Sexy Oppa: Andy Lau

Andy Lau is Chinese, I know, but sexy gege just doesn’t sound right to me. I recently saw Andy Lau in the movie Shaolin. I’ve seen him in a few films before but watching him do kung-fu alongside Jackie Chan… let’s just say it piqued my interest. Can you believe this man is 50? I might have to amend my earlier statement about the fountain of youth being in Korea. Maybe it’s just the water in Asian countries in general because wow.

Andy Lau has been acting since the 80s.He first started doing Chinese dramas and variety shows before starting his musical career. It took a while for his musical career to take off but by the time the 90s rolled around, he was considered one of the “Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings”.  He does have a few scandals (and who wouldn’t with over two decades in the spotlight). The first was, in my mind, not a scandal at all. He kept his marriage a secret for a while. The reasons vary but from what I gather, it was because his fans demanded that he stayed single, for them. Yes he is fine and all but please, let him have a personal life. He and his wife are currently expecting their first child. The second scandal was pretty bad. Apparently he had a fan whose family sold all of their belongings to go to Hong Kong to meet him. They did but it wasn’t what they expected and the father of the fan ended up killing himself. Truly sad.

Here is a list of his many movies that are available on Netflix. I won’t kill you (or myself) by writing them all out, just check out the list and enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “Sexy Oppa: Andy Lau

  1. Some people never age do they?

    We all know how crazy some of those fans can get,still Andy is 50, not 5. He and many stars like him should have right to be married and have kids if he pleases. It’s his body and his life. I was once a fan,(though but not a nut case),but it was just that..a fan. I sometimes just crack up at some of them. They are really out of their minds if they think that they all will be married to their favorite entertainer.Geez!

    That second scandal is very sad and the unfortunate the pains that they went through to meet Andy, come out a little disappointed( I just can only assume that since you said that the visit wasn’t what they thought it was going to be) and then the father killed himself? Wow. I wonder did Andy consoled and/or compensated the family in some way? If he did, it would have been a nice gesture on his part.

  2. You want to see an amazing film with Andy and the hottest Japanese guy on the planet (Takeshi Kaneshiro) watch House of Flying Daggers. They are both so sexy and the movie is amazing, better than Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

  3. I’m so glad you did this on Andy Lau.. Not only is he one of my favorite Asian actors, but he is one of my favorite Actors period, of All time.. I have been following him for a long time and for whatever reason he didnt become as famous here in the US as Jet Li or Jackie Chan, but his movies are top quality.. If you look him up on the internet he has so many movies out there, and some of my favorites are “Detective Dee & Mystery of Phantom Flame”, “The Warlords”, “Wait till your Older”, and “Infernal affairs” ( the movie Martin Scorsese remade as “The Departed) ….

  4. Andy Lau is an amazing actor. I must have seen “House of Flying Daggers” at least 10 times. I love him and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Andy looks hot at 50. He does age well. 🙂

  5. indeed a very sexy older guy! I saw him in “House of Flying Daggers” and he’s got quite a presence when he’s swordfighting. “Shaolin” is on my Netflix queue and I will be watching it very soon. great post!

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