Mblaq’s Joonie is Too Lazy to Date You

Oh, there is never a dull moment with our dear Joonie. Isn’t he a trip? If he isn’t spanking babies and showing off his muscles to them, he’s having wardrobe malfunctions and blowing up his girlfriend’s cellphone if she doesn’t call him back. Oh, but wait! Let me correct myself since he’s admitted he’d only call 15 times in a row now, as opposed to 100+. Has our Joonie become more mature, or just more jaded?

allkpop.com reports that on a recent episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Joonie admitted to being “lazy” and preferring to “eat ramen and watch tv at home” in exchange for dating. If anything, this did not surprise me, but rather amusedme. Afterall, Joonie is known as the out-of-touch Blaqie of sorts, being the only one who does not have a personal cellphone or Twitter. He’s a bit on the cheap side too, preferring for his date to pay for her portion since she no doubt has a job of her own. He’s also the first Blaqie to have bought a condo (watch Mblaq on the “The Beatles Code” show for many more Blaqie revelations). Methinks Joonie is on a mission. He’s not about to get side-tracked by dating some chick and/or “fooling around” updating Twitter all the time. He’s out to set some records, make some dollars, and hopefully make a long-standing name for himself. In that way, he reminds me very much of his hyung, Bi.

Oh well, he may be a drag to date, but he sure is good to look at! Enjoy! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Mblaq’s Joonie is Too Lazy to Date You

    • haha, just like his hyung. LOL. At some point, Joonie is going to want a woman there by his side so he better grow out of this “laziness”. I surely know that if Bi had time to, we’d already have seen his lovely lady.

      • A bit off subject: but every time I read something about Bi and a lady I end up grinning like villain because I’m reminded of one variety show where he described his ideal woman. He said he wants a woman that’s one way in public and at home the opposite or “all over me”. My interpretation: (to quote Ludacris) “a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets”.

      • If he ever get a woman, he better get out his workaholic mode. He claimed that he had a girlfriend,but ended up dumping him . That was probably reason she did it.

      • Wow so it’s like that, huh? Just when I though my admiration couldn’t get any stronger lol. And his g/f dumped him? Interesting! If it was just work issues, I’m sorry, but for Bi, I would just have to work that out lol.

  1. Joonie Joonie Joonie!! I swear this man makes me laugh on pretty much everything I see him on whether its Idol Army, Hello Baby, radio stations, variety shows, interviews you name it, this guy always has something funny to say. But I really don’t blame him because I like to spend time at home myself, but between that and college work, I can’t think about things like that and I’m sure its the same with him and being a singer. However, I’m pretty sure that eventually he’ll make time for it and become “unlazy” just long enough to find the right girl for him, he just doesn’t have the time for it now.

  2. I love him because he is so open and honest, to a fault at times. That in itself reminds me of Bi. Like you know when they talk they are being completely honest. He has time to date. At least he is chosing to wait as opposed to wanting to but can’t. When he is ready he will be ready. And after viewing those pics again, he will have a line waiting for his adorable self.

  3. Joonie and I belong to the same club. Its like umm ok sure I’d like to date but then when I really think about it; its just such a hassle. I dont feel like going through the whole process of getting to know someone soooo Joonie make some room on that couch for me ^_^

  4. OMG, I did not know Joon was mini-Bi from Ninja Assassin until I saw that clip above. Always thought he was a cutie, but he is so handsome w/o all the glam makeup they have to wear. I think he would change his tune if the right one came along. Just like me for Bi, Kim Hyun Joong, Song Joong Ki, TOP, Onew, Hyun Bin….just to name a few.

  5. Such an odd cookie. I still die from laughter when I think about what was said about him being sweaty and instead of taking a shower, he would stand in front of the air conditioner and let it dry. XD I dubbed him Dirty Joon (Of course in a loving way…besides I think he’s dirty in another way too hehehe)

    But in a way I don’t blame him; he just wants to be himself for a few years before getting into the madness that is dating (especially since he’s an idol). I’m like that too-I might wait until I’m in my mid thirties to actually get serious and that’s if I even DECIDE to get serious. But yeah, lol, in time Joon will change (hopefully not much :p)

    All of this is amusing, but I think that the fact that he’s cheap amuses me the most XD

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