the kids. The phone calls made me laugh. Aww, Mir. Seugho booty dance, lol. I dont know who GO thinks he’s fooling. He knows he wants Juri to be his baby momma…lol. Thunder just wants someone pretty. Joon wants no one, which was surprising to me.

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